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Alison Star Lesbian Foot Domination Part 3
Featuring Alison Rey & Star Nine

Alison Rey and Star Nine are cuddling in sexy lingerie. Their long red fingernails graze each other and Alison confesses her crush before leaning in for sensual kisses. Star scolds her for being inappropriate but doesn't stop the lesbian kissing! Star's stepdaughter or husband may hear them making out. Homewrecking Alison isn't worried about her best friend or a silly man finding them.

Star's surprised by the nylon pantyhose foot worship, but passion overtakes her during the sole kissing, foot licking and foot kissing. They give each other breast worship with nipple sucking, nipple licking and tit grabbing. Now horny, Star straddles Alison in a lap sitting position for more breast play.

With intertwined pantyhose legs, they're French kissing while basking in the secret affair.

Includes pantyhose/stockings, lesbian, foot worship, girl-girl, kissing

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My Best Friend's Mom Part 1
My Best Friend's Mom Part 2

17 minutes


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Dip & Dangle
Featuring Star Nine

I'm (Star Nine) trying on shoes and start by heel dangling my classic red pumps off my black full fashioned stockings to tease myself.

The sparkly stilettos are too big and dangle off my stocking feet. I try walking in the oversized shoes but they're heel popping.

Purple ballet flats are also big shoes. I'm popping heels and shoe dangling off my large feet. These slide off my narrow feet and I joke about shrinking feet.

I saved the ombre heels for last and I can't wait to slide them on my large feet. These oversized shoes hang off my nylon feet.

I give shoe worship to shoes that don't love me. Why won't they love my RHT stockings?

Includes high heels, shoe fetish, ballet flats, dangling, dipping

Sandal Dangling
Pantyhose Shoeplay

KEYWORDS - stilettos shoe play shoe worship heel popping walking fetish pantyhose/stockings garter and stockings vintage stockings foot fetish foot play large feet big feet crossed legs fetish blondes

16 minutes


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Alison Star Foot Seduction
Featuring Alison Rey & Star Nine

Alison Rey gives Professor Star Nine seductive glances while using her red nails to give a nylon foot massage. It won't stop the older woman from going to the dean about the younger woman's controversial term paper on female training. The schoolgirl confronts her teacher about not being straight, but Star denies being a lesbian. Knowing it will make her weak, Alison strips her top and reveals her large breasts. She puts her nylon feet in Star's lap knowing her lesbian foot fetish.

Using the power of suggestion, Alison subtly mesmerizes Star to give lesbian foot worship. Her long red fingernails massaging the nylon soles before foot sucking, foot licking and foot kissing. She gives special attention to toe worship with toe licking, toe kissing and toe sucking. Grabbing both panthyhose feet, Alison moans from the sole licking and sole kissing while caressing her sensitive nipples.

Alison is foot rubbing Star before pulling her close for tongue kissing and brief breast worship. The naughty school girl succeeded in getting an A and has a slut trained teacher to do her bidding.

Includes pantyhose/stockings, foot worship, foot fetish, teacher fetish, lesbian

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The Truce

20 minutes


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Featuring Star Nine

Star Nine is an obedient slave and sits in the submissive position with her hands on her knees while kneeling. The dental gag prevents speaking but allows drool to drip down on her small tits. You expect your desires to be fulfilled and are testing her will while giving her submissive training.

A metal butt plug is thrown to her and she turns around with her firm ass in the air. Her long white fingernails are ass spreading her tight asshole before inserting the anal toy.

The metal of her unbound bondage cuffs clink as she turns around for her next command. Her big blue eyes process your command for a leg spreading leg teases. Lying on her back, her long legs spread wide with her bare soles exposed. She's alternating toe pointing and toe spreading to emphasize the sole wrinkles of her big feet.

Sighing at her fate, she's pleased that she's pleased you. It's her turn to please herself by dildo fucking in frog pose. You throw a dildo to her and she eases onto the cock, feeling the double penetration of an ass plug and pussy dildo. Moaning, she can't help but cum from the g-spot orgasm.

Panting and drooling through the ring gag, she looks for your approval before reverting back to submissive pose. She passed her submissive training and attaches the dog leash to the slave collar. With outstretched arms, she hands it to you, ready for her next slave task.

Includes submissive sluts, submissive/slave training, butt plug, gagged women, humiliation

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Captive Fuck Toy
Slave Training

11 minutes


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My Best Friend's Mom Part 2
Featuring Alison Rey & Star Nine

Star Nine strips down to her sheer pantyhose and is surprised when Alison Rey walks up for sensual kisses. Alison admits to having a MILF crush!

Lying down, their long red fingernails are grazing each other's curves trying to get closer. Light moans emit as they savor their lesbian makeout session.

Alison needs those nylon feet in her wet mouth for some lesbian foot worship. Her long red nails caress Star's pantyhose legs as she's foot licking, foot kissing and toe sucking. Special attention is given to the sole licking, sole kissing and toe kissing and she climbs on Star's ass to get closer.

They resume their tongue kissing and Star's turned on by the taste of her pantyhose feet on Alison's lips. This hot milf is eager to give some girl girl foot worship!

Includes foot worship, lesbian, pantyhose/stockings, milf, kissing

KEYWORDS - girl-girl girlgirl girl girl GG taboo cougars older woman younger woman foot fetish toe sucking licking soles pantyhose fetish blondes brunettes natural tits big tits lesbians legs

The Truce
Glossy Pantyhose Play

41 minutes


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