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Diapered Office Lesbians
Featuring Casey Calvert & Star Nine

A continuation of Diaper Boss.

Star leans Casey over her desk & gropes her ass, checking her diaper. She playfully scolds Casey for not coming to her for a change. Star brings her secretary back to her office and lays her out on her desk. She removes Casey's wet diaper and then surprises her secretary, leaning down to lick her exposed pussy until she cums.

Casey returns the favor, removing Star's soaked diaper and climbing on top of the table to eat her pussy in 69. After they cum, Star mentions that she has something else for Casey & bends her secretary over the desk as she slides her strap-on cock into her wet pussy. Casey moans and grabs her tits as she cums on her boss' cock.

Then they trade places, Star laying across her desk with Casey plunging the cock into her pussy. Star reaches up and grabs Casey's ass, holding her cock in deep as she cums around it.

It's almost time to get back to work. Star puts a fresh diaper on Casey & then Casey powders Star & tapes up her diaper. Star sits up and plunges her fingers inside the waistband of Casey's diaper, not ready to get back to work just yet.

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Includes diaper fetish, lesbian, pussy eating, strap-on, office

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15 minutes



Sheer Nylon Tribbing
Featuring Casey Calvert & Star Nine

Casey knocks on Star's door. She's left her man and is eager to have Star in her arms. Star is delighted at the news. Casey kisses her deeply, backing her up against the wall and running her hands over her nylon legs. They kiss each other hungrily. Casey drops her coat and removes Star's glasses as she lets her hair down. Casey's hands run over Star's thighs, pulling her leg up and grabbing her ass. Star arches towards her and they move to the bed.

They lay down, their high heels piled together with their legs entwined. They run their hands over each other's nylon legs, pressing closer and closer together until they are tribbing in their pantyhose, gasping at the sensation of their warm, nylon, pussies grinding together.

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Includes pantyhose, tribbing, heel play, high heels, lesbian

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12 minutes



Candle's Belly Beatdown
Featuring Candle Boxx & Star Nine

Star pummels Candle's exposed belly. Relentlessly burying her fist in Candle's soft stomach as Candle gasps as groans. Unable to defend herself with her hands cuffed behind her back, her eyes open wide with each punch until she falls to the floor. Drool falls from her lips as Star continues to bunch her prone body.

Bound by her wrists, the beating continues. Candles taught belly folds around Star's fist as she slumps in her binds. Star uses her shoulder to prop her victim up as she continues to pummel her tender stomach.

Stretched out on the floor, Candle continues to receive hard punches to the gut. The beating continues as she grows unresponsive, her face covered in drool and sweat.

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Includes belly punching, beatdowns, belly fetish, female fighting, bondage

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16 minutes



Birthday Present
Featuring Casey Calvert, Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane think's shes on a job interview, but really Casey has lured her over to be Star's birthday present. Ashley sits between the girlfriends nervously answering their highly inappropriate interview questions. She's finally scared off by Star's hand running up her nylon leg, but when she stands to leave Casey & Star block her exit, pulling her arms behind her back and putting her in a collar.

Star sits in a chair with her gift in her lap, groping her tits as Casey tightly binds her wrists and elbows. They stand and sandwich their prey between them, groping and kissing her over her gag. As they lean around to kiss each other, Ashley makes a break for it, but is unable to open the door with her hands tied.

Casey & Star laugh, leading her by her leash into the bedroom where they bend her over the bed for a firm spanking. They push her back onto the bed and kiss and strip each other in front of her. Casey removes her gag as Star puts on her strap-on for Ashley to suck. She's reluctant, but Star pries her mouth open with her fingers and Casey keeps her head pushed on Star's cock.

Casey pulls Ashley off Star's cock and forcibly kisses her before trading positions. She worships her girlfriend's cock as Star forces Ashley to kiss her back.

Satisfied with her present, Star decides that it's time to reward Ashley before sending her on her way. She is tied spread eagle on the bed as Casey & Star have their way with her, making her cum over and over again with the hitatchi. Exhausted, Ashley can only moan in dismay when Star announces she'll be keeping her present.

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Includes lesbian domination, strap-on sucking, double domination, bondage, forced kissing

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50 minutes



Sleepy Belly Button Worship 2
Featuring Casey Calvert & Star Nine

Casey Calvert has been eyeing her neighbor's belly button. She breaks into her house and creeps up behind her, clamping a chloroform soaked rag over her face. She reaches her hand around to Star's exposed belly as she struggles in her arms, slipping her index finger in and out of Star's belly button. Once Star is unconscious on the floor, Casey strips her down to her bra and panties and feasts on her belly, licking her little belly button and knocking her out again when she stirs.

As Star slowly becomes conscious she finds the sensations extremely enjoyable, but Casey won't let her remain conscious for long. Finally Star slowly reaches for the cloth and turns the tables on her neighbor, stripping Casey down and worshiping her exposed belly button sliding her tongue & fingers in and out of Casey's soft belly.

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Includes belly button fetish, sleep fetish, lesbian domination, limp fetish, belly button worship

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20 minutes



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