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Sexual Power
Featuring Star Nine

That week of chastity wasn't fun? Unlike you, I had a lot of great sex. I derive energy from fucking but your orgasms leave your drained when you don't practice cock control. you can choose to obey my jerk off encouragement although I'm surprised you aren't cumming with your engorged cock after your celibacy.

Focus and build, growing that energy, building pleasure. Go faster and harder but wait for my command.

Are you ready to cum after my orgasm countdown?

Includes Goddess worship, orgasm control, joi, pantyhose/stockings, cock tease

KEYWORDS - Star Nine orgasm denial female domination pov femdom pov sensual domination Mistress verbal humiliation masturbation humiliation masturbation encouragement masturbation instruction joi games jerk off instruction edging games tease & denial tease and denial edge play masturbation games dirty talking dirty cum countdowns pantyhose domination pantyhose fetish crossed leg fetish sex ed instructional powerful woman powerful women submissive/slave training high heels verbal humiliation red nails blondes tall woman tall women kink

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12 minutes



Featuring Star Nine

Back again for you pantyhose fix with your Nylon Mistress? Did you think you could beat your nylon addiction? Do you think you can reprogram your mind as I'm shoe dangling my classic black pumps off my nylon toes?

My nylon legs are all you can think about because you were never in control. If you don't want to relapse, listen to my words as I'm heel dangling and revealing my pantyhose feet. you will need to be self disciplined and celibate.

Beg me for guidance and stroke your cock to my edging jerk off encouragement as my red nails caress my nylon feet. If you cum now, you will not orgasm for a week. What option will you choose?

Includes Goddess worship, pantyhose domination, jerk off instruction, submissive/slave training, orgasm control

KEYWORDS - Star Nine female domination pov femdom pov sensual domination love addiction joi games masturbation encouragement masturbation instruction masturbation humiliation cock tease dirty talking dirty orgasm denial chastity edging games tease & denial tease and denial pantyhose/stockings pantyhose fetish nylon worship leg fetish dangling high heels shoe fetish stilettos verbal humiliation red nails blondes tall woman tall women kink

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14 minutes



Featuring Candle Boxxx

Candle Boxxx agrees to act out her dreams in therapy. Lying down for a countdown, her eyelashes flutter and she fantasizes about being a stripper. Wearing a blonde wig, magic glasses, leather opera gloves, crotchless panties and a catsuit, she asks if you want a dance while giving jerk off encouragement. Given a dildo, she shows off her blowjob skills before masturbating.

In reality, the real sweet Candle is writhing in ecstasy as her mind imagines her naughty fantasies. Her red nails are tit squeezing and rubbing between her legs. In dreamland, she's cumming hard, becoming dazed and hungry for cock. With spread legs, she climaxes hard from your virtual fucking.

Back in the Doctor's office, her red hair has been replaced with blonde, while she wears the stripper platform shoes and the magic eyeglasses. She masturbates while repeating mantras, oblivious that her worlds have combined.

Includes mesmerize, slut training, joi, mental domination, virtual sex

KEYWORDS - female training woman following orders erotic magic control mind fuck submissive sluts masturbation encouragement masturbation instruction jerk off instruction submissive/slave training cock tease dirty talking dirty erotic dancing exotic dancing erotic dancers exotic dancers dildos dildo fucking solo female masturbation solo masturbation moaning fetish female orgasms highly arched shoes high heels catsuits wigs fetish clothing fetish clothes eyeglasses eye glasses redheads big tits

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15 minutes



Toe Tea$e
Featuring Star Nine

I was in the jungle with bare fingernails and bare toenails. you can't imagine Me without my long nails and pedicured toes.

My sharp nails graze my legs as you admire my toe cleavage in my classic black pumps. you crave my bare feet out of these black stilettos and are desperate to know what color your Mistress's toenail polish is. Let's make it a game and you're going to guess the color. If you get it right, you send Me $200. If you get it wrong, you send $100.

Dangling the black heels off my toes, I allow you to worship my wiggling feet with sole wrinkles, high arches and pointed toes. Imagine foot smelling and licking my big feet, knowing that you can only look without touching while paying for the pleasure.

Includes toe fetish, foot fetish, financial domination, female domination, goddess worship

KEYWORDS - Star Nine toenail fetish fingernail fetish pov foot worship foot slave training foot domination foot humiliation wrinkled soles submissive/slave training findom money fetish pov femdom pov sensual domination Mistress female supremacy love addiction verbal humiliation high heels shoe fetish shoe domination jeans fetish denim fetish kink blondes tall woman tall women

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7 minutes



Chastity Trap
Featuring Star Nine

I knew you were desperate to spice up our marriage and didn't even question when I asked you to put that chastity cage on your cock. you're so eager to make me happy but you're so stupid. Did you really think I wanted to have sex with you?

you have a locked cock and handed me the keys. you're never getting them back and I'll wear them as an anklet. I'm no longer your wife and am now your Chastity Mistress.

you're now my chastity slave and there are many rules. Stare at my platform heels as I explain your shoe slave rules. When I snap fingers, immediately kneel before your Shoe Goddess and submit to my pantyhose feet.

I will not lift a finger, but you're required to support me financially and handing over every paycheck. I'm drawing up a contract that states you're my property and will be collared at all times.

I own you.

The name Oliver is used.

Includes chastity, humiliation, submissive/slave training, pantyhose domination, Goddess worship

KEYWORDS - Star Nine caging keyholding orgasm control orgasm denial tease & denial tease and denial verbal humiliation love addiction female domination pov femdom pov sensual domination high heels shoe fetish shoe domination shoe worship foot domination foot humiliation foot slave training pov foot worship pantyhose fetish pantyhose/stockings financial domination money fetish clothing fetish clothes housewives house wife hot wives hot wife powerful woman powerful women pussy denial sexual rejection blondes tall women tall woman kink

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21 minutes



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