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Lesbian Bath Bomb
Featuring Sinn Sage & Star Nine

Sinn Sage & I take a hot, sexy, bath together in an over-sized tub filled with rose colored water. I have my underwater camera for close ups of our wet, submerged, pussies & we film close ups of our fingers entering each other in between kissing, tribbing & submerged pussy licking.

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Includes lesbian, underwater fetish, wet look, girl/girl

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28 minutes



Seduced with Lashes
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane brings a reluctant girlfriend home from the bar. Star resists at first, but Ashley seduces her with lashes from her whip, patiently edging her closer and closer to saying yes.

Ashley wraps her arms around her conquest, kissing her gently before they devour each others pussies (softcore).

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includes lesbian domination, softcore, girl/girl

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Underwater Lap Dance Seduction
Featuring Jay Taylor & Star Nine

Playful Jay surprises her older sister, Star with a fun underwater sex game.

Returning home from work, Star finds her favorite lounge chair missing with a folded up note in it's place.

"If you're looking for the chair, I'll give a clue. It's almost as wet as I am. Find it, and get a prize. Jay P.S. You'll need the proper attire for this party."

Star peers down into the pool to discover Jay lounging underwater on her chair! Smiling & shaking her head, she walks over to the pool steps where Jay has left a package - bikini, weight belt, goggles - everything necessary for an underwater adventure.

Star suits up & joins her sister in the pool. They make-out for a bit before Jay pushes Star down onto the chair for a hands-off lap dance tease. Reprimanding Star whenever she tries to touch herself, Jay has her squirming in anticipation by the time both sisters are naked. Then it's no holds barred as the girls get into a full on underwater orgasm competition, licking and fingering each other to one submerged orgasm after another.

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Includes underwater fetish, lesbian, taboo, wet-look, girl/girl

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26 minutes



Ivy's First Clone
Featuring Kendra James & Star Nine

A redheaded wannabe has followed Ivy back to her lair. Suppressing her annoyance at the eager little intruder, Ivy realizes that the timing is perfect for a plan she's had germinating. This Ivy wannabe is the perfect vessel for her first clone, she has a fertile mind, ripe for imprinting. So easy to seduce as well, she eagerly strips for her idol. Ivy licks and finger-fucks her little vessel, pollinating her in the process.

Wrapped in a protective layer of ivy, her new clone matures, her DNA alters. Ivy muses over her body, revealing her hopes. Studies have shown that identical twins possess unique pheromones. If true, then this little clone will be the perfect weapon against the Justice League - her fresh set of toxic pheromones won't be neutralized by their defensive technology.

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Includes superheroine, super villain, lesbian domination, girl/girl

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19 minutes



Arielle & Star Hardcore Lesbian Domination
Featuring Arielle Lane & Star Nine

This scene includes Arielle Lane's first hardcore girl/girl on camera ;)

Arielle loves to play games with her ex-girlfriend. This isn't the first time she's got Star strung up, captive to her whims. She always gets what she wants in the end.

Arielle whips and flogs Star, forces a huge ball-gag in her mouth, and makes her cum over and over until she finally gives in. Arielle kisses her drool smeared mouth, then puts Star's tongue to work as she arches and moans.

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Includes lesbian domination, bondage, forced orgasms, flogging

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