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Batman Enslaved By Kisses
Featuring Ashley Lane

Batman (viewer) kneels in bondage, thinking back on the last time he encountered the Villainess Ashley Lane, how she drained his balls almost permanently with her intoxicating lips. She struts in, teasing and posing in her skimpy leotard and sheer pantyhose. Batman searches for his strength, but as she lifts him up to face her all he can think about are her glossy red lips.

Ashley teases the bat, leaning in to kiss him, weakening him with her lips. She taunts him about the last time they met, she knows he's one more kiss away from begging her to destroy his manhood permanently. Dreaming of her glossy lips wrapped around his cock, so ready to give it all up. Ashley sets him down and informs him that she's never wrapping her lips around any man's disgusting cock ever again.

She orders him to crawl to her, and he obeys, desperate for one more kiss. She makes the bat worship her silky nylon feet, breaking and humiliating him as her intoxicating kisses reveal his perverse desires. All Batman wants is one final kiss to completely break him and put him out of his misery.

Ashley towers over him as he worships her legs, then leaves him bound and helpless.

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Includes kissing, body worship, femdom pov, foot domination, super villain, pantyhose domination

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11 minutes



Valentines Hotwife
Featuring Star Nine

Dressed all in red, the color of lust, I recap our first foray into hotwifing last night. It was a Valentine's Day dance and we had discussed everything beforehand, but you weren't expecting it to move so quickly. A really hot guy cut in front of you in line and when we reached the coat check he ate me up with his eyes. I was thinking about him all night, as we danced. Finally I decided it was time for your "present" and I went off to find him. He was all over me, dancing close, grinding his hard cock up against my skimpy outfit. At first I blew you kisses but soon I was completely engrossed in his confidence, in his body. A bouncer came over and I thought he was going to scold us but instead he led us up on stage and did we ever put on a show! You were watching through the crowd, unable to join us, as I covered him in kisses from my red lips and we danced so dirty, up there with everyone watching. His hands were all over me and I came up there in front of everyone. Later as we were leaving he cut in front of you again and we made out passionately, exchanging numbers.

Your cock throbs as you remember all the lurid details. As hard as you are, you're confused as to how you really feel. Where is the line between hotwifing & cuckolding? How afraid are you to lose me to such an obviously superior male? I tell you to breathe, to relax, blowing kisses and encouraging you to touch yourself, to jerk your hard cock while thinking of his hands on my body. Halfway through my phone rings, it's him & I take the call, not wanting to be rude. You watch with your cock in hand as I take selfies for him, completely forgetting about you.

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Includes hot wife, cuckold, kissing, stockings, costumes

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24 minutes



Ultragirl's Biggest Fan
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Ultragirl arrives to save the day, she frees the hostage who turns out to be her biggest fan. Of course it was a trap, and as Ultragirl answers Star's fan girl questions, she surprises the heroine, pinning her arms behind her back and clamping her hand down hard over her mouth.

Ultragirl has now traded places with her biggest fan. Her legs are tied spread to the chair and her boots and powerbelt are missing. Star teases her, removing her heel and rubbing Ultragirl's crotch with her nylon foot. Star straddles Ultragirl, groping and kissing her but Ultragirl resists so she gags and blindfolds her and leaves her for the night.

In the morning, Ultragirl has had some time to think her way out of her predicament. She knows what she has to do, but is still reluctant. As her biggest fan fondles her, Ultragirl promises to treat her like the huge fan that she is if she'll untie her. She return's Star's kiss and Star eventually unties her.

Ultragirl asks about her powerbelt, but lets Star lead her by the hand to the bedroom where she allows Star to guide her hands over her body. As Star becomes more aroused she hands Ultragirl her hitatchi and finally lets her know where her powerbelt is as she is close to cumming.

As Star recovers from her orgasm Ultragirl cuffs her. Star tells her it was all worth it & she's still her biggest fan. A look of confusion and self doubt washes over Ultragirl's face as she leads Star away.

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Includes superheroine, bondage, lesbian domination, foot fetish, HOM, ball gag

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16 minutes



In The Lair of Luthor
Featuring Alison Rey & Star Nine

Alison Luther has escaped from prison and hatched a plot to get her revenge on Supergirl. She makes sure that Supergirl can hear her bragging about planting bombs all over the city, knowing that will draw her to her lair for a confrontation.

Sure enough, Supergirl marches into Luthor Manor and lifts Alison up by her collar, demanding the codes to the bombs. Alison points at a lead box and tells Supergirl that everything she deserves is inside. Supergirl tries to penetrate the box with her super vision & rolls her eyes before dropping Alison and opening the box. Her mouth drops in confusion. The box contains nothing but a crystal on a chain.

Feeling strangely weak, Supergirl backs away from the box. Alison lifts the kryptonite up on it's chain and dangles it in front of Supergirl's face as she backs her up into the wall. She places the chain around Supergirl's neck. Confused & weakened, Supergirl drops to her knees. She tries to crawl away but Alison kicks her over and pins her down, first kissing the weakened heroine & then demanding that she suck each of her ten toes. One for each year in prison.

Supergirl obediently worship's Alison's feet, moaning that the combination of feet & kryptonite is making her even weaker.

Alison laughs and asks Supergirl whether there are any deep dark secrets she would like to confess now that she has tasted defeat. If Supergirl divulges her secrets, Alison will remove the kryptonite. Supergirl confesses that if a villainess worships her feet the evil doer will steal her super powers. Alison giggles and says now she will be the superior woman! She removes Supergirl’s boots slowly as Supergirl protests and begs but is too weak to stop Alison from draining her of her powers.

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Includes superheroine, foot worship, lesbian domination, foot fetish

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25 minutes



Spy Seduction
Featuring Codey Steele & Star Nine

Sexy spy Star Nine has charmed her way into Codey Steele's life. He's an important businessman whose company works with government secrets. As part of his security clearance Codey has received a lot of training in how to avoid being compromised by various means. Star is prepared to meet resistance and employees a number of techniques to get Codey right when she wants him. From greeting him at the door with her intoxicating lips she quickly makes her way into his bedroom, preparing the scene with soothing scents and music as he removes his shoes. Once she has him under her spell she slips away to start downloading files from his personal laptop. His training is evident as she has to pause and return to him halfway though her task. She runs her seductive nylon feet over his bare chest and then places them over his face, pulling him deeper under her spell. Once she has what she needs she makes use of a delicate chain dangling from her ankle and her entrancing bare feet to wipe all memory of her visit from his mind.

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Includes pantyhose domination, mesmerize, kissing, foot domination, foot fetish

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19 minutes



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