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Secretary Control
Featuring Star Nine

We're celebrating today because your sub training is complete. Did you think it was your decision to hire me as a secretary?

your eyes gaze at my long legs prop on my desk. My leather skirt hikes up and my shiny blouse flashes peeks of cleavage as I reveal that I've been programming you. you've been following orders like a mindless slave.

Did you think it was strange that your secretary was never working like the other secretaries? Were you bragging about your eye candy and how you would bend me over this desk?

you're afraid to make a move because you've been programmed to be scared of me. I have you wrapped around my little finger and you're manipulated to give me anything I desire.

I could command you to spread my legs and fuck me on my desk, but that isn't our arrangement. My stable of younger men satisfies me better than your old shriveled up cock. you are going to give me all of your money. Stay in your loveless marriage so you can give me every penny and so you can continue to foot worship my dangling heels. When you're broke and penniless, you can get divorced.

True love is giving the other person everything they want.

Includes financial domination, office domination, female domination, mental domination, pantyhose domination

OTHER KEYWORDS - Star Nine money fetish secretary boss/employee pov femdom pov sensual domination Goddess worship love addiction mind fuck men following orders mesmerize pantyhose/stockings pantyhose fetish shiny fetish shiny clothing fetish clothing fetish clothes blouse fetish blondes tall woman tall women kink

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18 minutes



Break Free $$$$
Featuring Star Nine

you're worried that you're not saving enough and want to leave your Findomme. Money flows and every dollar you spend on your Findom Mistress is an investment.

you can't walk away from your Findom Goddess without feeling dread. you tribute for more than your hard cock. you need ME. If you can break free, I will let you go, but we're going to play a game. A stopwatch will time how long you stay after being released and for every minute after, you have to send $100. If you start jerking off, it will be a $1000 tribute.

Let's see if you really want to break our financial bonds, starting with our goodbyes. you don't want to leave your Pantyhose Goddess as my hands caress the black control top pantyhose. Revealing the pantyhose gusset, I ask hard questions. How much per month is it worth to masturbate to Me? This could be your last pantyhose JOI with Me, but you know it's worth every single penny.

Stroke like you're never going to see Me again, even though you are. Until you understand our training sessions, you're indebted to Me. Cum on my nylon toes. you're a good boy by cumming on my wiggling purple toenails, because you weren't ready to leave your financial servitude. Now tribute twice your normal amount.

Includes Goddess worship, financial domination, joi, submissive/slave training, pantyhose domination

OTHER KEYWORDS - Star Nine money fetish female domination pov femdom pov positive femdom sensual domination love addiction female supremacy verbal humiliation cock tease high heels stilettos pantyhose/stockings pantyhose fetish crossed leg fetish jerk off instruction masturbation encouragement masturbation humiliation masturbation instruction dirty talking jerk off encouragement gooning mental domination mind fuck blondes tall woman tall women kink

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21 minutes



What You Work For
Featuring Star Nine

Does your workload make you feel weak? Do you wonder why you bother with the rat race? It's all perception and you have no control over what you do. you listen intently as I drop my black high heels and reveal my pantyhose feet. My words sink in as my reinforced toe nylon cock tease.

you've been trained to think that you need security and that's why you are drawn to your Findom Mistress. you want me to tell you what to do with your money so you don't have to think about it. you dream that if you are a good boy, you will get what you physically want from Me. That's flawed thinking.

The point is to worship ME and make sacrifices with your tributes. To be connected, spend every spare penny like a good paypig.

Includes Goddess worship, financial domination, humiliation, mental domination, pantyhose domination

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OTHER KEYWORDS - Star Nine money fetish female domination pov femdom pov positive femdom sensual domination gooning love addiction verbal humiliation submissive/slave training pantyhose/stockings nylon worship legs crossed leg fetish blondes tall woman tall women kink

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16 minutes



Cucked By My Foot Slave
Featuring JJ Graves & Star Nine

you would give anything to foot worship My Goddess feet. High heel dangling cockteases, but you're a broke coward.

Imagine lying naked like my foot slave as my nylon soles are inches from your hard dick. Imagine the foot smelling as my dangling shoes waft the foot aroma. If you were able to afford buying my used pantyhose, you may have inhaled my pantyhose feet scent.

Poor broke useless foot boy. you will never have a pantyhose sole fucking. you want to masturbate to my divine feet, but you need to start begging your foot Mistress.

Deny jacking off and deny your orgasm. you're just going to watch in this game of foot tease and denial as I'm cuckolding you with this well trained submissive. He gives me foot a foot massage and shows you how a well trained man fucks feet.

Even though you're jealous of this foot fucking, you're not masturbating because you want to be good obedient boy. He gets to have a nylon footjob orgasm and you're a denied foot bitch.

you can only imagine cum eating these dirty pantyhose since you can't afford to buy them.

Includes Goddess worship, humiliation, cuckold, footjob, pantyhose domination

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13 minutes



Winning Drain
Featuring JJ Graves & Star Nine

JJ Graves calls me (Star Nine) after winning the lottery and wants a femdom session but if he's desperate, he will have to pay one million dollars because I don't feel like camming.

He's a weak paypig, and during our web cam session, I humiliate him for contacting me before anyone else after his windfall. He wants to meet in person, but he has to wire transfer the entire amount of his earnings.

Later, in my dungeon, he's chair bound and blindfolded. He can't see my black corset, but he can smell my leather skirt and feel my long fingernails grazing his skin. My nylon legs rub against his and I'm lap sitting in a tease and denial game. He can only touch what I let him touch!

Removing the blind fold, I allow him to see his Mistress, I'm stripping my leather pencil skirt, revealing my garter belt and full fashioned stockings. He offers everything he owns like a good subbie.

Revealing his hard cock, my long nails graze his thick dick. Jerking him off, I ask how much more he has to give. My tongue is a hair away from the head of his cock and he's begging to cum with the privilege of going broke to his Findom Goddess. Draining his dick, and wiping his jizz on his shirt, he's going to have to earn more to see me again!

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Includes handjob, financial domination, female domination, bondage male, forced male orgasm

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OTHER KEYWORDS- hand jobs bound orgasms men made to cum shots cumshots cock tease money fetish femdom sensual domination Goddess worship submissive/slave training female supremacy corsets leather fetish clothing fetish clothes pantyhose/stockings vintage stockings garter & stockings pantyhose domination tease & denial tease and denial blondes kink tall woman tall women male bondage

18 minutes



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