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Cat Burglary
Featuring Star Nine

You surprise Catwoman burglarizing your home. Caught up staring at her tight ass when you should be calling the cops, she's able overpower you. You come to tied up in the bedroom. She straddles your legs, seductively walking her gloved hands up your chest. You're instantly aroused, but still you yell out for help. Catwoman is prepared for this, she's been in your daughters laundry hamper & she quickly gags you with a pair of creamy panties.

As she is looking around for more things to steal your phone rings. She answers it, pretending to be a work colleague. You desperately scream for help, but are unable to make yourself heard around the wet cloth in your mouth. Catwoman taunts you - your daughter is planning to bring a friend over. The idea of being discovered all tied up by your daughter torments you, but a good dose of catatonia quiets you down.

Catwoman decides to leave you in an even more compromising position. She pulls your pants down exposing your erect cock. She teases it for a bit before leaving you bound, gagged with your daughters panties, bondage porn playing on your phone. You struggle helplessly as you wait for your daughter to discover you choking on her panties with your dick out.

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Includes superheroine, super villain, femdom pov, male bondage, female domination

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17 minutes



Newspaper Domination
Featuring Star Nine

Don't pretend you don't know what this is about, I see you eyeing my newspaper hungrily, straining against the tape that restrains you so tightly to that chair, desperate for a glance at the headlines. I know you've been stealing my paper every day. Hoarding the copies you've already read in your garage. Do you think that just because I work for the paper I won't miss it? I like holding the print copy in my hands.

I slip off my panties & cram them in your mouth. It isn't easy, but I manage to cram them in deep behind your teeth before wrapping duct tape tightly around your head. If you love my paper so much you're going to love this. I leave you all taped up in the corner as I read the paper cover to cover on my bed, pulling my tits out to tease you.

You continue to struggle, trying to push those wet panties out of your mouth, earning you more duct tape. Finally I finish & drop the paper on your lap. Good luck trying to read it in your condition. The aroma of paper and ink wafts up to your nose. I have an idea. I unwrap the tape that tightly encircled your head & pull out the wet panties. You try to plead with me for your freedom, as I cram the wadded up paper in your mouth, taping it in tight.

I'll be back to torment you more after my shower.

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Includes femdom pov, male bondage, latex, female domination, ignore fetish

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19 minutes



Draining Batman
Featuring Ashley Lane, Star Nine & Marcelo

Gotham's elite men keep going missing. Batman's only clue is a high heel shoe left at the scene of one of the disappearances. The trail leads to an empty women's dressing room where Batman finds himself cornered by the villainesses Star Nine & Ashley Lane. After a brief scuffle, Batman is bound with pantyhose & soon learns Star & Ashley's secret. The villainesses have been destroying the men of Gotham. Using a special lipstick that no man can resist, Ashley & Star have been draining men of their sperm, forcing them to cum over and over again until their balls are permanently destroyed. Batman is next.

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Includes superheroine, female domination, super villain, forced male orgasm

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26 minutes



Featuring Sinn Sage, Star Nine & Drake

Sinn's husband listens in as she blabs to her therapist all about their sex life. She misses foreplay and he's ready to give it to her. The therapist looks down at her notes as he creeps around the corner. She mistakes her patients gasps for tears and misses his approach. Drake unbuttons Sinn's shirt and gropes her tits before getting her bottoms off. He plays with her clit and then plunges his fingers inside of her. He shows her exactly what type of foreplay he is into before throwing her over his shoulder and taking her home.

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Includes sleep fetish, limp fetish, groping, male domination

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11 minutes



Supergirl By The Hair
Featuring Samantha Grace & Mr Bad Guy

Supergirl (Samantha Grace) discovers a new form of kryptonite when her long hair is used against her in a fight. At first she is kicking ass and dominating but then the bad guy gets her by the hair and it's all over. Supergirl struggles and flexes, but eventually she can no longer endure the intense hair pulling & she is brought to her knees.

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Includes superheroine, hair pulling, mixed fighting, male domination

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15 minutes



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