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Massaging Mommy's Feet
Featuring Star Nine

It's your favorite place to be. On the floor, gazing up at Mommy, innocent, wondering why are Mommy's legs so shiny. That state of innocence you always dream of going back to, that ego-less state. There's nothing there at all, just Mommy's voice and Her dangling heel right in front of your adoring eyes. Peaceful, safe, ego free, massaging Mommy's feet, wanting nothing more than to be a part of Her, so close that when she cuts Her finger you claim personal injury.

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Includes age regression, pantyhose domination, mind fuck, foot massage, mesmerize

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11 minutes



Mesmerized Boss
Featuring Sinn Sage & Star Nine

Star Nine calms her stressed out boss, Sinn Sage, with a mesmerizing foot massage.

Star's magical touch turns her cunty boss into a melted puddle of relaxation ready to bend to Star's every whim.

It would be so much less stressful if you just trusted me and believed me and did whatever I suggest. So much easier if I were the boss. It would be so much easier if you just did whatever I tell you to do.

Star suggests she stand up & get out of her hot, uncomfortable office wear. She takes over Sinn's chair & films her as she strips. A sexy dance, why not make it a lap dance?

Star runs her hands over Sinn's nylon thighs as she glides against her legs, crawling all over her, thanking Star for making her feel so good.

It almost sounds like it was her idea when she tells Star how she would make such a good boss, how Sinn agrees she should spend more time on her knees.

Star snaps her out of it mid-pussy lick & uses the opportunity to secure herself a promotion.

Doesn't assistant director sound a lot better than this video leaking? Remember how amazing it felt to not be in control for 10 minutes, don't you want to feel that way again?

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Includes lesbian domination, mesmerize, office domination, vintage stockings, pantyhose, blackmail fantasy, female training, woman following orders, pussy eating, lap dance, foot massage, foot fetish, magic control

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17 minutes



Personal Assistant
Featuring Jay Taylor & Star Nine

Star examines her new assistant, it's not a very demanding position - lots of errands mostly, but she is very particular about a few things. Dress being one of them. She runs a hand down Jay Taylor's leg. Drugstore pantyhose. They'll do for today.

Star has Jay complete a few tasks before asking for a foot rub. Jay settles comfortably into the task, applying firm pressure to her boss' soft nylon feet. She does such a good job, Star is inspired to give her a little reward. She instructs her new assistant to strip down to just her pantyhose. Jay complies.

Removing her dress, Star pulls Jay close and introduces her to the eroticism of pantyhose tribbing. She grinds her nylon pussy up against Jay's making her new assistant gasp and cum.

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Includes pantyhose domination, lesbian domination, foot massage, tribbing

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22 minutes



Putty in Your Hands
Featuring Star Nine

Home from a long day at work, I plop down next to you on the couch. It was the worst day, running back and forth in the office in my high heels. My feet ache. But at least now I'm home with you! I remove my heels and rub my aching feet, pointing them in your direction. You wouldn't mind giving me one of your famous foot rubs would you?

The stress of the day melts away as you give me the best foot massage I've ever had. I am literally putty in your hands as I melt into the couch.

Includes foot fetish, black pantyhose

10 minutes



The Trainer
Featuring Jay Taylor & Star Nine

Star sits on the edge of Jay's bed. They're away at a company retreat - Jay is in charge of training new hires & Star is there to supervise. Star begins to rub Jay's legs through her cream colored pantyhose. Her feet and calves must be so sore from standing in heels all day. Jay is a bit taken aback, but allows Star to massage her aching legs. Star removes Jay's heels and smells them. Jay stares as Star bashfully explains how she loves the scent of nylon feet. She begins to nibble and lick at Jay's nylon toes. Jay has to acknowledge that Star's warm, wet, mouth on her feet feels good & she begins to stroke her clit through her gusset. Star notices this & becomes immensely turned on. She replaces Jay's shoes and shows how she isn't wearing panties with her pantyhose either. The two begin to kiss & undress each other. Stripping down to their nylons & heels. They begin to trib before removing their shoes and worshiping each others feet as they trib to orgasm.

Includes cream pantyhose, shoe smelling, foot smelling, foot massage, foot worship, masturbation, tribbing, lesbian, kissing, glasses

10 minutes



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