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Fibonacci Sequence
Featuring Kim Chi & Star Nine

IRS auditor, Kim Chi, loses control and falls into a mesmerized state when I hand her a paper containing the Fibonacci Sequence. Her conscious mind gets lost in the numbers leaving her subconscious open to my commands. I cruelly snap her back to reality a few times in between completely sabotaging her job and having her sooth herself with her own nylon toes.

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Includes mesmerize, office domination, magic control , woman following orders, lesbian domination

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16 minutes



Super Taboo
Featuring Star Nine & Lance Hart

Super Mom & Super Son go up against Dr. Pervo, tracking him to his lab & aiming to put an end to his nefarious plans. The family super duo have him cornered as mother and son trade off taking blows at the evil scientist. It's all going according to plan until Dr. Pervo reveals the device he's been hiding behind his back. He takes aim at Super Mom first, and then points his ray at Super Son. The duo look at each other in confusion, the ray didn't do anything! Or did it?

Mother & Son find themselves growing very aroused, an uncontrollable urge pushes them into each others' arms. They curse Dr. Pervo as they lock lips, quickly stripping down and pressing their bodies together. Dr. Pervo looks on as Super Mom & Super Son, at the mercy of his sexray, incestuously enjoy each others' bodies in every position imaginable. By the time Super Son has popped and the effects of the sexray begin to wear off, Dr. Pervo is long gone.

Shell shocked and shamed from their incestuous rutting the family super duo cover their bodies & swear revenge.

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Includes superheroine, taboo, magic control, softcore

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16 minutes



Mesmerized Wife 2
Featuring Chrissy Marie Star Nine

Chrissy returns to her Mistress under the guise of gratitude for how her life has changed. She details how beautiful it is to appreciate the little things, to eat simple food, to let go of material desires for that which she can no longer afford with the massive tributes she owes Star.

Star accepts her gratitude & allows her to kneel and crawl to her feet.

Chrissy begs to be allowed to express her gratitude further with a foot massage - she has been studying and meditating and practicing and she thinks she has discovered the trick to mesmerizing touch.

Star sighs in pleasure and Chrissy takes it as a sign that her touch is working. She begins to speak in a hypnotic tone of voice, detailing how Star will release her and her husband from slavery & pay them for their suffering.

Star rolls her eyes. Of course it's not going to work on her, but she decides to toy with Chrissy for a moment, repeating after her before throwing her off guard, grabbing her by the chin.

Star gazes into her eyes, and with her touch & voice, teaches Chrissy that she already has freed her and her husband from the chains of middle class life, from the ill mindset focused on material wealth. Freed them from the selfish thoughts, from their egos. They should be grateful for the responsibility that has been removed from them . . .

Chrissy kneels and kisses Star's feet. In deeper than ever before.

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Includes mesmerize, foot domination, pantyhose domination, magic control, lesbian domination

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9 minutes



Catwoman vs. Dr. Fetish
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

While searching for the "fountain of youth", Dr. Fetish (Chrissy Marie) has accidentally created a potent potion that causes deep fetishistic fixations. Catwoman has heard of her prized new potion and must make it her own. She breaks into the Doctor's lair with whip in hand demanding the potion. The Doctor defensively sprays Catwoman in the face with her invention. Catwoman complains of the awful smell, but a second whiff sends her reeling to the floor, overpowered by the powerful stench. Catwoman does her best to resist as the Doctor smothers her with her bare feet, but finally she must breathe. The natural odor of the Doctor's feet (which she used to develop the powerful potion) works it way into Catwoman's brain turning her into a highly suggestible slave.

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Includes superheroine, foot domination, mesmerize, magic control, super villain

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15 minutes



Ivy's Deadly Kiss
Featuring Star Nine

Silly men, always trying to build something new, always trying to bend nature to your will. So eager to show me what you've built. Nature always wins. My green vines wrapping tighter around you, stronger than any chain My natural pheromones disarming you faster than any weapon. Experience natures finest gift one final time. Thank me for my deadly kiss. One kiss paralyses, two kisses, well . . .

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Includes superheroine, super villain, virtual sex, executrix, magic control

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8 minutes



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