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Bondage Fantasy Interrupted
Featuring Adara Jordin & Star Nine

Star has finally worked up the courage to experiment with bondage. She sits on the couch & lays out rope, stockings, and duct tape. First she ties a thin, soft, black stocking around her mouth. She loves the way the thin nylon feels pressed tight against her lips, but when she experiments with talking, the gag doesn't muffle her voice at all.

Slightly disappointed, she removes the stocking gag & tears off a piece of duct tape, pressing it over her lips. She repeats with two more pieces, smoothing the tape over her mouth. The tape muffles her voice better & she talks through her gag for awhile before removing it completely.

She eyes the rope, wondering if she's really going to tie herself up. What if she can't get out? Suddenly she hears a strange noise. Star stands to investigate and comes face to face with an intruder!

The strange woman takes advantage of the pile of rope, gagging and tying up her victim. Star struggles, wondering if this isn't her fantasy come true? Once bound, the intruder leaves Star to struggle as she rummages through the house.

Star rolls around on the carpet, secretly enjoying herself.

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Includes lesbian domination, bondage, gag talk, struggling

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Bondage Television
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star Nine plays a talk show host who surprises her guest with a live, televised, bondage demo! Ashley Laneprotests as Star ties her up with duct tape, but Star simply passes the blame off on her publicist as she continues to restrain Ashley, taping up her ankles, wrists, knees & elbows. She finishes by gagging Ashley neatly with more duct tape & proceeds to grope and kiss Ashley as she struggles for the audience.

Star cuts Ashley free when the segment is over, but Ashley isn't finished yet. It's only fair that Star get taped up too! The audience agrees and Star submits to the same treatment, allowing Ashley to tape her up. Ashley has one last surprise for her though; as the credits roll she announces the audience participation portion of the program! Star's eyes go wide and she mmmphs in protest as her struggles become real.

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Includes tape bondage, bondage, gag talk, vintage stockings, glasses

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Stuffed Love
Featuring Star Nine

Star makes a special video for a new lover who enjoys fully stuffing her mouth. He's out of the country and she misses the way he packs her mouth full. She models three gags for him in the video, fully stuffing her mouth in each.

Includes gag talk, self bondage

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Flight Canceled
Featuring Star Nine & Tim Woodman

Star is preparing to fly to Spain on a business trip. She has purchased new boots for the trip and is walking around in them as she gets ready.

Her phone rings and she begins talking to her friend, but suddenly the lights go out and her phone dies. The lights return quickly and Star wonders if there might be something wrong with the wiring.

Suddenly an intruder grabs her by the arms and stuffs her mouth with a gag! Star struggles to escape and begins to run from the room, but he catches her easily.

Hogtied on the floor, Star struggles to escape. She misses a call from her boss, and eventually her flight. The villain returns, letting her know he works for a rival company, before leaving her to struggle angrily.

Includes bondage, tape bondage, gag talk, damsel in distress, boots

16 minutes



Executive of the Year
Featuring Star Nine & Tim Woodman

Star is in the bathroom, unwinding after winning Executive of the Year at an industry dinner. Her phone rings - it's Mr. Rodriguez again. Star sarcastically asks if he's called to congratulate her. Mr. Rodriguez has been calling her monthly, trying to get her to come work for him.

Hanging up, Star strips down to her thigh high latex boots, fishnet stockings, and black lingerie. She examines the new bathtub she's had installed. Climbing in, she tosses away a roll of red tape the workers have left behind. She closes her eyes, relaxing, going over the achievements of the day.

Mr. Rodriguez does not take no for an answer. He sends an employee over to convince Star. Rudely awakened, Star struggles as he gags her with her scarf. Spying the red tape, he binds her hands and elbows behind her back, her knees and calves together.

Star struggles angrily. She shouts and yells through her gag for the man to come back and release her. Eventually he returns with a contract she refuses to sign. He leaves the room to consult with his boss. Star spies some scissors and struggles to escape.

Includes bondage, tape bondage, gag talk, damsel in distress, boots

17 minutes



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