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Whips & Kisses
Featuring Lola Fae & Star Nine

Star Nine is in a standing spread eagle and waits for her Mistress Lola Fae. The petite blonde knows her smart ass masochist loves getting flogged and teases her with the impact play. She pussy flogs her when she least expects it!

The submissive woman thinks she will get a reward from her Domina if she takes heavy whips. Lola edges her with gentle caresses to make her skin crawl.

A big gag is shoved in her mouth. Her gag talking can only be heard as mmmphs through her drooling. Lola rubs the spit on Star's face.

Fast forward and Star's rope bound on the floor as Lola gives a bondage challenge. If she can wiggle to the door, she can have a bondage release. Star does a good bondage struggle as Lola whips her and she slowly writhes toward the door. Lola teases her submissive slave as she removes the bondage rope.

The drooly gag is removed and Lola tastes it before kissing her sweet submissive.

Includes lesbian domination, flogging, femdom, submissive/slave training, bondage

KEYWORDS - female domination sensual domination whipping BDSM corporal punishment rope bondage rope struggling ballgagged women ballgagged woman ball gagged women ball gagged women gag talking drooling kissing moaning fetish challenges submissive sluts high heels sandals stilettos petite tall woman tall women blondes natural tits

Kym Trains Star
Randy Whips Star

15 minutes


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Ultimate Friend Zone
Featuring Star Nine

I'm (Star Nine) trying on a gold satin evening gown and talk to you in my mirror reflection. The satin dress makes my boobs look great, but is it too much for a first date? you're sweet to help and I make a confession on having sex with him despite being a virgin. you've never had sex before because you would've told me. you're best friend. Girls practice kissing, but maybe we should practice with sex toys. See if we're doing it right?

This vibrating wand works for girls and I talk about the pussy sensations, but I know this isn't how actual fucking will feel like. Maybe this dildo will be better because the first time is hard for penetration. I don't know if I have a hymen but I have a tight pussy for this dildo. Vibing myself helps, but I can't bring this with me. Do you think I should tell him I'm a virgin? It's weird to still be a virgin.

Teasing myself, I pull it away in a game of tease and denial. Do you want to use my wet toys? Boys can use vibrators on their balls head and perineum. you're probably not going to want to do anal toys. I'm not judging you for having a hard on! you should jack off while vibing yourself. Are you worried about cumming in front of me?

I'm Deep throating the dildo before dildo fucking and vibing myself. Talking dirty, I go into details about the waves of orgasm until hand gagging myself for getting too loud. Edging myself, I stop masturbating for self gagging. We can't get caught, so I'm mmmphing through a red ballgag as I have multiple orgasms! I love that you're eager to put my big red drooly ballgag in your mouth!

Dildo sucking almost gives you a premature ejaculation? Girls take longer to orgasm, so you need cock control. Let's do some tease and deny games as I'm dildo deepthroating.

Thank you for being a good friend and helping with the sex education! I'm late for my date. Will you put these dirty toys away?

Includes virgin humiliation, cuckolding, joi, solo female, electric massagers

KEYWORDS - jerk off instruction masturbation encouragement masturbation instruction dirty talk cock tease & denial edging games orgasm control orgasm denial female masturbation solo masturbation moaning fetish female orgasms vibrators dildos dildo fucking sex toys ballgagged women ball gagged women gag talking shiny clothing shiny clothes silk/satin

Beach Day
Virgin Shit Eater

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18 minutes


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Like, OMG Take Off This Gag
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Schoolgirl Star Nine sees a robbery in her sorority house, and assumes it's a practical joke by her boyfriend. Being bratty she tells them to leave. They're real Baddies and tie her up with wrist bondage and ankle bondage. She continues bitch talking despite threats of a microfoam gag. Scoffing, she says nothing can stop her smack talking!

Fast forward and she's in a mouthpacked gag that gives muffled speech. She struggles to do a bondage escape and reveals her white panties beneath her schoolgirl skirt. Bondage hopping in high heels to another chair, she grabs her phone. Making a call, the other party can't understand her mmmphs.  

Candle Boxxx enters and thinks she's playing bondage games. She admires the gag with mouth packing and learns that her dirty panties were used for mouth stuffing! The gag lip outline is pretty but Candle can't understand her gag speak.

Instead of taking the microfoam stuffed gag off, Candle thinks she's supposed to take the leg bondage off. When Star bitches, Candle's ready to give an attitude adjustment and pushes her over to reveal her thong for some humiliating ass smackings! After the embarrassing spankings, Candle is grossed out when removing the gag from Star's face so Star has to do a self gag removal. Throwing the wet panties on Candle, Star relays her horrible bondage situation and Candle's ready to regag her.

Includes gag talk, tape gagged, gagged women, bondage, panty stuffing

KEYWORDS - gag talking tapegagged woman tape gagged woman mouth stuffing rope bondage rope struggling damsel in distress DID schoolgirl uniforms schoolgirls brat girls verbal humiliation scolding fetish humor humour blondes redheads high heels ballet flats

This Isn't A Game
A Ransomed Woman's Gag Talk

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17 minutes


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Star Ties Nadia Super Tight
Featuring Nadia White & Star Nine

Rigging by Damon Pierce.

Nadia White and I, Star Nine, are making out with deep kisses and pussy rubbing over her yoga pants. Showing her white rope, she's nervous, but agrees to some lesbian bondage play! She giggles at the wrist bondage.

We've changed into matching shiny catsuits and she's strictly bound. She gag talks through her white cleavegag, surprised by the tight bondage. Ungagging her, she gets excited by the bound kissing but is surprised when I shove a big black ballgag in her mouth. She struggles for my amusement but she needs microfoam gloves to prevent a bondage escape.

I give her a microfoam and ballgag to quiet her mmmphs. 5 pieces of tape outline her ballgag lips as I reveal that she's my bondage slave girl. She thinks we're done when I'm removing the microfoam tapegag, but I replace it with a microfoam wraparound tapegag. Caressing her bound body with pussy play and tit grabbing makes her moan in pleasure. She's pussy grinding the tight crotchrope rubbing against her clit. Drooling around the big ballgag, I remove it as she gets further into sub space. Mouth packing is pushed in and secured with a wraparound microfoam tape gag.

Leaving her alone for a bondage struggle, she's surprised when I return, doing a self ball gagging and handcuff self bondage. Crotch grinding next to each other, we savor the sensual play.

Includes bondage, lesbian domination, gagged women, sensual domination, submissive/slave training

KEYWORDS - rope bondage rope self bondage handcuffs and shackles handcuff fetish shackle fetish struggling ballgagged woman ball gagged women gag talking moaning fetish tapegagged tape gagged mouth stuffing mouth packing catsuits cat suits bodysuits spandex fetish clothing fetish clothes lesbians girl-girl female domination femdom submissive sluts blondes tall woman tall women kink red nails red fingernails big tits brunettes

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31 minutes


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Stepdaughter Humiliator
Featuring Kendra James & Star Nine

Stepdaughter Star Nine is humiliated to be on her hands and knees with a toilet brush gag. Her evil stepmother, Kendra James is hairpulling while guiding her deeper into the nasty toilet bowl. She gag talks in frustration, but her Stepmom only takes humiliating pictures. This smelly toilet better be better be sparkling and Kendra puts her shiny over the knee boots on her head to push her down.

Later Star has a brush attached gag and is dusting as part of her domestic discipline. Her bound wrists are helpless in the bondage cuffs. She struggles to complete her slave task, knowing the punishment will be worse. She gets a few spankings despite her best intentions.

Not pleasing her mean stepmother results in being face down and ass up with those shiny OTK boots pressing down on her face. Kendra's scolding Star's incessant begging, and her black opera gloves are hair grabbing while reminding her of her place as a boot licking whore.

Grabbing the chastity belt, Kendra owns all of Star's holes and mocks her with the chastity key. Tit grabbing her submissive, Kendra promises of more submissive training.

Includes female domination, humiliation, taboo, submissive/slave training, gagged women

KEYWORDS - femdom lesbian domination toilet humiliation toilet slavery toilet slaves toilet fetish submissive sluts struggling gagged woman gag talking boot fetish boot domination boot humiliationbondage cuffs bondage restraints corsets fetish clothing fetish clothes gloves glove fetish chastity orgasm control orgasm denial keyholding blondes big tits ass smacking housecleaning housekeeping maid fetish scolding fetish blondes tall woman tall women kink

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7 minutes


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