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Model Strangle
Featuring Candle Boxxx

Candle Boxxx is excited about her scream queen modeling job and follows directions to strip down to her bra and panties. She's given acting games of cowering in fear as if she just saw a monster and eagerly overacts before giggling. The director hands her a nightie and she asks where she can change. He doesn't hide his annoyance at her prudishness and directs her to another room.

She doesn't notice him sneaking up behind her and screams in real terror as his hands start choking her delicate neck. He pushes her to the bed and she struggles by kicking and trying to remove his strong arms with her long red fingernails. She gags and chokes until she's eye crossing and limp on the bed.

Awakening in chair bondage, she's silently scared as he's recording her bound peril. He reveals her big boobs before he chokes her. A small respite gives her hope, until she realizes he is just moving behind her.

Using a scarf garrote, she succumbs to death. With a glazed look in her half open eyes, her heavy head slumps and she will go to the dump like the rest of the dumb girls trying to be a model!

Includes necro fetish, death fetish, choking, bondage, male domination

OTHER KEYWORDS - choking fetish limp fetish gagging struggling maledom damsel in distress DID rope bondage rope MILF redheads big tits MILF

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17 minutes



Doctor KO
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Superheroine Star Nine tells Dr. Candle Boxxx about her heroic misadventures, not knowing that she is a Supervillain. Star thinks there is a spell blocking her memory. The doctor suggests a medical exam and her stethoscope causes lightheadedness. An eye check triggers her previous training and Candle recounts her KO exploits in a series of vignettes.

The medical professional "accidentally" gives her knockout spray. Star's fluttering eyes cross until she slumps and Candle ragdolls her arms. A neck pressure point knockout causes her to gasp and go limp. A spiked drink causes heavy eyes and she slumps on the exam table. Her tight ass receives a poison dart and her body tumbles from the medical table to the floor.

Candle admits that she bought the sleeping supplies from a villain website to take away Star's memory. She loves groping the helpless superheroine but can't lose her credibility. Now her long red fingernails can grope Star without punishment!

Star complains that it smells like chloroform, and Candle wonders if she has phantom odors that continually drug her even when not given a dose. In a flashback, she's given a chloroform rag.

More knockout treatments ensue with IV drugs, a needle to the neck, and a gas mask, under the guise that they will give energy. Candle gives a mantra to "let go" until her patient goes still.

Stripping Star's clothes, Candle is always amazed at her perfect body and can't stop from tit squeezing her.

Memory spray erases any of the evil doctor's misdeeds and Star happily makes an appointment for next month.

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Includes sleep fetish, limp fetish, medical fetish, superheroine, lesbian domination

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OTHER KEYWORDS - medical exam medical clinic Doctor fetish superheroines super villains gas mask fetish sensual domination female domination femdom roleplaying fantasy role playing fantasies pantyhose/stockings eyeglasses braids pigtails ponytails redheads red hair blondes kink tall woman tall women

11 minutes



More Gas!
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Superheroine Quick Fix (Star Nine) awakens nude on the floor and is annoyed that she was gassed. Standing, she's surprised that her eyes are getting heavy, but since her powers evolve to prevent the same peril from affecting her, she's confident she can overcome it.

Later, she finds a naked Ashley Lane limp on the floor and starts rousing her. They aren't sure how the supervillain knocked out both of them but are determined to destroy him.

Star doesn't realize Ashley is in on the ruse, and is helpless as she puts a gas mask over her mouth. Her green eyes widen, and she struggles to remove the medical mask with her black gloves. Weakened, she gets sleepier in Ashley's arms, until KO'ed and slumping to the floor.

Chair bondage keeps Star incapacitated and Ashley gropes her tits. Ashley is mind controlled by the Baddie and isn't thinking for herself as she ups the gas dosage.

Star regains mental control briefly but forgets that Ashley is a brainwashed slave and begs for help, only to receive more KO's. Ashley continues tit grabbing and pussy rubbing not realizing that Star awakened and untied her wrist bondage.

With a quick karate move, Ashley folds to the floor in a heap. Star uses a spray antidote that removes the hypnosis and they bolt before they are both hypnotized!

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Includes limp fetish, lesbian domination, bondage, gas mask, superheroine

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OTHER KEYWORDS - sleep fetish gas mask fetish gas masks female domination femdom rope bondage rope damsel in distress DID superheroines super heroines supervillains super villains glove fetish mesmerize mind fuck mental domination woman following orders female training erotic magic control roleplaying fantasies role playing fantasy blondes tall women   

10 minutes



Girlfriend's Revenge
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane comes home and doesn't see me (Star Nine) sneak behind her until it's too late. Giving hand over mouth treatment, she's mmphing in fear behind the hand gagging. I ask if she recognizes me from the pictures on the wall from when she's cheating with my boyfriend. Her eyes widen as I'm arm holding, but she can't respond because of the HOM.

Sliding to the floor, my long legs are scissorholding her and I shush her.. She's not getting out of my submissions hold and I cover her nose for breath control. Dosing a white rag with chloroform, I let her know that she's going to be my bondage slave!

Ragdolling her limp head, she's ready for her pantyhose bondage. With on screen tying and tit grabbing, I humiliate this cheating whore. Stripping my shiny pantyhose, I love that she's getting a dirty pantyhose mouth packing. A dirty nylon mouth stuffing cleave gag should satisfy her need for my sloppy seconds. She awakens in fear and starts gag talking and struggles to escape her nylon bondage. Hair pulling her braids keeps her still as I give her another chloroform knockout.

On the bed, she's terrified to see my giant strap-on under my little black dress. Unbinding her legs, I'm peeling off her jeans and high heels before pantyhose ripping. Pushing her to doggystyle position, I'm pussy fingering her wet pussy before sliding my big cock in deep and hard.

I peel off my LBD to enjoy breaking my little sex doll. Pushing her head into the bed, I'm going to be fucking her all night!

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Includes bondage, limp fetish, home wrecker, lesbian domination, female domination

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OTHER KEYWORDS- sleep fetish struggling damsel in distress DID gagged woman gagged women verbal humiliation femdom sensual domination confrontation slut training submissive/slave training homewrecking home wrecking homewreckers home wreckers cheaters cheating fetish blondes tall woman tall women kink

21 minutes



Neighborhood Catfight
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane is bitch talking about what I'm (Star Nine) wearing and starts slut shaming. She boasts that if we ever confronted each other, there would be catfighting.

When she notices your hard dick, she cock teases you with the idea of her hair pulling, face slapping, and tit squeezing before telling you, it won't happen.

Later, you're at my house after doing some odd jobs but won't take money. Stripping my robe down to my bra and panties and wet hair, I take naughty selfies on your phone but you can't show your bitchy housewife. When you tell me her cat fighting threats, I'm ready to strip her down and do tit clawing, tit biting and face sitting. I see your hard cock and send the dirty picture to your cunty wife.

She calls immediately and the fight is on! When she arrives, I have rope ready to tie you up so you can't interfere.

We start with hair yanking and peeling her clothes off, limbs intertwined for a floor grapple.

She pushes me against the wall and body presses me before we do mutual choking.

On the floor, she's lapsitting and neck squeezing as I verbally taunt her about fucking her man. If only she satisfied her man, you would have never come to my house.

Catballing, we're throat squeezing and scissor holding each other into submission. I must have said the wrong thing because I'm weakened and close to being knocked out.

She grabs my beaten body and flaunts how she won by tit slapping me, but she didn't expect my sneak attack. Grunting and alternating with wrestling pins?, I'm ready for this bitch to get KO'ed and seeing the white of her eyes.

Now that she's limp, I untie you and put her in rope bondage. Is this how the frigid bitch fucks you? Is your big your cock ready for a POV blowjob? It's not cheating if she isn't giving what you need at home.

Ashley awakens angrily with me chest sitting on her while giving a handjob! Facesitting with my wet pussy juices will shut her up better than any gags! Your loser wife is going to make me cum from her pussy eating.

Give me your big cum shot on my tits so I can rub it on your angry wife. It's time for her to pass out so I can do my victory pose. Get her the fuck out of my house!

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Includes choking, female fighting, homewrecker, female wrestling, limp fetish

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34 minutes



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