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From Husband to Homemaker
Featuring Star Nine

you're no breadwinner. it's time to quit that dead end job and enter into pure service to Me. If you want to keep all these things you've worked for, you're going to learn to care for them on your hands & knees, scrubbing the floor, running errands (especially sexual), begging to lick ass. I even have a frilly new outfit for your new role serving Me & every Alpha I deem worthy.

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Includes cuckolding, pantyhose domination, humiliation, feminization, femdom pov

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Female Takeover
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

A new Supreme Court ruling allowing discrimination in the work place has had unintended consequences. What was meant to uphold white male supremacy has backfired in your case - our legal team has determined that it is now perfectly legal for us to force out all male employees - up to and including the CEO. You're the last man standing - well, more like kneeling, groveling, praying for your job. Begging to worship at our feet. There's only one way you can stay. Will you take the extreme measure of castration & feminization in order to save yourself the humiliation of having everything you've built taken from you?

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Includes stockings, sissification, gelding, female supremacy

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Mama's Boy
Featuring Milf Gigi & Star Nine

Gigi has come across some disturbing mail - an out of state university acceptance letter addressed to her son's live-in girlfriend. She immediately confronts Star, waving the opened letter in her face. The little snotty bitch starts blabbing about what a great opportunity it is. Gigi won't have her leaving her precious son. She demands that Star silence her constantly buzzing phone and injects her in the neck while her head is turned. Star gasps and her eyes widen in shock before fluttering shut.

Gigi decides to destroy the acceptance letter, Star will forget she ever received it. First, she decides to teach Star a lesson. She strips Star's boyish clothing off her limp limbs and dresses her up in more appropriate clothing and lingerie - girlier, like a woman her son is dating should dress. She also trains Star's limp mouth with a large white dildo to make sure her son is getting the attention he deserves. Gigi leaves the limp girl laying in the living room, her face covered in drool.

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4X Medical KOs, Taboo, Forced Feminization, Oral Training, Dildo Sucking, Older Woman/Younger Woman

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