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Black Pantyhose Sex Magick
Featuring Star Nine

This epic black pantyhose foot worship session takes a turn for the tantric. Breathe, kneel, worship and experience My divine sexual energy coursing through your entire body.

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Includes pantyhose domination, foot slave training, goddess worship, foot worship, foot domination

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24 minutes



Power of Regression
Featuring Star Nine

Do you think My skirt is short enough for this meeting? Just you and Me and all the little boys in their big boy suits, faking competence while they drool over My long legs and dangling high heels. We're all dressed for success, but in a room full of men I'm always the one in control. My sexy pantyhose, tight skirt, silk blouse and high heels keep all the suits distracted and eating out of the palm of my hand.

you're no different than the rest of them of course, just a little boy playing dress up, trying to "fake it until you make it". Even now, when you should be focused on preparing for this important meeting, you're gazing hungrily at My slender nylon foot as My expensive high heel dangles off of it. Practically drooling. Desperate to satisfy your deeply ingrained oral fixation you kneel at My feet, sucking each exquisite manicured nylon toe at My instruction.

So easy to pacify. With your mouth trained to seek and suck I remove My toes from your mouth and pop in a binky. All the excitement has led you to make an unfortunate mess in your big boy pants, but don't worry - Mommy will take care of it. I lay you down on My desk and use your big boy underwear to mop up the cum. Tossing them aside I slide a baby blue diaper under you. you're hard again already so I jerk you off with My spit & then diaper you up. Time to put your big boy pants back on & watch Me dominate this meeting.

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Includes age regression, pantyhose domination, femdom pov, office domination, foot worship

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11 minutes



Tickling Stella's Feet
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

I have Stella's sexy soles right where I want them. We've been shooting Femdom & foot worship clips all day, so she's anticipating more attention from my mouth. I gently caress her bare feet with my soft fingers as she stifles a giggle. Once I get going though, she can't hold back and she squirms and cackles as I attack her sensitive feet with my fingernails. You aren't going to want to miss this, especially the part where I tickle under her toe nails and her other foot pounds up and down like Thumper!

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Includes barefoot, foot fetish, tickling, foot tickling

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16 minutes



Pantyhose Lesbians Wanted
Featuring Alison Rey & Star Nine

Alison Rey is interviewing Star for a position at her law firm. Their interview has gone well and now Alison just wants to cover a couple of key requirements regarding the company culture & the dress code. She comes around and sits on the front of the desk and looks deep into Star's eyes as she asks if she LOVES women. Star reads her intention and glides her manicured hands over Alison's pantyhose. She slips off her prospective boss' high heels and teasingly lifts her tiny feet up to her mouth.

Star & Alison are already halfway there from sensation of warm wet mouths on silky nylon when they come together, Star's nylon covered pussy rubbing on Alison's leg. They trib right there on Alison's desk. nylon against nylon until their pantyhose are wet with cum and Star is certain she's got the job.

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Includes pantyhose domination, pantyhose, lesbian domination, tribbing, lesbian, office domination, foot worship

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14 minutes



Lara Croft Bean Defeat
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Lara Croft (Chrissy Marie) just loves to sneak around the jungle, taking things that don't belong to her. Today she's made the grave mistake of stealing from the Jungle Queen. She refuses to give up the treasure, but the Queen knows that Lara's weakness lies hidden under her leather boots.

After trading some blows, the Queen gets Lara down on the ground and removes her leather boots and knee high socks. She massages Lara's petite feet, draining her strength with her special touch. As Lara gradually weakens, the Amazonian puts her through several wrestling holds, all of which give her continued access to Lara's sensitive feet which she continues to lick and suck.

Lara still won't give up the treasure though, so the Amazonian leads her to a special tub filled with Lara's number one weakness. Beans! She tosses Lara head first into the tub and Lara desperately struggles to get out. Her bare feet slipping and sliding in the pit of beans, she ends up completely coated in the vile substance.

Finally, Lara manages to climb out of the pit, but she's too weak to stand. She whispers the location of the treasure into the Queen's ear as she loses the last little bit of her strength. Victorious, the Amazonian Queen licks Lara's bean coated feet.

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Includes wet & messy, foot worship, female fighting, sploshing

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21 minutes



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