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Sheer Nylon Tribbing
Featuring Casey Calvert & Star Nine

Casey knocks on Star's door. She's left her man and is eager to have Star in her arms. Star is delighted at the news. Casey kisses her deeply, backing her up against the wall and running her hands over her nylon legs. They kiss each other hungrily. Casey drops her coat and removes Star's glasses as she lets her hair down. Casey's hands run over Star's thighs, pulling her leg up and grabbing her ass. Star arches towards her and they move to the bed.

They lay down, their high heels piled together with their legs entwined. They run their hands over each other's nylon legs, pressing closer and closer together until they are tribbing in their pantyhose, gasping at the sensation of their warm, nylon, pussies grinding together.

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Includes pantyhose, tribbing, heel play, high heels, lesbian

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12 minutes



Shoe Store
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Star goes shopping at a high end shoe store. The assistant, Candle Boxxx, thoroughly measures Star's feet for length, width & arches. She slowly slips the selected heels on and off Star's rht stocking feet, then measures Star's foot length again to confirm which foot is slightly longer.

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Includes rht stockings, high heels, foot measuring, foot fetish, vintage stockings

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17 minutes



Happy Neurotransmitters
Featuring Candle Boxxx

Leggy therapist Candle Boxxx exploits your fetish, teasing you with her long nylon legs, silky arches & high heels. Her legs crossing & uncrossing are a strong trigger for you and your session grows more and more costly as she snaps her fingers demanding tribute from you. You're putty under her nylon soles, unable to resist her demands.

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Includes pantyhose domination, financial domination, office domination, foot domination

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10 minutes



Slave Girl Chastity Tease
Featuring Ashley Lane

your mutual Mistress has handed over the keys to your locked up cock to her new slave girl, Ashley Lane. Ashley has quickly become Mistress Star's favorite slave and this makes you insanely jealous. you imagine yourself cuckolded, and your locked up cock strains against the cold metal bars when you imagine what happens in Mistress' bed.

Ashley knows all this. She walks in wearing stiletto heels and a leather harness with your key dangling from a delicate anklet. She teases you, saying that maybe if you please her she'll set you free. Removing her high heels she allows you to worship her feet. As your mouth wraps around her delicate, french pedicured, toes, she spreads her legs, suggesting she might allow you to worship her pussy as well. you salivate at the thought, but soon she denies you, reaching for a vibrator instead. As usual, all you can do is watch. When she's finished, Ashley dangles the key to your locked up cock in front of your face. Perhaps if you do all of her chores she might let you out for a bit.

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Includes chastity, tease & denial, cuckolding, foot domination, leather harness

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16 minutes



Shrink & Squish
Featuring Star Nine

Do you like my new high heels? I'm towering over you even more than usual. You're such a small man. Pathetic really. The more I talk about how much taller than you I am, the smaller you seem to get. Soon you realize you're shrinking, and before you know it you're just a tiny man bug. The perfect size for me to crush under my black nylon soles. I don't even need these heels anymore, I'm infinitely taller than you now. Go on, beg me not to turn you into a tiny little red stain on the bottom of my foot.

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Includes shrinking fetish, giantess, foot domination, height humiliation, crush

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