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Panties & Plugs Encouragement
Featuring Star Nine

The inevitable conclusion to Susceptible While Stroking.

You must have had such a feeling in the pit of your stomach when you placed that order. Satin panties are one thing but that trio of metal but plugs , well that gives you a pause doesn't it? You never thought you'd do this but you've always been so curious. You've been thinking about it a lot this last month haven't you? My legs, My voice, those silky satin panties warming up as you rub them on your cock.

It's so new and it feels so good. Stroking to My nylon legs, you're still not sure whether you'll be able to pull it off. You don't realize that it was inevitable, the second you hit buy you were put on the path to this moment. Stroking with warm silk, overcome with desire, following My lead you warm lube in your other hand, you massage your virgin hole. Stroke, stroke, gentle pressure and that tiny little metal plug is inside you, pushing up against you, a new experience, a new pressure as your orgasm builds.

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Includes pantyhose domination, butt plug, masturbation encouragement, anal masturbation, joi, satin panties, mental domination

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20 minutes



Remembering Bathtime
Featuring Star Nine

Star catches you peaking around the bathroom doom, you've been watching her scrub her feet, waiting for a chance to use the bathroom. You really need to pee, but your big sister shows no signs of getting out of the tub.

Star laughs at your predicament. It's nothing she hasn't seen before. She tells you to stop hovering and just pee.

You stand in front of the toilet. You can't help glancing over at your sister's wet, bare, body. She notices and comments on how much you used to enjoy your baths together.

You're having trouble peeing - you glance down in horror at your erect penis. Big Sis giggles at your predicament. She leans forward in the tub and explains that she only knows of three ways to effectively get rid of an unwanted erection . . . if you just make yourself cum you'll be able to pee and leave her in privacy. Star poses for you, showing off her creamy white tits, her soft silky pussy. She lets you cum on her tits and lick it off. Star sinks back into the tub as you relieve your aching bladder, telling you to lock the door on your way out as she begins to stroke her wet pussy.

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Includes taboo themes, bathtub fetish, masturbation encouragement

10 minutes



Schoolgirl Cumsluts
Featuring Veruca James, Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Slutty schoolgirls Veruca, Dixie & Star beg for your cum. They strip down to their white knee socks while discussing who is the biggest cum dumpster, where they like to be cummed on and encouraging you to cum all over the three of them. Once they're stripped down, they play with a squirting dildo, spraying cum all over themselves.

The viewer is referred to as Jeff throughout.

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Includes school uniform, dirty talk, masturbation encouragement

12 minutes



Sis's New Boobs
Featuring Paris Kennedy & Star Nine

Star is super curious about her sister's new boob job. Paris has been away at school for awhile and the girls are catching up in Star's room. Paris has been hiding her larger breasts from their parents by wearing baggy sweaters. Both sisters are topless, comparing breasts, when they notice their little brother (Tony) staring at them from the doorway!

They quickly cover up and start scolding their little brother for being such a perv. Paris begins to reminisce on what a little perv he was when she still lived at home. Star tells her it's gone further than that now & details all the dirty ways she's been teasing her little brother, even letting him stroke it to her!

Paris has got to see this, so they encourage their brother to pull out his hard cock and stroke it to his sister's breasts. Afterwards, they make him clean up by licking his cum off his hands & order him out of the room.

Includes taboo, big breasts, size comparison, masturbation encouragement, CEI

11 minutes



The Corner Office
Featuring Kelsey Obsession

Kelsey's in your office to go over some data, but you'd rather stare at her legs. She teases and tempts you with your nylon obsession, allowing you to stroke your cock to her nylon feet, legs and ass.

Includes pantyhose domination, office domination, masturbation encouragement, leg fetish

8 minutes



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