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Featuring Star Nine

Why yes this was a gift at our wedding, and we never really used it after those first few months did we?

I was hoping we could settle this amicably - you give me everything I want & be happy about it.

I spent three long years with you, just enough to make it look real. You must have known somewhere in the recesses of your mind that all along I just wanted your money.

That's right, chug it down, I know that news is hard to swallow. The truth always is.

Now tell me, you didn't go and do something stupid like change your will yet did you? Of course not, people don't change and you've always been a procrastinator . . . and I, well I've always preferred money over men.

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Includes executrix, cuckold, pantyhose domination, financial domination

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13 minutes



Prove Your Loyalty
Featuring Star Nine

you're holding out on Me sylvester, you're not fully dedicated. you're still holding on to something aren't you? some aspects of your old life. you're going to have to let go of the rest at some point - or perhaps I should send you away to the remnants of your old life?

you aren't thinking big enough sylvester, tell me more about this job of yours - there's a beautiful beautiful word that comes to mind when I think of this job of yours - embezzlement, it just rolls off the tongue. how else are you going to make enough to please Catwoman

you will always come up with a way to give Me more money.

What about jewels? Usually handing over the family jewels is the first step.

I see you're going to require some strenuous encouragement. Are you nervous to see the bottoms of My perfect soles? you should be - I do love a good heist.

Watch My wiggling toes wear down your last resolve.

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Includes financial domination, pantyhose domination, super villain, foot domination

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12 minutes



Catwoman Affirmations
Featuring Star Nine

Are you ready to feel that sense of purpose flooding your brain like liquid gold? W/we're going to do a little bit of training today. Don't worry all you have to do is gaze at My dangling gold necklace. So easy to follow with your eyes like a little kitten. Now repeat after Me - a series of affirmations to remind you of your place and divine purpose in serving Me.

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Includes super villain, financial domination, slave training, mesmerize

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10 minutes



Video Conference Tease
Featuring Star Nine

Left alone on a video conference call, you can't resist my seduction. Your crush is revealed, why don't we go ahead and make some incriminating evidence?

There are three things that amuse me - ordering you around making you hurt yourself, ordering you around making you humiliate yourself, ordering you around making you send me money.

I prop my legs up on the desk and demand that you send me a pic. Displeased with your first choice of subject matter I instruct you to amuse me with your office stapler. Soon you're texting me increasingly incriminating photos as I slowly unbutton my shirt showing off my expensive lingerie.

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Includes femdom pov, financial domination, pantyhose domination, office domination

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18 minutes



Inherent Regression
Featuring Star Nine

We meet to discuss the money, the inheritance. No will was produced so it was split 50-50, but we both know that's not fair, now don't we? You struggle to stand up for yourself, to maintain dominance in the conversation, but that all melts away when I reach into my bag and pull out your beloved old toy. Suddenly you find you've regressed back into my adoring little brother.

Just hand it all over to me, I promise I'll be fair. When was I ever not fair, brother?

You wouldn't want t go and make a big adult mistake with all that money would you? You remember what it feels like to lose money, that tight feeling in your chest, the humiliation of having to ask for help.

Wouldn't you like to go back to that calm place where you didn't have to worry about bills and business and girls? When your biggest stressor was when you'd lose Petey.

Now why don't you run off to your room and go get your checkbook so that we can put all that nasty adult nonsense behind us.

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Includes age regression, financial domination, pantyhose, big sister

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