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My Girlfriend's Worn Pantyhose
Featuring Star Nine

I open the envelope slowly. I wasn't sure she'd send them. I pull out three pairs of my girlfriend's worn nylons. Neatly packaged in ziplock bags. She'd made fun of me when I'd asked.

I slowly remove a pair of her worn pantyhose from one of the bags. I inhale. I work my hand into the foot and spread my fingers, pretend to sniff between her toes. I can smell her delicate little feet.

I get more comfortable, slipping out of my dress. I recline on the couch & rub one nylon covered hand on my nipple while sniffing the other foot. Should I wait for it? No, I want to sniff the nylon cotton panel now. I begin to rub my nylon covered hand over my pussy while I smell traces of my girlfriend's pussy juice off the worn gusset.

I cum. I have the best girlfriend, I suppose I owe her some really good phone sex tonight.

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Smell Fetish, Solo Female, Female Masturbation, Foot Smelling, Worn Pantyhose

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9 minutes



What's With The Pantyhose?
Featuring Odette Delacroix & Star Nine

Odette and Star are newish girlfriends who have recently moved in together. Star keeps leaving pantyhose packets around Odette's house, hoping that she will wear them for her. Odette doesn't get it & finally confronts Star about the pantyhose packets she keeps finding. Star explains her fetish & asks if Odette will wear pantyhose for her. Of course Odette is willing to humor Star, but the pantyhose are a bit too big for her. Odette goes out looking for pantyhose in her size and comes back with a pair of girls' pantyhose which fit perfectly. Odette decides that she has some time before she surprises Star & tries out her new pantyhose with her vibrator.

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Includes pantyhose fetish, pantyhose orgasms, female masturbation, legs, masturbation

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The pantyhose worn in this clip are available for purchase - email

17 minutes