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Stocking Worship
Featuring Dalia Maroe & Star Nine

Star Nine caresses Dalia Maroe's nylon feet even though they should resume their secretary tasks. Her highly arched feet in shiny black pumps are a distraction and Star's ready for seamed stocking play. She's not shy about her own vintage nylons peeking under her short skirt.

It's scandalous that Dalia wears red bottom shoes to work, and Star removes one shoe to admire her black stilettos. Dalia takes off Star's shiny black high heels and loves her reinforced toe suntan stockings. Dalia inhales the nylon smell and Star wants a quick nylon foot smelling session. The black seamed stockings are made for toe nibbling and licking toes. Star moans in excitement and lifts her skirt higher to reveal the white garter belt.

One heel dangles off Dalia's black nylon foot, and Star rubs her long fingernails over her high arches until the dangling shoe falls off.

Star climbs on the desk and their nylon legs intertwine before Star gets a toe licking. She savors Dalia's dark RHT stockings and long toes.

Helping each other strip the garterbelts off, Star's teeth peel the nylons off Dalia's long legs and pointed toes. She's rewarded with lean toes painted with red nail polish. The red toenails need toe worship but first Dalia needs to reveal Star's blue toenails!

With intertwined legs, these secretaries imbibe in stocking and barefoot worship. One leg in nylons, one leg bare is the perfect office attire, but Dalia peels her black Cuban stockings, and they help each other pull them off with her teeth so they can play with those wrinkled soles!

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Includes garter & stockings, pantyhose/stockings, foot worship, foot fetish, legs

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OTHER KEYWORDS- nylon worship vintage stockings high heels secretaries barefoot foot play toe fetish brunettes leg fetish blondes tall woman tall women kink

11 minutes



Stocking Peril
Featuring Star Nine

It took several months for me to gain your trust and now it will only take 30 minutes for your whole life to go boom.

You come to as I finish securing you to the chair. Your questions muffled behind a tightly stuffed gag. Of course you thought we were going to have sex. You were so excited after all those months of teasing in the office that you didn't even notice when I slipped something in your drink.

You turned out to be a nice guy, I almost feel bad about taking all your money. Bad enough to give you a little goodbye present anyways.

You can't budge an inch in the tight ropes, but your cock manages to stir as I strip down out of my sexy office wear. Your eyes run up my silky vintage stockings to my pink garter belt as I bend over removing my skirt.

I kneel before you, all big eyes and wet mouth as I give you a goodbye bj. Your bliss turns to terror as I set the bomb, your cum still dripping off my tits. Picture my perfect body luxuriating on a beach as the timer counts down to your demise.

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Includes executrix, vintage stockings, femdom pov, strip tease, blowjob pov

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17 minutes



Sleepy Stockings
Featuring Sinn Sage & Star Nine

Realtors Sinn Sage & Star Nine are taking pictures for a new listing in a house that was abandoned in mysterious circumstances.

Star finds a box & is possessed when she opens it. The box contains ans assortment of vintage pantyhose, girdles, corsets & garter belts. Returning to the living room, Star soaks a white rag with chloroform as Sinn wonders about the box. When Sinn wakes up they are both wearing vintage stockings. Star's feet are in her face and Star is worshiping her feet. Sinn tries to get away but Star knocks her out again, she pulls her into her lap and fondles her, rubbing her stocking feet against Sinn's nylon legs. Finally Sinn gets the upper hand, she wonders what happened as she caresses her limp colleague. When Star awakes the spell has been lifted & both realtors rush out of the house before anything else mysterious can happen.

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Includes limp fetish, sleep fetish, lesbian domination, magic control, vintage stockings

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17 minutes



Self-Cuffed Secretary
Featuring Star Nine

Star takes a break while working late at the office. She snoops in a package that has been left behind & finds two sets of handcuffs! A naughty grin passes over her lips as she decides to see how the silver pair look on her ankles. She clicks them into place & admires how they look over her stockings. She cuffs her wrists behind her back with the other pair & playfully struggles for a few minutes before decided to get back to work. Her playful struggles turn real as she realizes that there were no keys . . .

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Self Bondage, Handcuff & Shackle Fetish, Damsel In DIstress, Garter & Stockings, Secretary, Bondage

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7 minutes



Auntie's Stockings
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

Nothing excites you more than mommy's dressing room. A safe cozy space with it's own special scent. Heels and stockings and silky, satiny panties. It's so much more exciting than your own room, your boring comic books and video games.

You're peeping on Mommy & Auntie as they get dressed in their long silky stockings and satin garters. You're nervous, uncertain whether Mommy will play the game with you if Auntie is there, but they coo lovingly when they catch you peeping. Auntie even gives you her vintage silk stocking to rub on your hard little cock.

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Vintage Stockings, Taboo, JOI, Garter & Stockings, Double Domination

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14 minutes



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