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Nylon Slave Training
Featuring Star Nine

you kneel as instructed at the corner of the bed, eagerly anticipating our first session. your cock is already hard as I approach in My tight black bodysuit, black pantyhose, tall black heels and large black strap-on cock. I tease you as I open My bag, showing off the well worn black pantyhose I'll be encasing you with. I set aside an especially filthy pair for your mouth.

you obediently pull the first pair of pantyhose up over your own legs, gasping as they run over and press into your hard cock. I remove the gusset from another pair and help you pull them over your arms and torso, using the slack to tie your arms back like a straitjacket.

you inhale deeply as I pull another piece of nylon over your head and tie your knees and ankles. Encased and bound, My nylon slave is ready for use. I cut a hole in your nylon hood to access your mouth hole. you eagerly take My hard cock deep in your mouth, trying your best to open up your throat for Me. you've been dreaming of this moment for years & really truly do your best.

Such a good little cocksucker, you might actually get Me off. I promise you a special treat if you are able to & you are encouraged to suck even better in anticipation. What could possibly be better than the filthy well worn pantyhose I showed you at the beginning?

As I catch My breath I order you to flip around so that I can penetrate your virgin asshole. you gasp loudly at the unfamiliar stretching sensation as I pound away with My cock. It's intense, but to your surprise your cock remains hard and dripping. When I'm through with your ass I recline on the bed, regarding your with a bemused spark in My eyes. you can't believe your luck when I reach out and graze your nylon cock with My Divine feet.

you cum quickly from My foot job & obediently hand over your cummed in pantyhose which I quickly stuff in your mouth & tape tightly into place, laughing as you suck out every salty drop of your own cum.

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Includes nylon encasement, femdom pov, female domination, cei, pantyhose domination

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21 minutes



From Loving Boyfriend to Loving Maid
Featuring Star Nine

You can never resist a game, or an opportunity to see me naked so when I suggest a game of high card low card to see who has to do all the chores you're all in. Bonus we'll be playing strip high card & the loser has to do the chores wearing a sexy little french maid uniform. You take the lead as we play and I am soon stripped down to my undies. It looks like you're going to win, but as I talk about how much I was looking forward to seeing you all dressed up in the skimpy little costume your hand hesitates over your cards and you choose to lose.

I lovingly dress you up in the skimpy french maid costume and giggle as you stumble in the high heels. I give you lessons on how to walk in them, obviously loving every moment of this. After instructing you in what chores need to get done I leave you to it.

As the week goes on you find that you love this new aspect of our relationship, you love having me in control and being dressed so naughty & cute for me.

At the end of the week you come into the living room and without prompting begin to massage my bare feet. I seem a little regretful that the week is up and it's time to go back to the way things were, but we have a guest coming over and you really should go put your regular clothes back on. It's hard for you to get the words out, but with my loving encouragement you manage to admit that you want to stay this way, you're loving the female led relationship & want everyone to see you as the slutty little maid you've become.

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Includes female led relationship, french maid, slave training, games, female domination domination

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25 minutes



Featuring Star Nine & Codey Steele

Men are so easy to destroy. Especially when they're cocky and arrogant like Codey. Silly CEO didn't even think to have an attorney present for his company's acquisition. As we go over the paperwork I spot an enticing loophole, but he's so distracted he just glosses over it. He think's he's in a position of power here so I let him get what he wants, his hands up my skirt, over my pantyhose. I go over the plan in my head while I have him by his tie on his knees worshiping my pussy. I just need for him to sign, he blindly obeys, scribbling his signature and I cum.

The next day I have it all set, we're broadcasting to the new board, they vote to accept the operating documents and I turn off the screen, secretly still broadcasting. I let Codey bend me over the desk to celebrate. He fucks me hard for the whole board to see. Silly boy doesn't even notice when I turn the camera to follow us as I climb on top of and ride his cock to orgasm. He's about to cum when I share my little secret. Orgasm ruined, he rushes over to slam the laptop shut and throws a tantrum, just like the man child he is. I just made so. much. money.

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Includes female domination, softcore, pussy eating, office domination, ruined orgasms

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23 minutes



Nylon Cocoon
Featuring Star Nine

It's unconventional therapy, that's what you were told, but you really aren't sure what to expect. You're still really not sure what you're in for, is this a normal therapy session? The woman sitting across from you is a little sexy to be a regular therapist, her skirt is tight, black, leather like. Her top fits like a glove and is extremely sheer. Your eyes mostly go to her long pantyhose legs though.

Whatever this is, she's good. She knows exactly what you're going through, senses your frustration, your exhaustion. She tells you that you need to learn how to ask for what you want. As you try to come up with an answer your eyes keep going back to her long nylon legs. She crosses her legs, strokes them with her manicured hands, dangles her high heels. You begin to wonder if this is a massage parlour version of therapy.

Apparently it's not. She assures you that fucking her in her pantyhose is not going to solve any of your problems, but she does have another nylon based solution. Totally encased in a nylon cocoon with no way to free yourself . . . just breathe.

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Includes nylon encasement, femdom pov, pantyhose domination, dangling, female domination

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17 minutes



Stocking Assassins
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

This isn't the first time you've been in debt. Not the first time that you've taken a large loan from an unscrupulous lender to fund some get rich quick scheme. This isn't the first time you've missed a payment either, but usually they just send some big thug to extract it. What kind of trick is this, these two sexy women in vintage stockings? At first you don't recognize the threat. As your cock hardens you keep your eyes on their long legs, their dangling high heels, trying to tell yourself that they couldn't really be who they say they are. Perhaps they just got wind of the money, are here to trick you out of it.

You refuse to accept that they are professionals, sent as a very final message. Even as they remove their vintage stockings, demonstrating how durable, how unbreakable they are, remember how nylon was rationed in war time. You eagerly drop your pants as Stella approaches, wielding one nylon stocking between her hands. your cock throbs as she reaches down to demonstrate how tight and unforgiving nylon is, tying her removed stocking tight around your balls. They bulge and change color as she pulls hard with the nylon, a foreshadowing of what's to come when Star tightly wraps her stocking around your neck.

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Includes executrix, femdom pov, vintage stockings, double domination, female domination

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19 minutes



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