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The Power of Suggestion
Featuring Sovereign Syre & Star Nine

Professor Syre takes issue with the wild claims Star Nine has made in her paper on the power of suggestion, especially the parts about her fantasies of mesmerizing the professor.

Star is happy to be meeting with Professor Syre's, she was hoping that Sovereign would want to talk about her paper, in her office, alone.

The Professor refutes Star's claims and even threatens her with expulsion as she unknowingly follows Star's suggestions, placing her feet in her lap and falling into a deep state of relaxation as Star worships her nylon feet and gets her out of her top.

The spell breaks for a moment as the professor tries to wrap things up, but she quickly falls back under as Star suggests she worship her beautiful nylon feet. She's caught her looking at them in class so often.

When Star is done with her, Sovereign can't even remember why she called the meeting. She exchanges deep kisses with her mesmerizing student and plans to tell the dean how well she is doing in class.

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Includes mesmerize, foot worship, lesbian domination, pantyhose domination, pantyhose, kissing, body worship, lesbian, foot fetish

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62 minutes



Morning Snack
Featuring Star Nine

you approach My giant toes, unable to resist. you journey through the mountains and the valleys of My bedsheets desperate for a taste. I stir and you pause, anxious. I wake and laugh at how tiny you are. I allow you to attempt to service My feet but you're just too small. My stomach grumbles, you look like a little snack. You tremble in terror as I dangle you over My open mouth, My big white teeth. you almost drown in My saliva before coming to rest deep inside My stomach.

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Includes giantess, vore, foot fetish, foot worship, femdom pov

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9 minutes



Stocking Sustenance
Featuring Star Nine

you're My stocking slave. you've been in heaven, locked up in My shoe closet with nothing to do besides clean and organize My vintage stockings and high heels.

I've let you out for a short break to allow you to clean the high heels and stockings that I am wearing. First I make you clean My sexy high heels from heel to toe, from sole to insole. Next you have the pleasure of running your tongue over My stocking feet and kissing My nylon toes.

you've done a good job so far, but you can't just breath in My nylon, you need sustenance too. I tease you with my well worn stockings, sweaty from the hot day. Starting today you eat and breathe My stockings. I cram the worn nylon down your throat, ordering you to swallow.

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Includes stockings, foot slave training, high heels, foot worship, vintage stockings

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15 minutes



Serena's Promotion
Featuring Serena Blair & Star Nine

In a humiliating meeting, Star announces that Serena is receiving the promotion you had applied for. After detailing the concerns that kept you from being appointed to the position, Star demonstrates the benefits of having a private office. You watch uncomfortably as Star & Serena kick their heels off and stretch their nylon feet. The meeting hasn't been officially closed, but you get the strong sense that you aren't wanted as they begin to massage, then worship, each other's nylon feet. They look over in disgust that you are still sitting there, but you are glued to your seat. All your fantasies of what goes on between your female colleagues behind closed doors play out before your ayes as Star moves her wet nylon foot back and forth between Serena's legs.

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Includes pantyhose domination, office domination, tribbing, foot worship

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11 minutes



Employee Training
Featuring Penelope Reed & Star Nine

Watch as I train my scatterbrained assistant, Penelope Reed. Utilizing the tantalizing aroma of my foot odor, I soon have Penelope on her knees at my feet licking and sucking away in complete bliss. I take full advantage of the situation, spreading my legs and pleasuring myself as she services my nylon feet. Once I'm satisfied that she has learned to focus properly, I move on to correcting her choice of wardrobe. Properly attired in a pair of black pantyhose, I bind her wrists and ankles, teasing her pussy by rubbing my wet nylon foot over her gusset. Finally, I tease her with a vibrator before shoving it into her pantyhose and leaving her to struggle and moan.

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Includes lesbian domination, pantyhose domination, foot worship, forced orgasms, mesmerize

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19 minutes



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