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Sex Change
Featuring Star Nine

A car accident got you in my ER and you injured your penis? It's not normal to have a wife operate on a husband, but since this is the emergency room, I will save your dick.

Prepped in the exam room, I gasp at your ruptured testicles. Opening the scalpel, it looks like I won't have to use it, but will have to suture balls because I need those in our personal life! Things look stable and you will need to have iced balls for a while. I pull out the drill to work on your fractured penis.

During the operation, a phone call interrupts surgery but I learn that your fiance you've been hiding is worried about you. There's no hope in saving your balls since you're a two timing loser. Let's remove the sutures and castrate testicles. you don't deserve nerve endings when I turn your penis into a shiny new pink pussy, so let's drill your cock off. How's your anesthesia?

Let's close up that stump where your big beautiful cock used to be and tell girlfriend about your sex change operation!

Includes gender transformation, cbt instruction, gelding, penectomy, cheating

OTHER KEYWORDS - Star Nine castration penectomies medical fetish medical exam med exam medical clinic doctor fetish scolding fetish confrontation female domination POV femdom POV cheating fetish homewreckers home wreckers home wrecking homewrecking blondes tall women tall woman kink mask fetish masks gloves glove fetish hot wife hot wives verbal humiliation

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14 minutes


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Schoolgirl Transformation
Featuring Star Nine

I awaken and find that I have transformed into a schoolgirl complete with plaid skirt, white tights and black stilettos. My manly hands have morphed into feminine hands with long nails. The deep voice is now a girly voice. My new long fingernails grab my new tits and long blonde hair in confusion.

This must be a dream, but I'm eager to read the note by my bed that says I've transformed into a girl! It says that it's temporary if I can resist masturbating and cumming. If I orgasm, I will be a girl forever. Does it mean I'm gay now?

I pissed off the wrong bitch, but I can deal with being a temporary woman if it means having unrestricted access to tits and ass! I can play with my tight pussy and perky breasts.

Boob grabbing and nipple squeezing feels almost as good as the smooth void between my legs, but I can't cum. Slowing down, I'm surprised by the lacy panties beneath the white tights and have to refrain from pussy rubbing.

Are girls getting off on themselves all the fucking time? I feel like I could climax from leg rubbing. Removing the black high heels, I massage my high arches before working up to my new clit. It's almost too sensitive and strange not to have my big cock anymore. If I had my dick, I would be so hard rubbing this wet pussy.

It's hard to make girls cum, so this should be safe. The closer I'm edging to cumming, the more I want to wear dresses and makeup. Was that an orgasm? Am I having multiple orgasms while thinking about my male friend? Now I'm really a faggot.

I'm never getting my beloved cock back, but I'm going to be the biggest slut.

Includes gender transformation, transformation fantasies, masturbation, tights fetish, orgasm control

OTHER KEYWORDS - Star Nine transformation fantasy transformation fetish erotic magic control imposed feminization tit squeezing gay humiliation pussy control tease & denial tease and denial legs leg fetish pantyhose/stockings POV masturbation solo female masturbation solo masturbation schoolgirl uniforms blondes tall woman kink orgasm denial

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19 minutes


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Burglars Possessed
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane and Star Nine break into an abandoned house to look for things to steal. It's all going smoothly until the ghost of a young man appears! The ghost shows himself to Star first and she pretends not to be afraid until the ghost announces that he's going to try to possess her and flies into her breasts! Star's body convulses as she struggles to keep control, but the ghost wins. He's about to use her cellphone to call the cops but then he notices her boobs. He's never gotten to touch boobs before. The ghost gets thoroughly distracted, using Star's hands to grope her tits and stripping down in front of a mirror. He uses her voice to call Ashley into the room. Ashley backs away in confusion as Star tries to kiss her. The ghost flies out of Star as her body collapses on the floor. Ashley runs to the door but it's locked and the ghost flies into her butt, possessing her. The ghost enjoy's Ashley's body, rubbing her tits and pussy and marveling at the sensations. Finally he pulls himself together and manages to call the cops before first Star and then Ashley up. Star looks on in horror as Ashley gleefully gags herself before the ghost releases her body. The tied up burglars struggle against the ropes as the ghost mocks them until the police come.

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Includes gender transformation, magic control, tape gag, transfer fetish, bondage

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20 minutes


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you Woke Up Like This
Featuring Star Nine

What a dream, your body transformed into that of a Goddess. your legs long and shimmering in shiny pantyhose, your small curves gently hugged in white lingerie. But was it a dream? you gently open your eyes and it's still going. If this is a dream it's certainly a lucid one. Running your hands over your toned smooth legs, you can feel the silky nylon. your beautiful Goddess body flexes and moves at your command. Instead of a cock you have a tight smooth pussy peaking out around the gusset of the pantyhose, so much more sensitive than your normal hairy cock. What is this bliss? Do you have the courage to get up and go to work in this body, to be this beautiful and sensitive forever? Or do you just roll over and go back to sleep, breaking the spell?

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Includes gender transformation, goddess pov, pantyhose, goddess worship

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13 minutes


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Dancer Transformation
Featuring Star Nine

You've snuck into your little sister's room again. You know exactly where she keeps her wallet & have been helped yourself to cash from it on many occasions. Your hand wraps around the familiar leather pocketbook, but this time as you lift it something strange happens. A vision of your sister appears next to you on the dresser. She laughs and explains that the wallet is cursed. Every time she's found money missing she's known it was you & has wished that she had an older sister instead of a snooping brother. Now with this curse, she has control, complete control of your body. She makes you reach back into the drawer and pull out a pair of pink dance tights. To your horror your hands obey as she tells you to roll them up over your legs. Next comes a matching pink leotard. As you run your hands over your new outfit you notice in horror that your fingernails have developed a pink sparkly manicure.

Your sister makes you practice your plies before sitting you down at her vanity. You touch your head in amazement as your hair grows long. She uses your hands to put makeup on your face, you're looking more and more feminine already. She forces you to cross your legs like a lady, giggling at how it hurts your balls. Don't worry, those will be gone soon enough. You try to fight it, grabbing your crotch in horror, but as she talks your cock and balls disappear as you develop a nice, tight, smooth vagina instead.

You stand and look in the mirror, running your hands over your new curves, trying to wrap your head around your new life as a woman. Your little sister speaks, explaining that you'll turn back into a man soon enough, but only if you can refrain from having an orgasm. You can't resist the temptation, your hands run over your feminine body as your sister describes all of the things you can do together as sisters, and all the benefits of having a hot dancer body. As soon as you start touching yourself there's no turning back and you experience the first of many multiple orgasms, sealing your fate & making your transformation permanent.

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Includes gender transformation, magic control, pantyhose domination, tights fetish, erotic magic

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30 minutes


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