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My Wonder Ashley
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Detective Ashley Lane (who moonlights as Wonder Woman) has been receiving threats from a German spy, told that she will be kidnapped & chloroformed. She is getting ready for work when she is surprised by the spy (Star Nine). Star creeps up behind her and clamps a white rag right over her nose and mouth.

Detective Ashley is knocked out over and over again as Star cleave gags her with worn nylon, strips and fondles her.

Finally Star has left the room & Ashley Lane wakes up, pulling the tape gag off her mouth. She puts on her costume & has just finished zipping up her boots when the spy returns.

Wonder Woman dashes for the chloroform rag & manages to knock the spy out. She gags & fondles the limp villain before standing up to report her capture. With her back turned, Star is able to surprise her, she jumps up and grabs Wonder Woman in a bear hug, weakening her. Wonder Woman falls to the floor & is knocked out.

Another bear hug & another KO later, Star holds Wonder Woman between her legs. She covers her mouth with the white rag as she interrogates her. She learns that she can defeat Wonder Woman by removing her magic boots. This information in hand, she knocks the heroine out again & pulls her over her shoulder, carrying her to the bedroom.

Once in bed, Wonder Woman is subjected to many more KOs from the white rag, from nylon soaked in chloroform, and finally from an injection. She is kept gagged with a nylon cleave gag, white tape, a nylon OTM gag. She is stripped down to her suntan pantyhose & white panties, her boots are removed and put back on as Star experiments with her control over the heroine.

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Includes sleep fetish, limp fetish, superheroine, hand over mouth

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57 minutes



Lap Slave
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy Marie is my eager little lap slave, she straddles my lap, and happily extends her hands back for my rope. I turn her to face me & kiss her before pressing a duct tape gag down over her lips. I grope her ample tits and ass. Spinning her around again I rub her excited little clit, making her arch and moan as I gently bounce her on my lap.

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Includes lesbian domination, kissing, bondage, gagged women, hand over mouth

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16 minutes



Catwoman & The Commissioner
Featuring Star Nine & Lance Hart

Catwoman has Commissioner Gordon tied up and at her mercy. The perfect bait for the Bat. Catwoman teases & tickles the Commissioner while she waits for Batman to come to the rescue, taunting him about the evil things that will befall his wife & daughter if he doesn't cooperate with her evil plans in the future.

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Includes superheroine, super villain, hand over mouth, bondage male

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10 minutes



Nylon Gloves
Featuring Star Nine

you've spent so much time at my feet, it's where you feel the most comfortable, the most at home. My shimmering, glossy, nylon soles. Perfection, I make you speechless. you crave My attention, you're addicted to it.

I see you've noticed My gloves. So elegant, can you tell, can you hear that familiar pavlovian sound - why yes, they are nylon.

Wouldn't it be exquisite to feel My touch. My fingers on your face. Gently stroking you, calming you. Something you never dreamed of up until this moment. Just a graze, just a touch, just a gentle finger, teasing your lips. A new sensation.

Hands can be an instrument of pleasure, or they can be a weapon. They can make you gasp in pleasure or perhaps in fear. Or they can silence you violently, hand over mouth. They can cut off your airwaves gently or more permanently.

Beg Me. Just a touch, just a stroke. What if I brush your lips, will your heart stop? You weren't expecting this level of intimacy were you.

your heart is pound pound pounding out of your chest. Is that arousal or is it fear?

your breath shortens as one silky nylon glove covers your mouth, the other gripping your neck. Such a fine line between play & permanence.

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Hand Over Mouth, Pantyhose Domination, Sensual Domination, Femdom POV

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14 minutes



A Deadly Combination
Featuring Luna

Your fetish, her specialty. Your need to take things further, always further, seeking the thrill of that edge. Luna has no qualms taking you there. It's her specialty.

Your session progresses along a dangerous trajectory, first her hands over your mouth, then her ass squishing your face, smothering you. You beg to have your hands cuffed. Luna takes you right to the edge, pushes you over the line, laughs in your face as you expire.

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Executrix, Ass Smothering, Femdom POV, Hand Over Mouth, Extreme Domination, Female Domination

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10 minutes



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