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Featuring Dalia Maroe & Star Nine

Dalia Maroe flirts with me, Star Nine, as we go over a legal case. Her ankle strapped pumps are kissing the pointed toes of my black stilettos as we go over the cases.

Teasing, our long legs intertwined as we discuss the case but we are really there for the nylon feet! I remove her work shoes and play with her stocking feet. She wants the pleasure of pantyhose worship and removes my classic black pumps, pushing my nylon soles against her face.

We're doing humiliating talk about the legal system and clients as we're smugly doing lesbian foot worship in the back office! If they only knew!

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Includes pantyhose/stockings, foot worship, legs, nylon worship, foot fetish

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9 minutes



Rival Slave
Featuring Dalia Maroe & Star Nine

Star Nine found prissy Dalia Maroe in a dark web auction because the latter had some financial issues. It's Star's chance to FemDomme the woman she has competed with professionally.

Dalia is embarrassed and humiliated by being owned by her rival, but she's been blackmailed for fucking her secretary and compelled to pay off the money with servitude.

Starting with imposed stripping, she reveals her big natural tits. Star's unimpressed with her natural big boobs and confesses with an ass smacking that she's only interested in Dalia's humiliation.

Peeling off her black pencil skirt, Dalia stands in her suntan pantyhose before being put in the slave position. Star shoe dangles her black pumps and offers her reinforced toe stockings for foot kissing and toe sucking. Dalia does a good job with nylon worship and almost seems to relish having black stocking feet in her mouth.

Star wants to see her submissive slave to crawling in high heels and pantyhose. She's so good, that she must have had sub training before her new Mistress.

Hair pulling so her neck is exposed, Star expects a lot of humiliating pleasure from Dalia. Leaning back, she receives a pantyhose foot massage until Dalia has to pose in submissive positions. Becoming human furniture, Star puts her nylon legs on Dalia's back and dehumanizes the fallen business woman.

Commanded to put on her clothes, Star wants her to make a home video that will sing the praises of Star's company and be shown to their colleagues.

It's going to be a long month!

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Includes office domination, humiliation, female domination, lesbian domination submissive/slave training

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19 minutes



Stocking Worship
Featuring Dalia Maroe & Star Nine

Star Nine caresses Dalia Maroe's nylon feet even though they should resume their secretary tasks. Her highly arched feet in shiny black pumps are a distraction and Star's ready for seamed stocking play. She's not shy about her own vintage nylons peeking under her short skirt.

It's scandalous that Dalia wears red bottom shoes to work, and Star removes one shoe to admire her black stilettos. Dalia takes off Star's shiny black high heels and loves her reinforced toe suntan stockings. Dalia inhales the nylon smell and Star wants a quick nylon foot smelling session. The black seamed stockings are made for toe nibbling and licking toes. Star moans in excitement and lifts her skirt higher to reveal the white garter belt.

One heel dangles off Dalia's black nylon foot, and Star rubs her long fingernails over her high arches until the dangling shoe falls off.

Star climbs on the desk and their nylon legs intertwine before Star gets a toe licking. She savors Dalia's dark RHT stockings and long toes.

Helping each other strip the garterbelts off, Star's teeth peel the nylons off Dalia's long legs and pointed toes. She's rewarded with lean toes painted with red nail polish. The red toenails need toe worship but first Dalia needs to reveal Star's blue toenails!

With intertwined legs, these secretaries imbibe in stocking and barefoot worship. One leg in nylons, one leg bare is the perfect office attire, but Dalia peels her black Cuban stockings, and they help each other pull them off with her teeth so they can play with those wrinkled soles!

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Includes garter & stockings, pantyhose/stockings, foot worship, foot fetish, legs

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OTHER KEYWORDS- nylon worship vintage stockings high heels secretaries barefoot foot play toe fetish brunettes leg fetish blondes tall woman tall women kink

11 minutes



Bobby Socks Get You Off
Featuring Star Nine

you are salivating over my white bobby socks pulled over my calves and want my crossed legs to uncross so you can get another otk spanking like last time. Looking down at my white bobbysocks while I was ass smacking gave you a hard on. Dangling my black penny loafers off my socked feet, I suggest that we play sock games as a foot tease.

Do you like the black loafers and taut socks pulled high like knee socks? Imagine the texture as you are in a sock tease and denial game. They're so close, but you can't touch.

Do you prefer when I put on saddle shoes with scrunched socks? The stiff leather shoes sound good as I pull them on and the laces hit the sides. What does your perverted little cock think of that? Do you remember when you stole socks from me and jerked off with them? you love stealing socks for sock masturbation!

Is your cock harder with the scrunchy socks or the taut socks? I see your precum, but that's because you're excited about getting an ass beating.

Removing the black and white saddle shoes, I do sock scrunching before toe pointing and putting on the black leather loafers.

Do you like the folded down socks with the black shoes like a cheerleader? I know this makes you horny.

Giving you a brief foot JOI, I want you to masturbate for my shoes and socks. As soon as you cum, I'm bending you over my lap with your cock on my wool skirt, facing my socks and shoes as I'm hairbrush spanking you.

Look who came immediately.

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Includes socks, babysitter, shoe fetish, cock tease, BDSM instruction

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6 minutes



Supergirl vs Kryptonia
Featuring Alison Rey & Star Nine

Supergirl (Star Nine) cries on her bed because she's lost her strength, boots and cape. She's scared of Lex Luthor's kryptonite and letting it mind fuck her into a helpless damsel.

Shivering in weakness, she starts playing with her toes while trying to psyche herself up for the fight. She moans while giving a self foot massage. Her long fingernails are kneading her bare feet and it's calming down the beaten down superheroine.

Giving a deep toe massage calms Super Girl and she's smiling as her wrinkled soles are flexed and kneaded. Leg stretching, she's confident she can fight any supervillain.

Toe massaging helps everything and she's ready to conquer her foes! Flexing muscles in a victory pose, her strength is back!

SuperGirl is ready to confront Lex Luthor, but surprised by Kryptonia (Alison Rey). Gasping for air and trembling with fear, she senses her foe toe tapping her with green toenails behind her. The supervillain laughs as she confronts the powerless superheroine. Super Girl is helpless and can't stop her nemesis from caressing her uniform with her long fingernails.

The Do Gooder's frustrated by her fluttering eyes and her inability to fight back. Luthor created Kryptonia to be the embodiment of SuperGirl's weakness. Flexing biceps, she's taunting, "Why steal power, when I have my own?"

A kiss drops Supergirl to her knees, leaving kryptonite lipstick on SuperGirl's lips. Kryptonia clutches her jaw, sucking her strength. With Supergirl heaving in pain on the floor, Kryptonia keeps her prey docile by dosing her with more kisses.

Powering down her Kryptonite so SuperGirl can play, the Baddie loves the view of Supergirl crawling away with her tight ass in the air. When Supergirl thinks she has a chance of escape, Kryptonia grabs her ankles and drags her back.

Challenged to a fight, Supergirl manages to stand, but is woozy. Given a free shot, it burns her hand after the punching makes impact. In a victory pose, Kryptonia crows of her defeating supergirl while bicep flexing. She's the strongest Villainess of all and ready to go to the bedroom with her prey.

Kryptonia lays Supergirl's weak body on the bed and gives a foot massage. The fallen superheroine begs for the foot play to end. Sitting up, the whites of her eyes show as she tries to maintain power.

Kryptonia offers her Kryptonite cape, but starts choking Supergirl with it. Gasping for air, Supergirl's gagging and Kryptonia pushes her down, pleased when she's knocked out.

Covering her with the magic cape keeps Supergirl trembling in fear. She agrees to a forced stripping if only to end the pain. Embarrassed and humiliated, she unzips her uniform while crying. The bratty supervillain wants a sexy show instead of a weeping damsel and makes her turn around showing her tits and ass.

Kissing Supergirl causes pleasure and pain, but the kryptonite strap-on terrorizes her. Teasing the glowing dildo near her pussy, Kryptonia loves seeing her fear her big cock. Pulling out for pussy slapping brings no respite because Super Girl's turned over for doggystyle while the controlling cape chokes her. If Supergirl cums she will becomes Kryptonia's sex slave. Determined to get a g-spot orgasm, Supergirl's pounded harder.

Flipped to missionary position, Kryptonia commands Supergirl to masturbate as she's drilling her cunt. The hard fucking with tit bouncing is too much for Supergirl, and she cums hard on that green dick. Spent, the defeated heroine lies there in shame, but Kryptonia starts her whore training. Kryptonite chains immobilize Supergirl.

Kryptonia victory poses as her super slut is beneath her bare feet.

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Includes superheroine, super villain, femdom, female domination, humiliation

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60 minutes



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