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Candle Gets Stuck
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Candle Boxxx is overeating all of my (Star Nine) candy, and I warn her of having an upset tummy. Her red fingernails eagerly stuffs the sweets in her mouth and happy to have a sugar rush, but sad when they're all gone. With no food available, she starts looking under the sheets on the bed (pretend door like Winnie The Pooh).

She gets stuck and can't get out of the tight bed! Her flailing legs try to get traction, but her knee socks don't help. I start ass shoving to help move her, but my long fingernails are hurting her. She refuses to admit that her big ass won't move and twerks out of bratty spite. Leaving for a solution, Candle struggles alone and is so hungry!

I come back disappointed to see she hasn't escaped, but am happy to do some humiliating butt grabbing. Going to the other side of the bed, I offer something to eat and shove mouth stuffing inside her big mouth. She spits out the panty packing, so I do hand over mouth domination. I tell her to keep the mouth packing in because she doesn't want to be found in such an embarrassing predicament. She gag talks with indignation, but I confess to liking muffled speaking.

There has to be a way to hide her booty so people won't see. I cover it with a scarf and draw a face on it with red lipstick. She's ass jiggling so much that I end up wiping my masterpiece off her butt cheeks and giving a few ass smackings.

Her round ass looks good and this is my chance to peel her g-string off her curvy hips. Butt spreading and clit rubbing, she squeals until she realizes it feels good. Then she gets a hitachi magic wand that makes her cum hard but she can't writhe out of her stuck predicament!

Later, Candle's snoring and I push her awake, only to have her move an inch. I remove her stuffed tapegagging, but she has to be quiet so I do HOM treatment again. Pushing her finally allows her to get free and we decide to have a snack!

Includes stuck, struggling, forced orgasms, ass fetish, humor

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22 minutes



Lap Slave 4
Featuring Lola Fae & Star Nine

Lola Fae is an obedient slave and loves being collared by Me (Star Nine). I have her climb in my lap and pull her posture collar to give HOM domination, causing wide eyes for her Mistress. Shoving all of my fingers in her mouth and nose pinching for sensual breath control, she's desperate to give a blowjob, and I allow tongue sucking.

Turning around for lap straddling, my classic black pumps and long legs are caging her. The hand gagging muffles her speech as effectively as a ballgag, and she whimpers from the nipple play. I remove her latex waist cincher for tit slapping.

My submissive slave think she deserves a reward and I pull out the hitachi magic wand. She must practice pussy control and can only cum with permission. Her body shudders in excitement as I'm vibing and hand smothering. She's begging for release and I'm edging her in a tease and denial game, only to put the vibrating wand and masturbate my own clit. Pinching noses for more breath play allows me to focus on my own orgasm.

Her wet pussy drips in appreciation of my dual masturbation, but she hasn't earned an orgasm yet and we continue her blowjob training skills with an oral finger fucking and sucking dildos. We learn to overcome her gagging reflex when deepthroating. My long legs scissorhold her as we continue the cock sucking training.

Leaving her alone to practice her deep throat training, the submissive whore happily follows orders.

Includes lesbian domination, female domination, submissive/slave training, sensual domination, Goddess worship

KEYWORDS - lapsitting lap sitting hand over mouth hand smothering hand fetish gag talking nose pinching femdom domination orgasm control orgasm denial tease & denial edging games submissive sluts slut training dildo sucking gagging gag reflex electric massagers vibrators assisted masturbation sex toys moaning fetish liquid latex shiny fetish clothing fetish clothes shiny clothes shiny clothing petite blondes tall woman lesbians girl/girl girl-girl girl girl GG girlgirl kink

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14 minutes



Sensitivity Test
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Candle Boxxx can't feel tactile sensations and came to me (Star Nine) for medical help. Stripping down to her bra and panties, she lies down and is oblivious as I use the stethoscope from her chest down to her groin. Medicine will help and she finds it strange as my long fingernails graze her skin.

Awakening in a rope bondage spreadeagle, she's confused as I explain that I need to see if she's regained sensitivity. She's shocked when I'm nipple licking and bucks when belly licking, emphasizing her pronounced ribcage. Going further down, her inner thighs react well to the treatment.

She assumes she's cured, but she needs feather tickling. Armpit tickling, tit tickling, and belly tickling are done with the soft side and the poking base of the feather causes sensual gasps, grunts and giggles. The stomach tickling causes her to do deep belly sucking to avoid contact.

There's no escaping the tease and denial pussy tickling. Edging her leads to her clenching her red toenails in a tickling orgasm!

Includes tickling, sensual tickling, medical fetish, bondage, belly fetish

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19 minutes



Taboo Roleplay
Featuring Lola Fae & Star Nine

Lola Fae snuck out of her stepparents house and as her teacher, I offer her some extra credit, starting with collaring. Adding a leash, I pull her on top of me for lap sitting and sensual kisses.

Taking her to the bedroom, she loves the teasing while bound in a spreadeagle. The breast worship makes her moan in pleasure as I'm nipple licking and nipple sucking.

Removing her platform shoes, her red toenails are revealed and I'm doing some shoe smelling because she has smelly feet! Leaning down, I own her little feet.

Debooting my black OTK boots, she's going to experience my sweaty feet! Boot smelling makes her weak with pleasure, but she loves toe sucking my red nails. I'm toe fucking her mouth and she uses her tongue to give spitty feet.

Warmed up, I give her my big strapon because she just needs a cock to regain focus and get her grades back up. I'm pounding and foot sucking making her eyes roll to the back of her head. Untying her, she takes my big shaft in doggystyle and cowgirl till she's cumming hard.

We have mutual foot worship and kissing in the afterglow and she's fully prepared for class!

Includes taboo, Older Woman/Younger Woman, strap-on, lesbian domination, bondage

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34 minutes



Butt Salon
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Star Nine comes into Candle Boxxx's salon and wants her hair done before her date. Things get strange when the hair stylist demands complete silence from this spoiled brat but Star thinks it's a joke and continues chatting.

Candle's tired of these rich bitches so she handgags Star with her red nails and pantygags her. Star won't shut up and gag talks through the HOM treatment. so Candle adds another pair of panties. Candle continues handgagging with her red fingernails before adding silver duct tape.

Star's humiliated and ready to complain before walking out, when she trips and falls with her tight ass in the air and her legs flailing over her head. Candle is ready for some humiliating revenge but plays dumb and puts Star in scarf belly bondage. Belt bondage attaches her arms to the chair.

Time to focus on her beauty transformation. Massaging lotion on Star's ass, she doesn't understand what Star is saying through the big panty gags.

Continuing the ass massage, Candle is cutting the black g-string for better access to Star's asshole. It's such a pretty butthole, but something is missing. Candle adds a very hot towel that burns Star's delicate ass, but Candle pretends her frantic struggles means she loves the process. She slowly removes it, but her fanning hands spread the ass fire.

Star won't shut up and Candle threatens to use her destroyed thong as a dirty mouthpacking. She doesn't calm down and is further embarrassed as Candle's pussy fingering her and uses a comb on her ass.

Ass smacking Star doesn't stop the bitch talking and Candle rolls her eyes before spraying perfume on her booty like in the old cartoons! Unbinding her, she declares her a New Lady and ready for her date!

Furious, Star removes the wet mouth stuffing. The butt massage was great but she's nowhere near ready for her date and storms off.

Includes humor, humiliation, gag talk, embarrassment, ass worship

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22 minutes



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