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From Loving Boyfriend to Loving Maid
Featuring Star Nine

You can never resist a game, or an opportunity to see me naked so when I suggest a game of high card low card to see who has to do all the chores you're all in. Bonus we'll be playing strip high card & the loser has to do the chores wearing a sexy little french maid uniform. You take the lead as we play and I am soon stripped down to my undies. It looks like you're going to win, but as I talk about how much I was looking forward to seeing you all dressed up in the skimpy little costume your hand hesitates over your cards and you choose to lose.

I lovingly dress you up in the skimpy french maid costume and giggle as you stumble in the high heels. I give you lessons on how to walk in them, obviously loving every moment of this. After instructing you in what chores need to get done I leave you to it.

As the week goes on you find that you love this new aspect of our relationship, you love having me in control and being dressed so naughty & cute for me.

At the end of the week you come into the living room and without prompting begin to massage my bare feet. I seem a little regretful that the week is up and it's time to go back to the way things were, but we have a guest coming over and you really should go put your regular clothes back on. It's hard for you to get the words out, but with my loving encouragement you manage to admit that you want to stay this way, you're loving the female led relationship & want everyone to see you as the slutty little maid you've become.

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Includes female led relationship, french maid, slave training, games, female domination domination

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25 minutes