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Belly Punching Competition
Featuring Kymberly Jane & Star Nine

Kymberly Jane & Star Nine trade blows in a belly punching competition. Back and forth, they sink their fists into their opponents gut until they are heaving from the blows, dripping with sweat, and coughing up water. Star finally topples to the floor, but Kym strings her up by the wrists for even more belly punching punishment.

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Includes belly punching, female fighting, beatdowns

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15 minutes



Bionic Power Struggle
Featuring Kymberly Jane & Star Nine

Star is investigating the cause of a large power drain on the grid in a certain area of the city. She pinpoints the surge in power usage to a single family home & knocks on the door. The woman who answers (Kymberly Jane) is suspicious, but doesn't stop Star from coming in.

Walking past Kym into the living room, Star uses her bionic ear to listen for anything high voltage. She detects something behind her & walks around to the other side of Kym to listen again. Now the sound is coming from the direction she started in! She wonders whether her bionic ear is malfunctioning, and then Kym attacks!

Kym & Star trade blows, Star marveling at how strong Kym is, until suddenly Kym's vocals begin to malfunction. Star realizes that she is fighting a robot as Kym hurries towards the nearest electrical outlet to recharge.

Star bionically jumps over to push Kym away from the power outlet and the battle continues until Kym's hand comes in contact with Star's bionic ear & discovers that she is fighting a power source! Suddenly the battle is over access to Star's bionic limbs. The fight continues, but Star's limbs are drained by the robot one by one.

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Includes superheroines, robots, female fighting, pantyhose

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18 minutes



Kym & Star Forced to Watch
Featuring Kymberly Jane & Star Nine

Kym & Star wake up bound in the office. Confused, they struggle against the ropes trying to free themselves. Neither can remember what happened.

Suddenly a monitor turns on, along with the vibrators tucked in their pantyhose! They see their coworker Kate in the elevator. They excitedly encourage her, thinking that she is on her way to save them. Their hopes vanish as they watch the monsters attack Kate. They struggle and moan as the vibrators increase in intensity and the scene of Kate's attack plays out over and over again.

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Includes forced orgasms, secretaries, bondage

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10 minutes



Welcome To The Neighborhood
Featuring Kymberly Jane & Star NIne

Star finishes moving some boxes & sits down to relax. She hears the doorbell, it's one of her neighbors stopping by to welcome her to the neighborhood.

She invites Kym in and they sit on the couch for a pleasant chat that soon takes an odd turn. Star laughs confusedly as she repeats Kym's question - you want me to sniff your asshole?!

Star's face shows that she must think this is some sort of prank, but Kym goes on and on begging her to sniff her asshole until Star complies.

Kym stands up, sheds her bathroom, and spreads her asscheeks wide for Star's reluctant nose.

Includes ass sniffing, ass smelling

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10 minutes



Dominated At Home & The Office 2
Featuring Kymberly Jane & Star Nine

Your life has gone downhill since your boss and your wife met. Between Star dominating you at the office and your wife dominating you at home, you're a changed man . . . and now Kym has found a new way to keep you in line.

You arrive home late from work, horrified to find your boss on the couch next to your wife. You silently pray for mercy. Has she already told her?

Of course Kym is all too happy to tell your boss about your new routine. She sadistically shares your secret. Revealing the tiny key she keeps in her shoe and detailing your new milking schedule.

Star laughs with glee. To your horror Kym makes you go through with your post work milking right in front of your boss, forcing you to get hard in your cruel cage first.

Includes pantyhose domination, chastity, double domination

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13 minutes



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