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Candle's Gag-Talk Challenge Gone Wrong
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Star Nine and Candle Boxxx are doing a Gag Talk Challenge on their social media channel. A game of rock scissors paper decides who will start the handgagging challenge. Candle chatters through the HOM gagging and Star wads a hanky inside Candle's mouth before hand gagging again. She continues chattering as Star pulls out the soggy mouthstuffing.

Candle presents Star with a sock stuffing, but Star says they have to play the roshambo to see who's next. Annoyed at losing, Candle's red nails shove in the self gagging. Star adds three pieces of duct tape for muffled speech, so Candle tries to pantomime her words. That's cheating in the Gag Talk challenge and she's rope bound!

Star has rigged the game,and starts teasing Candle's duct tape gagging off, only to leave it on. As Candle gets more frustrated, Star pulls the silver gag off and runs off for a surprise panty stuffing. Candle spits them out before Star secures them with vet wrapping.

They have a butt shaking contest to get viewers engaged. Star pulls Candle's thong down under the guise that it's the fans want. Pussy spreading is humiliating, but the pussy play makes her moan until she's begging for the Hitachi Magic Wand! Her wrinkled soles alternate with her pointed toes as she's bucking in orgasms.

As Star removes the vet wrap gag, Candle tells people to subscribe to their channel!

Includes gagged women, gag talk, hand over mouth, bondage, bound orgasms

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23 minutes



A Very Fembot Xmas
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Candle Boxxx 990 prototype fembot designed to be the perfect woman and as realistic as possible, but like all 990 series her emotional response can be overloaded. Star Nine 3000 is her sexbot girlfriend. Made by another manufacturer, she is utterly convinced of her own perfection, a fact that can cause problems when she is confronted with evidence to the contrary.

Star thinks it is strange that Candle loves human holidays and also expresses her frustration with Candle's "stepmother". Androids do not have stepparents, but rather creators. When Candle admits that her stepmother invited Star's creator to Christmas dinner, Star is livid and tries to shut down and reprogram Candle. Struggling to prevent the shutdown, Candle convinces her to start fucking and they're edging each other's systems to the limits, bordering on malfunctioning until they're cumming.

In the afterglow, Star shuts Candle off and tries to reprogram her, but needs the password. Rebooting her girlfriend, Candle is robotic in her responses and refuses to cooperate. Star overrides her by connecting their systems, but Candle defends herself by sending a power surge.

As Star is overloading, her systems shut down and Candle is able to restart her girlfriend. However, something is not right, and Star freezes alternating with stiff movements. Every time Candle asks if there is a problem, Star doubles down, insisting that her model is manufactured to be perfect.

When it becomes clear that she can't remain online, Star asks for help, and Candle gleefully offers to call her Stepmother for help!

Includes robots, lesbian, fembots, orgasms, struggling

KEYWORDS - robot fetish real doll sexbots sci-fi science fiction girl-girl girl/girl girlgirl gg lesbian domination body worship roleplaying fantasy role playing fantasies redheads red hair big tits blondes kink female orgasms humor humour lesbians female training woman following orders

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29 minutes



Candle Gets Stuck
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Candle Boxxx is overeating all of my (Star Nine) candy, and I warn her of having an upset tummy. Her red fingernails eagerly stuffs the sweets in her mouth and happy to have a sugar rush, but sad when they're all gone. With no food available, she starts looking under the sheets on the bed (pretend door like Winnie The Pooh).

She gets stuck and can't get out of the tight bed! Her flailing legs try to get traction, but her knee socks don't help. I start ass shoving to help move her, but my long fingernails are hurting her. She refuses to admit that her big ass won't move and twerks out of bratty spite. Leaving for a solution, Candle struggles alone and is so hungry!

I come back disappointed to see she hasn't escaped, but am happy to do some humiliating butt grabbing. Going to the other side of the bed, I offer something to eat and shove mouth stuffing inside her big mouth. She spits out the panty packing, so I do hand over mouth domination. I tell her to keep the mouth packing in because she doesn't want to be found in such an embarrassing predicament. She gag talks with indignation, but I confess to liking muffled speaking.

There has to be a way to hide her booty so people won't see. I cover it with a scarf and draw a face on it with red lipstick. She's ass jiggling so much that I end up wiping my masterpiece off her butt cheeks and giving a few ass smackings.

Her round ass looks good and this is my chance to peel her g-string off her curvy hips. Butt spreading and clit rubbing, she squeals until she realizes it feels good. Then she gets a hitachi magic wand that makes her cum hard but she can't writhe out of her stuck predicament!

Later, Candle's snoring and I push her awake, only to have her move an inch. I remove her stuffed tapegagging, but she has to be quiet so I do HOM treatment again. Pushing her finally allows her to get free and we decide to have a snack!

Includes stuck, struggling, forced orgasms, ass fetish, humor

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22 minutes



Butt Salon
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Star Nine comes into Candle Boxxx's salon and wants her hair done before her date. Things get strange when the hair stylist demands complete silence from this spoiled brat but Star thinks it's a joke and continues chatting.

Candle's tired of these rich bitches so she handgags Star with her red nails and pantygags her. Star won't shut up and gag talks through the HOM treatment. so Candle adds another pair of panties. Candle continues handgagging with her red fingernails before adding silver duct tape.

Star's humiliated and ready to complain before walking out, when she trips and falls with her tight ass in the air and her legs flailing over her head. Candle is ready for some humiliating revenge but plays dumb and puts Star in scarf belly bondage. Belt bondage attaches her arms to the chair.

Time to focus on her beauty transformation. Massaging lotion on Star's ass, she doesn't understand what Star is saying through the big panty gags.

Continuing the ass massage, Candle is cutting the black g-string for better access to Star's asshole. It's such a pretty butthole, but something is missing. Candle adds a very hot towel that burns Star's delicate ass, but Candle pretends her frantic struggles means she loves the process. She slowly removes it, but her fanning hands spread the ass fire.

Star won't shut up and Candle threatens to use her destroyed thong as a dirty mouthpacking. She doesn't calm down and is further embarrassed as Candle's pussy fingering her and uses a comb on her ass.

Ass smacking Star doesn't stop the bitch talking and Candle rolls her eyes before spraying perfume on her booty like in the old cartoons! Unbinding her, she declares her a New Lady and ready for her date!

Furious, Star removes the wet mouth stuffing. The butt massage was great but she's nowhere near ready for her date and storms off.

Includes humor, humiliation, gag talk, embarrassment, ass worship

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22 minutes



Neighborly Asshole Sniffing
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Star Nine just moved into her new house and is ready for a shower! Candle Boxxx knocks on the door to welcome her to the neighborhood by giving her an up close and personal butt smelling! Star's horrified at the strange request but realizes this strange neighbor won't leave until she inhales some booty smelling.

Spreading ass cheeks is not what Star had in mind, but she follows directions to inhale and love the sensations. If Star isn't doing enthusiastic ass loving, they will just have to keep practicing the butt worship.

Candle loves feeling Star's nose in her ass crack and laughs at her gagging. The gag reflex means she's really inhaling the ass aromas.

Demonstrating some yoga moves, Candle giggles at Star's awkwardness as her ass cheeks surround her nose. The hyperventilating is a nice extra!

Grabbing her bathrobe, Candle walks out all smiles and promises to return for more booty worship!

Includes ass worship, humiliation, ass smelling, ass sniffing, smell fetish

OTHER KEYWORDS - ass fetish asshole fetish ass humiliation ass spreading sweat fetish embarrassment female domination femdom brat girls humor humour redheads red hair big tits blondes tall woman kink submissive sluts

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12 minutes



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