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Handgagging Ransom
Featuring Star Nine & Codey Steele

Star Nine is captured and held ransom for her husband's debts. Her captor sneaks up behind her and clamps his hand down hard over her mouth. She looses her glasses in the struggle. He tries to reason with her, but every time he takes his hand off her mouth she tries to scream or babbles unintelligibly in shock.

He has her cleave gagged and tied to a chair for the ransom call, his hand at the ready to cut her off if she tries anything.

She wakes up and finds him asleep next to her. She stealthily unties herself and runs for the door but he catches her, pinning her arms behind her and covering her mouth as he drags her back into the room. He puts her gag back in, he menacingly tells her that her husband is never getting her back.

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Includes hand over mouth, sleepy, male domination, struggling, damsel in distress

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20 minutes



Firm Competition
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy Marie & Star Nine work for the same law firm. Star is up for a promotion & Chrissy has been tasked with reviewing the new contract with her. As Star sits on her sofa, Chrissy enacts a plan to snag the promotion for herself.

With Star's eyes focused on the contract, Chrissy soaks a rag with chloroform and clamps it down over Star's nose and mouth. Star struggles and eventually goes out. Chrissy unbutton's Star's blouse and positions one of her hands inside her white bra. She places a liquor bottle in her other hand and proceeds to take photos of her colleague's compromising position.

After knocking her out again to finish with her little photo project, Chrissy walks a woozy Star to a chair and sits her down, tying her wrists behind her back. Chrissy uses the chloroform to keep Star suggestible as she interrogates her, trying to uncover some useful dirt on her.

Unable to get much out of Star, Chrissy steps away to make a phone call. Star slowly wakes up and unties her hands. She finds Chrissy's chloroform bottle and soaks the rag before slumping back over in position. When Chrissy approaches, Star easily gets the upper hand, knocking her out. She finds the pictures on Chrissy's phone and decides to copy her strategy, taking photos of Chrissy unconscious in her bra for insurance.

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Includes sleepy fetish, limp fetish, bra fetish, interrogation, blackmail

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21 minutes



Foot Stomping Sabotage
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane lines up behind Star in a long cattle call for a modeling gig. Ashley flexes her toes an exhales, she's not used to wearing high heels off set and her toes ache. Star looks down at Ashley's feet over her shoulder as Ashley flexes her sore feet.

Star smiles deviously, she has an idea to amuse herself in line and to take out the competition. Ashley is standing close behind her. Star lifts her foot and stomps down hard on Ashley's toe. She pretends it was an accident as Ashley squeals in pain. Ashley rubs her sore toes. A minute later, Star does it again. And again. Ashley's complaints get more and more heated, but Star just shrugs them off, rolls her eyes, and continues to stomp Ashley's foot.

Finally Ashley has had enough, her toes are swollen and she runs off to get some ice, leaving her high heel. Star grins and removes a vial of cum from her purse, emptying it into Ashley's shoe.

Ashley returns just in time for her name to be called. She puts her shoe on and runs into the casting, only to run off again humiliated when the casting director asks her to remove her shoe, exposing the wet cum on her pantyhose.

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Includes stomping, pantyhose, foot torture, foot domination, humiliation

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8 minutes



Full Body Cavity Search
Featuring Star Nine

Star submits to a full body cavity strip search when an officer shows up to serve a warrant on her unpaid parking tickets. The arresting officer's examination of Star is extremely thorough. First he orders her to shake out, then tie up her hair before flashing his light into her mouth, ordering her to stick out her tongue & pull out her lips. He follows with an examination of her nostrils and ears before ordering her to strip.

As he proceeds with his examination he asks Star uncomfortable questions which she nervously responds to honestly. He examines her breasts, having her lift them. Then her belly button, ordering her to spread it open. As he shines his light at her vulva he asks her about her sexual history and comments that she's wet. He finishes with an examination of her spread asshole before having her redress for the ride to the station.

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Includes forced stripping, interrogation, humiliation, extreme close-ups, mouth fetish, ear fetish, belly button fetish

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12 minutes



Nose Pinching
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy & Star make each other breathless with their nose pinching bondage game.

Chrissy goes first, Star is tied a chair with duct tape over her mouth. Chrissy pinches her nose repeatedly only letting her up for air at the last moment as Star desperately tries to breath through her duct taped mouth.

After 5 minutes it's time for Star's revenge. They've traded places and now Chrissy finds out how impossible it is to breathe through the solid duct tape gag as Star pinches her nose closed. Star makes things even more difficult for Chrissy, producing a cruel pair of steel forceps to seal her airways.

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Includes nose pinching, bondage, tape gag, breathplay, lesbian domination

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12 minutes



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