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Eye Gazing Cues
Featuring Star Nine

Go deeper. Gaze into My deep green eyes & find yourself even more eager to submit. This video can be viewed on it's own or before any of My other videos for a more intensive experience.

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Includes mesmerize, eye fetish, mental domination, goddess worship, love addiction, femdom pov

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10 minutes



Hypnotic Eyes
Featuring Star Nine

I rebuff your advances at the bar. That line you used? I hear it every day. And I already have a drink.

You're persistent. Annoying. Won't shut up about my eyes. I sigh and turn towards you. I invite you to stare deep into my sea green eyes, to lose yourself in them. I speak hypnotically about you floating in them, drifting away, buoyed by a warm green saline sea.

You are lost in my eyes and I imprint you. You will tithe me at this bar every payday. You will never presume to hit on me. Every night, you will dream of the warm green saline sea.

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Mesmerize, Female Domination, Financial Domination, Eye Fetish, Mind Fuck, Eyelash Fetish

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