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Stocking Sustenance
Featuring Star Nine

you're My stocking slave. you've been in heaven, locked up in My shoe closet with nothing to do besides clean and organize My vintage stockings and high heels.

I've let you out for a short break to allow you to clean the high heels and stockings that I am wearing. First I make you clean My sexy high heels from heel to toe, from sole to insole. Next you have the pleasure of running your tongue over My stocking feet and kissing My nylon toes.

you've done a good job so far, but you can't just breath in My nylon, you need sustenance too. I tease you with my well worn stockings, sweaty from the hot day. Starting today you eat and breathe My stockings. I cram the worn nylon down your throat, ordering you to swallow.

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Includes stockings, foot slave training, high heels, foot worship, vintage stockings

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15 minutes



Birthday Present
Featuring Casey Calvert, Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane think's shes on a job interview, but really Casey has lured her over to be Star's birthday present. Ashley sits between the girlfriends nervously answering their highly inappropriate interview questions. She's finally scared off by Star's hand running up her nylon leg, but when she stands to leave Casey & Star block her exit, pulling her arms behind her back and putting her in a collar.

Star sits in a chair with her gift in her lap, groping her tits as Casey tightly binds her wrists and elbows. They stand and sandwich their prey between them, groping and kissing her over her gag. As they lean around to kiss each other, Ashley makes a break for it, but is unable to open the door with her hands tied.

Casey & Star laugh, leading her by her leash into the bedroom where they bend her over the bed for a firm spanking. They push her back onto the bed and kiss and strip each other in front of her. Casey removes her gag as Star puts on her strap-on for Ashley to suck. She's reluctant, but Star pries her mouth open with her fingers and Casey keeps her head pushed on Star's cock.

Casey pulls Ashley off Star's cock and forcibly kisses her before trading positions. She worships her girlfriend's cock as Star forces Ashley to kiss her back.

Satisfied with her present, Star decides that it's time to reward Ashley before sending her on her way. She is tied spread eagle on the bed as Casey & Star have their way with her, making her cum over and over again with the hitatchi. Exhausted, Ashley can only moan in dismay when Star announces she'll be keeping her present.

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Includes lesbian domination, strap-on sucking, double domination, bondage, forced kissing

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50 minutes



Spin The Bottle Prototype
Featuring Chrissy Marie, Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley, Chrissy & Star sit down for their weekly game night. They enjoy the quiet night in, but they've really exhausted their options. Luckily, Star's cousin works for a game manufacture and has offered to let them test out a prototype. The game is loosely based on spin the bottle & has been upgraded with a special nano-bot lip glass. The girls read the rules & sit down to play. When a player is kissed, she is frozen until the next round. If the bottle lands on her again, she is put to sleep for two spins of the bottle. The girls have fun with the odd twist on an old game, until the end. Star presses the reset button to deactivate the nano-bots & then things go horribly wrong. Both Chrissy & Ashley slowly freeze in place. Star calls her cousin & learns that playing the game has sentenced them to a horrible fate.

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Includes freeze, games, kissing, magic control

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11 minutes



Invoking The Succubus
Featuring Serena Blair & Star Nine

Serena & Star sit with their eyes closed, encircled by light. At first it seems that their attempts to summon a spirit aren't going anywhere, but finally Star's eyes roll back and an otherworldly tone takes over her voice. Serena demands that the spirit show itself. Star's eyes open wide, she is possessed by a very sexual energy. Serena is in awe and asks that the spirit share her wisdom.

The playful spirit seduces Serena, teasing her with her mouth wide open, feeding on the sexual energy that passes between them. Serena is in way over her head, completely unaware that she has summoned a succubus. She arches under the demon's tongue, moaning and shaking as the succubus first makes her cum & then completely drains her.

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Includes vampire, lesbian domination, mesmerize, kissing

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19 minutes



Duct Tape Date
Featuring Ashley Lane & Chrissy Marie

Naughty party girls Ashley & Chrissy have brought you home for some kinky fun. They ask you to sit in a chair & then bring out a toll of duct tape. Chrissy tightly tapes you to the chair and Ashley leans down to gag you. With you firmly secured to the chair the proceed to tease the crap out of you, seductively stripping each other down. You watch as Chrissy tapes Ashley to a chair across from you. She grinds on her leg, looking back over her shoulder at you & kisses Ashley over her gag. Finally Chrissy wants in on the action, she untapes you so that you can tape both girls up on the bed where they struggle seductively, rubbing up against each other and kissing through their gags.

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Includes duct tape bondage, bondage, lesbian domination, gagged women, pov bondage

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31 minutes



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