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Living Sculpture
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Candle Boxxx holds trays at parties as a nude painted gold statue. She stops holding her frozen position to greet me, her boss (Star Nine). I scold her for standing with an empty tray. She explains that she thought she was supposed to be like an art exhibition, and didn't want to break character.

She loves being gold painted and I ask if she can see her reflection in the metallic serving tray. She stares at her reflection and listens to my mantras. Her eyes and legs become heavy like gold. Her tongue is solid gold, and she stops her incessant chattering.

Posing her heavy arms, I pose her like a doll while she's still malleable. Taunting, I wave my long red fingernails in front of her face, knowing she's stuck inside her new metal cage.

Someone will know that there's a real human girl under the gold paint and they will have a lot of fun with her body! Until then, she's a frozen statue for eternity!

Includes wet & messy, freeze, body painting, mesmerize, transformation fantasies

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9 minutes



Fight Flight or Fawn
Featuring Star Nine

I normally wouldn't have someone left alive at this point of the operation but you had an interesting reaction compared to your colleagues. There's fight, flight or freeze as survival mechanisms, but I destroy all of them.

you employed the less used option of fawning and are now admiring my dangling heels off my pantyhose feet. My long fingernails graze my nylon legs as I humiliate your life as your new Femdom Mistress.

you only think you're aroused because you think I'm a burglar. Seductively unraveling duct tape, I do pov gagging. What's hotter than a woman who breaks all the fucking rules?

you need to properly worship ME. Maybe it is love instead of Stockholm Syndrome. Or your fear of your imminent demise as I'm stripping my skirt and shirt, revealing my black bikini top and sheer black pantyhose. Putting my wiggling toes in your face before POV face sitting, let's see how you face your last challenge. Breathe in as I'm pov facesitting and feel your hard cock.

you're ready.

Includes executrix, female domination, smother, love addiction, pantyhose domination

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26 minutes



Supergirl's New Master
Featuring Star Nine

Super Girl stands mindlessly under your control. Lifting her super heroine uniform, you reveal her black lace panties and give her a couple of ass smackings. She replies, "Yes Master", to your commands like an obedient slave.

Going to her knees she gives a handjob (dildo) with glazed eyes as you inform her of a client coming to look at her. Before he arrives, you're belly button fucking her with your hard cock. Her hands guide the shaft aso the head probes deeper in her navel. Moaning, she's excited when a big load is left on her flat stomach. Now that you've cum on her, she's your property.

Snapping your fingers, she transforms into a sexy flirtatious whore, eager to please. Sexy dancing and stripping her Super Girl uniform, she freezes and unfreezes on command.

Lap dancing on your hard cock, she stops grinding to get on her knees and give a sensual handjob. A huge load on her chest, she declares her loyalty to you.

Changing out of her superheroine uniform, she returns in tight spandex pants and a transparent shirt. The black boots have been replaced with black stilettos. Cock stroking while giving a seductive dance, she agrees to destroy her former Master.

Includes superheroine, woman following orders, slut training, mental domination, submissive/slave training

OTHER KEYWORDS - Star Nine super heroines superheroines supervillains super villains female training mind fuck mesmerize erotic magic control freeze fetish male domination maledom belly fetish abs belly button fetish submissive sluts cosplay costume fetish costumes blondes tall woman tall women kink

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12 minutes



Sculpting Gold
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Candle Boxxx arrives for a modeling shoot with Star Nine and is surprised by the hot studio. She cools down with some water and strips down as Star explains that they're going to shoot a voyeur masturbation custom. The goal is to cum as quickly as possible.

Grabbing the Hitachi magic wand, Candle moans as she's masturbating, but is confused when Star starts stripping. After thinking about it, she likes watching Star clit rubbing and gets more excited.

It isn't long before Candle has her first orgasm but is surprised when Star uses the sex toy on her. As Star looks in her eyes, she admits that she magically controls her and Candle mindlessly repeats that this is what she wants.

With glazed eyes, Candle listens and then becomes aroused by the prospect of having an assisted masturbation. After her second orgasm, Candle's euphoric but stuck with limited movement. Realizing something is wrong, she begs for movement.

Star maneuvers her stiff body into the place she wants for her forever position. Candle's wiggling toes slow and she's only able to hold on to the vibrator. Her body convulses despite her semi-frozen state as the orgasm overtakes her body. Star's nipple kissing pushes her over the edge and her pussy spasms visibly as she writhes in orgasm.

She's now a frozen gold statue and Star is pleased with her new piece of art. Candle will be in an unending orgasm inside her metal body. It's such a turn on that Star's cums hard from her creation.

Includes wet & messy, body painting, freeze, magic control, masturbation

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14 minutes



Feature Cumslut
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Star Nine wants the feature dancer, Candle Boxxx to audition and the Diva is humiliated that she would have to do something so common. Star is not putting up with this cunt and injects a needle into her neck. Candle's eyes widen and roll to the back of her head. Like a frozen statue, she can't move except to fall stiffly onto the sofa.

Groping her prey, she explains how the new plan will work. From now on, her name is Candy because Star knows she hates that name. They're going to make a home movie showing the arrogant woman before she's broken down from brainwashing and prepared for a sex slave auction.

Putting on a big strap-on, Star's ready to rape her captive. Flopping her limp body to the ground, Star shoves the dildo in her mouth for some cock sucking. She doesn't care if it's a wet dick and the blowjob stops for the strap-on fucking in doggystyle and missionary. Candle's body ragdolls from the banging, but Star chloroforms her for the next round of submissive training.

Candle's in a brain fog as she struggles in her bondage cuffs on a bondage table. The sensory deprivation from the blindfold enhances the effect of the IV drugs used for mind control. The hitachi magic wand will cause the hypnotic induction to imprint on her mind once she's had a forced orgasm.

Candle tries to fight the mantra indoctrination and refuses to submit to the high powered vibrator that bears down on her sensitive clit. Unable to fight the hypno-mind fuck, Candle recites her inductions mindlessly and cums hard from the bondage orgasm. Star rides on top of the electric massager, pussy grinding it harder into her new mind washed slave. Candle's ready to suck cock and fuck strangers just as they have a simultaneous orgasm together.

The whore training continues and the orgasms get more intense as she arches, bucks and she has curled toes in her platform stilettos.

Later, "Candy" is dragged in by a leash and collar and ordered to dance for the slave buyers. She's been given a blonde wig and mind control glasses that keep her docile and tame. Star activates her pavlovian training by putting the vibe on her clit.

Candy begs to cum and uses her black gloved hands to her mouth in desperate need until Star face fucks her with her strapon cock. She stops sucking as she cums hard and falls backward, ready to continue being a fuck doll.

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Includes submissive/slave training, lesbian domination, female training, slut training, mental domination

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29 minutes



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