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Bathtub Peril
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Inspired by a classic cinema bondage scene.

Ashley Lane's husband is missing, his work was top secret & the FBI suspects a foreign agent may have been involved in his disappearance. Ashley receives a phone call from the detective on the case just as she is getting ready for a relaxing bath. She schedules a meeting for later that evening. As she ends the call, Star creeps up behind her, surprising her in her living room.

Star has a plan to pose as the grieving wife to throw the FBI agent off her trail. She forces Ashley to strip and then ties her wrists and heavily gags her. The bath plan will work out just fine for Star. She ties Ashley up and leaves her in the tub as she takes her place, meeting with the detective in the living room.

Star plays the grieving, naive wife as he answers the detective's questions, but Ashley manages to make a little bit too much noise struggling in the tub. Star blames the cat but eventually the detective pushes past her and goes to investigate . . .

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Includes peril, predicament bondage, bondage, forced stripping, stockings, bathtub

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20 minutes



Full Body Cavity Search
Featuring Star Nine

Star submits to a full body cavity strip search when an officer shows up to serve a warrant on her unpaid parking tickets. The arresting officer's examination of Star is extremely thorough. First he orders her to shake out, then tie up her hair before flashing his light into her mouth, ordering her to stick out her tongue & pull out her lips. He follows with an examination of her nostrils and ears before ordering her to strip.

As he proceeds with his examination he asks Star uncomfortable questions which she nervously responds to honestly. He examines her breasts, having her lift them. Then her belly button, ordering her to spread it open. As he shines his light at her vulva he asks her about her sexual history and comments that she's wet. He finishes with an examination of her spread asshole before having her redress for the ride to the station.

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Includes forced stripping, interrogation, humiliation, extreme close-ups, mouth fetish, ear fetish, belly button fetish

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12 minutes



The Magician 3
Featuring Tim Woodman & Star Nine

This conclusion to The Magician series (The Magician, The Magician 2), finds a dazed Star entering the Magician's lair.

The Magician walks up to the entranced heroine and gently caresses her, circling his prey. He congratulates her on her ability to occasionally snap out of his spells, a power that she exhibits as he starts to undress her.

Star snaps awake and casts a spell with her phone, the Magician's hands snap together as he is swept off his feet, bound with invisible rope.

Star sits beside the incapacitated villain and begins to question him about the missing women. She is careful to avoid eye contact, but the villain's mesmerizing powers are too strong and soon she is falling back into a trance. He urges her to release him and her hands tap out the code to undo her spell.

She is standing with his hands on her, unbuttoning her blouse when she comes to again. She reaches for her phone, but a snap of his fingers has her blank eyed removing the rest of her clothes.

Her hands cup her breasts, rubbing them mechanically. As her hands trail down towards her crotch she snaps out of it once more. Her protections fail her as the Magician snaps her back under, then hands her her phone ordering her to delete her little protection sub spell.

Doomed, she obeys. He gropes her tits, bragging about this plans to make her his evil bride. His hand moves rhythmically before her eyes as they grow heavy and she collapses into his arms.

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Includes woman following orders, magic control, superheroine, forced stripping, groping

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15 minutes



Bondage Revenge
Featuring Chrissy Marie

Hot shot lawyer Chrissy Marie returns home from another successful day in court. Putting her purse down, she paces the room in her short dress finishing up her phone call. Today's convict vowed revenge, but they all say that. Finally she hangs up and turns to find a strange man in the house!

She begs & pleads, but you force her to strip down and spin around for you. She says that the peep show is over, but you disagree. You tie her to the chair & leave her to struggle.

Bound to the chair, Chrissy struggles, eventually freeing herself and managing to call the police. You return just as she's hung up the phone & she tries to trick you, suggesting that you can have some fun together if you come with her to the bedroom.

The bedroom sounds nice, but you had some different fun in mind. Once you have her tied tightly to the bed you gag her with duct tape & leave her in a perilous predicament.

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Bondage, Forced Stripping, Struggling, Rope Bondage, TapeGagged, Gagged Women

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10 minutes



Slut Training Super Chrissy
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Super Chrissy thinks she's on an important mission, but really she's just walking right into my trap. She tries to fight me off, but I have a special jewel up my sleeve - a perfect, polished, kryptonite choker destined for her neck.

Weakened by the powerful stone she's unable to save herself from the powerful wedgies & orgasms I use to break her down. Soon she is transformed into an obedient slave begging to be collared.

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Superheroines, Lesbian Domination, Forced Orgasms, Submissive/Slave Training, Forced Stripping, Wedgies

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31 minutes



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