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Sex Change
Featuring Star Nine

A car accident got you in my ER and you injured your penis? It's not normal to have a wife operate on a husband, but since this is the emergency room, I will save your dick.

Prepped in the exam room, I gasp at your ruptured testicles. Opening the scalpel, it looks like I won't have to use it, but will have to suture balls because I need those in our personal life! Things look stable and you will need to have iced balls for a while. I pull out the drill to work on your fractured penis.

During the operation, a phone call interrupts surgery but I learn that your fiance you've been hiding is worried about you. There's no hope in saving your balls since you're a two timing loser. Let's remove the sutures and castrate testicles. you don't deserve nerve endings when I turn your penis into a shiny new pink pussy, so let's drill your cock off. How's your anesthesia?

Let's close up that stump where your big beautiful cock used to be and tell girlfriend about your sex change operation!

Includes gender transformation, cbt instruction, gelding, penectomy, cheating

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14 minutes


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Castration Sentence
Featuring Star Nine

I'm Dr. Star Nine and you've been properly restrained for this invasive procedure to remove testicles as ordered by the Court. It's important that you're immobilized because we don't want to accidentally do a penectomy. Although the castration is an appropriate punishment for a naughty boy.

My long fingernails graze my deep plunging silk blouse as I explain the painful procedure. There will be ball bondage using this metal clamp. We hope to keep your disobedient cock far away because this sharp scalpel allows me to make the incision.

I would love to remove all of your Manhood, but legally I am unable. I can demonstrate how I will be slicing the ball sac, popping the testicles out and removing excess flesh, stitching you up. you don't need your testes to live and they're easy to remove.

your victims will watch your ball torment. you claim it wasn't your fault, only those slutty women taunting you with their flesh. your hard on is reacting to my cleavage and long legs. After your castration surgery, you won't get a hard cock. Stripping my satin blouse and tit grabbing, I'm cock teasing about how you will become impotent to such sexual stimulus. The testosterone will be gone and you will be left with a smooth void between your legs where hanging testicles used to hang.

There will be no acting on your sexual urges and it makes you more vulnerable. you will never be as superior as a woman. After your ball removal, they will be burned and can never be reattached.

I will be doing a topless castration procedure because I need you hard. you can also look at my full fashion stockings if you have a leg fetish. A flaccid dick gets in the way. So no soft dicks before I clamp and slice.

you should be looking forward to your new life as a compliant castrated male.

Includes gelding, humiliation, cbt instruction, female supremacy, medical fetish

OTHER KEYWORDS - orgasm control orgasm denial chastity medical clinic Doctor fetish BDSM instruction verbal humiliation female domination pov femdom pov sensual domination scolding fetish cock tease & denial cock tease and denial garter and stockings vintage stocking pantyhose/stockings eyeglasses eye glasses fetish clothes fetish clothing shiny blouses shiny fetish shiny clothing shiny clothes blondes tall women tall woman kink

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15 minutes


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Love The Ache
Featuring Star Nine

I may look innocent in my sundress with wiggling bare feet, but I'm the one in control. you're the one who is going to be doing things for me.

Do you think you are a male Alpha? There's no such thing. My red toenails and wiggling toes make you salivate and lose control. you would do anything to serve with toe sucking.

your bulge is getting harder and you want to jack off with me as your audience so you aren't so sad and alone. you wish you had the nerve to be with me in person, not that you could pleasure your Mistress.

Show me how my humiliating cocktease gets you hard. you love being reminded of your loser status. Why bother trying to be anything else when you can follow directions and stroke to my cherry toenails.

Start ball squeezing like my red fingernails are digging into my palm. That squeezing ball pain feels good as you are masturbating. Do my pointed toes distract as I add ball twisting? Wouldn't it be better if your balls were ripped off your body?

Does it feel like you're about to do ball popping? This will be the last time you feel hot cum out of your cock and it will be to me.

you will learn to love the ache.

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Includes cbt instruction, humiliation, female domination, joi, foot fetish

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OTHER KEYWORDS - Star Nine gelding pov femdom pov Goddess worship female supremacy verbal humiliation foot domination foot humiliation pov foot worship foot slave foot domination feet joi toe fetish toenail fetish leg fetish sexual rejection pussy denial masturbation humiliation jerk off instruction jerk off encouragement masturbation encouragement masturbation instruction cock tease dirty talking brat girls arrogant woman arrogant women blondes kink tall woman tall women mistreated balls submissive/slave training sensual domination

18 minutes


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Give Up your Balls
Featuring Star Nine

I can't believe you are still carrying those dangling balls around. I was clear how repulsive those ugly balls are. Considering your love addiction to your Mistress, I'm surprised you haven't done the ball chopping yet.

My long fingernails graze my long legs as I indicate my approval of your financial domination obedience, but disappointment in your CBT servitude.

Giving a pussy flashing, I show you how flat and perfect my pussy is in comparison to your nasty balls. Crossing legs and dangling high heels, I theorize about female superiority. My red lips, big eyes, long legs and long blonde hair manipulate you because you are a weak man.

I'm disappointed that you would bring that ugly ball sac in my presence. Breeding is not in your future. Either you cut balls or you never see your Pantyhose Goddess again.

Do it in front of me and let me see the blade cutting through the pouch, and pulling away from your flesh. Roll it around your hands before you throw it in the trash where it belongs.

I didn't think you had it in you. Listen to my mantra, "breathe and cut" and be mesmerized.

you are never reattaching that and I'm impressed that you mutilated your disgusting body because I asked you to cut yourself.

I'm guessing it would be disappointing if you lost both of your balls and me, so you have to do a very good job at satisfying me with your slave tasks.

Now you won't have to worry about that pesky testosterone coursing through your veins. There will be no more ballbusting, but I will be kicking you elsewhere.

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Includes cbt instruction, gelding, femdom pov, goddess worship, submissive/slave training

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OTHER KEYWORDS- castration chastity orgasm control orgasm denial female domination pov femdom sensual domination female supremacy brat girls verbal humiliation pantyhose domination pantyhose fetish sexual rejection pantyhose/stockings crossed leg fetish scolding fetish kink blondes

8 minutes


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Edge Like A Girl
Featuring Star Nine

I look so good in my classic black pumps, suntan pantyhose and lacy dress. you aren't sure if you want to be a Femdom Mistress like me or jerk your cock. you can't do both. Women don't jack off or stroke because we have better tools to masturbate.

you want to be a good sissy cum slut and learn how to have real orgasms. Dangling shoes off my perfect feet, you can see my red toenails pointing through my suntan nylons as I instruct you to pull on shiny pantyhose. Put a condom on your hard clittie so you don't ruin your silky nylons.

Girls don't stroke and you will use a vibrator on your sissy clitty. you follow my rules of masturbate, pov foot worship my pointed toes, stop touching, cum at my command - or our session will be over. When we are done with our tease and denial games, you will clean up your mess with cum eating.

Turn the vibe on high and edge close before giving toe sucking. Even if we make you a sissy girl, you will never be a sexy Goddess and just a sissy whore.

you are getting foot slave training because you want to prove you can do your slave tasks, not because you have a foot fetish. Stop and take the vibrator away because you were about to orgasm.

your clittie erection is sensitive and you can vibrate on low while looking at my Divine perfection. you want creamy tits and long legs like me.

Put the vibrator on high, anticipating your foot and cock service, opening all of your holes for me. you will be trained and used as a girlie slut after your gelding.

Take a break and start foot sucking. Now go high and stay still so you don't have an accident that will displease Me.

Tell me how badly you want to be a cum guzzling whore, serving me as a heterosexual sissy whore. Kneel and beg for a superior female orgasm.

Grind and thrust the electric massager as I give an orgasm countdown. Breathe through it and have an extended orgasm under my direction.

That condom collected your jizz, and I expect you to slurp down every drop. Get used to the taste because you are going to be a cum slut.

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Includes sissy training, femdom pov, edging games, joi, pantyhose domination

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OTHER KEYWORDS- sissy slave sissy sluts sissification CEI cum eating instruction Goddess worship female supremacy female domination pov femdom pov sensual domination verbal humiliation submissive/slave training slut training cum countdowns edging games edge play edging fetish tease & denial orgasm control masturbation games joi games jerk off instruction masturbation encouragement masturbation humiliation masturbation instruction cock tease dirty talking joe jerk off encouragement nylon worship leg fetish long legs blondes kink tall woman tall women

21 minutes


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