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Lesbian Bondage Domination
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star Nine struggles in a standing spreadeagle and a crotch rope holds in a vibrator. As her engorged clit is teased, she moans and gasps, trying to practice pussy control, but the bondage orgasms want to overtake her body.

Her Mistress Ashley Lane saunters in and is angry that Star fucked her boyfriend. Grabbing the Cat-O-Nines, Ashley starts the flogging punishment.

A black ballgag muffles Star's mmphs, but she manages some gagtalking. Drooling, Star is embarrassed and humiliated as she receives her flogs. She is receiving the whore training she never knew she wanted or needed.

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Includes lesbian domination, damsel in distress, bondage, BDSM, female domination

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16 minutes



Gremlins Bukkake 2
Featuring Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane is a news reporter informing about the monsters that have attacked the city. She's shocked as the creatures enter the newsroom and start groping her. When they rip her blouse open for tit grabbing she gasps but tries to maintain composure.

Dick rubbing her nude torso, they get aroused and start blowing big loads on her breasts and pantyhose feet. She's humiliated by the monster bukakke but tries to read the news with a smile until they start tasering her. Her body convulses in horror. The Hitachi Magic wand is placed on her clit and she's surprised as she cums despite her best intentions at pussy control!

Covered in cum and crying in shame, the Monster gives Ashley breaking news covering her imminent death that will be seen by viewers world wide. Poisonous ejaculate from the creatures will be the cause of her dying. Screaming and falling to the floor, she struggles to escape as he's pantyhose ripping.

Raping her, he sometimes does hand over mouth to keep her quiet, but sometimes likes her screams as her bouncing tits keep rhythm with each pounding. Pushed to doggystyle, she grunts as he's ass smacking her before standing and spraying a big load. Her struggling slows down until she completely dies from their poisonous cum!

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Includes death fetish, damsel in distress, rape fantasies, aliens & monsters, bukkake

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21 minutes



Featuring Dalia Maroe & Star Nine

Dalia Maroe flirts with me, Star Nine, as we go over a legal case. Her ankle strapped pumps are kissing the pointed toes of my black stilettos as we go over the cases.

Teasing, our long legs intertwined as we discuss the case but we are really there for the nylon feet! I remove her work shoes and play with her stocking feet. She wants the pleasure of pantyhose worship and removes my classic black pumps, pushing my nylon soles against her face.

We're doing humiliating talk about the legal system and clients as we're smugly doing lesbian foot worship in the back office! If they only knew!

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Includes pantyhose/stockings, foot worship, legs, nylon worship, foot fetish

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9 minutes



Suck 20 Cocks For Goddess
Featuring Star Nine

you got your first slave task from Goddess Star Nine. It was tailor made for your cock obsession and trips to glory holes. you do what you are told like an obedient subbie and suck 20 big fat cocks.

All you care about is checking your humiliation task off your list and reporting back to your Mistress. you are going to be a well trained cock sucker that can get any man off.

you won't be anonymous for the submissive task and will be on a social media profile in real life. Holding up a large dildo, I humiliate your new whore life. It's worth being on your knees for your Femdom Goddess.

Some are going to have no orgasm control and have premature ejaculations like you. Some will require tantric cock worship before rewarding you with their big load of cum and you will be swallowing cum.

After each cum swallowing, you will send visual proof of your gay sexual conquest. Once you are blowjob trained, we will do further gay training. Impress me, so you can hear your next gay task.

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Includes blowjob encouragement, slut training, cum eating instruction, submissive/slave training, female domination

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8 minutes



Ashley Tumble
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane answers a phone call for an assassin job before enjoying a glass of wine. Napping in a mask, she has lesbian fantasies in her dreams. She's looking for the Mayor and reveals her microkini and shiny over the knee boots beneath her black trench coat. Removing her wide brimmed hat, she unfurls her blonde hair.

She doesn't see me (Star Nine) sneaking behind her and I taunt the arrogant woman for losing her prey with an ass smacking, slapping, and French kissing. I'm hair pulling her to the bed for body gropes.

With her big ass in the air, I push her down and climb on top while pulling hair. She reaches for her trident, but I'm in control and prove it with spankings and ass biting.

In real life she stirs in dream land but it isn't long before we're confronting each other. Nose to nose we're bitch talking for female supremacy only to seduce each other with sloppy tongue kissing.

Slapping her to the bed, she's sprawled on her back and her black OTK boots weakly struggle. Lapsitting on her, I give her belly punches. Each belly punching causes her to gasp and groan as I dig my fists in her belly button. She's crotch grabbing to protect herself from cunt busting, which is fine because I love gut punching her to hear the orgasmic moans.

Hair yanking, I humiliate her and smash her face against the mirror so she can do self kissing in her reflection. She's going to be my sex slave forever.

Waking up, Ashley receives food delivery from me, but it's a ruse and I hold a gun to her face. Lip biting her red lips, she's aroused by the thought of her own demise.

Standing up, Ashley reveals her tiny skirt that doesn't cover her tiny thong or perfect ass. I shove the barrel of my gun in her taut tummy only for her to grab me close for intimate kissing.

She throws my weapon to the ground and is lapsitting on me. I tighten her neck scarf for choking just as she tries to spear me with her trident. She's writhing beneath my strong hands and the cloth garrote as her thong, revealing her thick pussy lips. Gasping for air, she listens to my taunting.

Maybe Ashley needs to lay off the wine!

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Includes peril, death fetish, lesbian domination, submissive/slave training, female domination

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23 minutes



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