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Star vs Ashley KOs Supplemental
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star continues to dominate Ashley Lane, first squeezing her tightly in a bearhug on the bed & then wrapping her up with a seated sleeperhold & leg scissors.

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Includes wrestling, foot fetish, female fighting, sleepy fetish

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6 minutes



Star vs. Ashley KOs
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star confronts her roommate, Ashley Lane, who she accuses of stealing her competition bikinis. They bicker for a minute before Star puts Ashley in a full nelson, weakening her in the hold and then throwing her on the bed.

As Ashley wakes up, Star quickly puts her in a bended full nelson, keeping her tightly in the hold until she's KOed.

Ashley Lane makes a comeback, putting Star in a lotus lock with her feet framing her face as they continue to argue. She follows with a bended full nelson, keeping Star in the hold under she KOs.

Ashley continues to dominate, putting Star back in a lotus lock. Star comes back at the end from her three KOs and puts Ashley out in a combo sleeper hold and leg scissors.

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Includes wrestling, foot fetish, female fighting, sleepy fetish

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12 minutes



Lara Croft Bean Defeat
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Lara Croft (Chrissy Marie) just loves to sneak around the jungle, taking things that don't belong to her. Today she's made the grave mistake of stealing from the Jungle Queen. She refuses to give up the treasure, but the Queen knows that Lara's weakness lies hidden under her leather boots.

After trading some blows, the Queen gets Lara down on the ground and removes her leather boots and knee high socks. She massages Lara's petite feet, draining her strength with her special touch. As Lara gradually weakens, the Amazonian puts her through several wrestling holds, all of which give her continued access to Lara's sensitive feet which she continues to lick and suck.

Lara still won't give up the treasure though, so the Amazonian leads her to a special tub filled with Lara's number one weakness. Beans! She tosses Lara head first into the tub and Lara desperately struggles to get out. Her bare feet slipping and sliding in the pit of beans, she ends up completely coated in the vile substance.

Finally, Lara manages to climb out of the pit, but she's too weak to stand. She whispers the location of the treasure into the Queen's ear as she loses the last little bit of her strength. Victorious, the Amazonian Queen licks Lara's bean coated feet.

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Includes wet & messy, foot worship, female fighting, sploshing

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21 minutes



Featuring Casey Calvert & Star Nine

When Casey Calvert calls her husband's mistress (Star Nine) to confront her, Star suggests a winner takes all sex flight. Casey agrees and masks her nerves with an intimidating dominatrix outfit. Star packs her toys and arrives early to greet Casey's husband (pov) who has been invited to watch. She lays out her implements, a double ended dildo, regular dildo, nipple clamps & butt plug vowing to use them all to make his frigid wife cum.

Star strips out of her bikini and waits on their marriage bed for the battle to begin.

Casey walks in, towering over Star in her dominatrix boots. She puts her hands on her hips, intimidating Star. Casey quickly takes control, pushing Star back on the bed and going right for her pussy. Star is willing to cum first, to give Casey one token point before destroying her pussy, but Casey pulls back denying Star her orgasm. She pulls Star back up to a kneeling position, squeezing her nipples between her extra-long french manicured nails. She orders Star to worship her boots & Star agrees to lick them like she licks her husband's cock.

Star licks up Casey's boots to her tight shaved pussy and that's when Casey's downfall begins. Star pulls orgasm after orgasm out of the frigid wife, using every single toy she brought until Casey is left drained, defeated, and stripped of her costume.

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Includes lesbian domination, sexfight, lesbian, female fighting , pussy eating, double dildo, nipple clamps, butt plug, dildo fucking

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25 minutes



Supergirl vs. Supergirl 2
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

After many hours alone with the kryptonite crystal, Supergirl (Ashley Lane) has pulled herself together & placed it in a containing box. Now she has arrived at the lab of her good friend Dr. Wilkens.

Of course, owing the the psychic link, Evil Supergirl is the only one waiting for her.

Supergirl demands to know where the doctor is.

Her clone counters with "what's in the box"?

Supergirl explains that she's going to destroy the kryptonite crystal. That she's learned the hard way that there is no safe way to harness it's power & that there is a reactor in the lab that burns hot enough to melt it.

Clone says don't lie, sister. I know you were tempted to weaponize it against me. Of course any weapon you hold in your hands against me will only be used against you. Why don't you just go ahead and hand it over? You know I'll just take it from you.

Supergirl refuses & they begin to trade kicks & punches. Supergirl eventually finds herself having to punch with the box & her clone is able to grab it & twist her arm around forcing her to let go. She takes kryptonite out of the box, she knows Supergirl spent some time alone with it, was she trying to develop immunity? How did that work out for her? She puts Supergirl in a sleeper hold with the kryptonite in front of her face & Kara slowly goes out.

The clone slaps her awake on the sybian. She points out the conduit running into the sybian, supercharging it, right from that reactor. If you thought your last orgasms made you weak . . . Speaking of weak, I know exactly why you're so obsessed with avoiding all things carnal - you think your desire makes you weak. You refuse to tap into your female power, just like you refuse to complete your mission. Supergirl grows weaker and weaker as she is forced to cum, but eventually she manages to rip the conduit off the floor. The torn conduit crackles with electricity and shoots sparks into the room. Perhaps this line directly from the reactor will allow Supergirl to defeat her evil clone once and for all.

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Includes superheroine, lesbian domination, female fighting, sybian, sleepy fetish

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19 minutes



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