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Leg Tease
Featuring Star Nine

I love teasing you with My powerful legs. I know how obsessed you are with My exquisite calves. you are powerless to resist My flexing muscles & it's only harder for you when I take My silky sheer pantyhose off. you kneel before My bare legs aching to trace My muscles with your hands, your lips, but all I have for you is punishment. The only way you will ever feel the power of My legs is from My hard feet and powerful knees crashing into your soft weak little balls.

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Includes leg fetish, muscular calves, tease & denial, femdom pov

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19 minutes



The Orthopedic Specialist
Featuring Elizabeth Andrews & Candle Boxxx & David Andrews

Lizz is a stressed out career woman who has injured her right wrist - she has 5000 things to do, important meetings this afternoon. She tries to find a comfortable position as she sits in the waiting room of the Orthopedic Clinic. Dr. Andrews offers her what he describes as a mild pain killer. Soon she is unconcious. He admires her pantyhose and breasts while he plays with her limp limbs.

His next patient, Candle, hobbles in on crutches, bare legged besides the bandage wrapped around her injured leg. She questions his bedside manner as he roughly prods at her injury. She's so annoying, he wants to knock her out quickly. He forces her hand over the conscent form, tries to tell her that the injection is dye to help the X-Ray - she's suspicious, isn't that for CAT scans? He plunges the needle into her arm. Her eyes roll and cross as she passes out. Dr. Andrews performs a thorough examination now that she's silent and cooperative.

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2X Medical KO, Crutches, Foot Fetish, Leg Fetish, Pantyhose/Stockings, Limp Fetish

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29 minutes



Can I Touch Your Legs?
Featuring Star Nine & Lance Hart

Star is bored. Lance is mesmerized by her long hosed legs, he asks if he can touch them. Star is surprised, she asks what he likes about legs. Lance touches her toned, muscular, thigh. Star decides to amuse herself while indulging his leg fetish. She wraps her long hosed legs around his neck in a figure four for a while & then shifts into a scissors lock. No longer bored, Star allows Lance to worship her hosed legs & feet.

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Includes Pantyhose Worship, Nude Pantyhose, Scissorholds, Leg Worship, Foot Worship, Female Domination

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7 minutes



Counter Top Pantyhose Show
Featuring Hannah Perez

Super sexy Hannah Perez catches you peeking at her while she's getting ready for work in just her bra & pantyhose. She's happy to show off her long toned legs, her curvy pantyhose encased ass, her soft arched soles . . .

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Includes Pantyhose, pantyhose tease, pantyhose modeling, legs, leg fetish

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7 minutes