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Nylon Toe Session
Featuring Star Nine

you are addicted to my nylon toes and I foot tease by dangling ballet flats that are hiding my pantyhose feet.

As the shoe dangles off, revealing my nylon soles, I encourage you to start foot smelling. Inhale as the shoe dangles from my big toe. We're going to prove your nylon foot addiction.

With just one shoe on, you don't get both nylon feet yet. The pink toenail polish peeks through the tan stockings and you're drooling.

I go over the Rules when both shoes are off and I give a pointed toe cocktease with toe wiggling. Just because these pantyhose toes are in your face, doesn't mean you can taste.

you're so mesmerized over my wiggling toes, that it doesn't matter that you will never see my nylon legs. Pantyhose under pants is all you get! you don't need to see my face or hear my voice. Whispering cock tease edges you closer as you are toe mesmerized.

There is nothing I love more than denying your hard on. Feel the sensation and let it go, coming back to this moment because there is no dick stroking. There are no distractions from your servitude and your session ends with toe kissing.

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Includes Goddess Worship, toe fetish, foot worship, submissive/slave training, pantyhose domination

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14 minutes



Encased In Your True Identity
Featuring Star Nine

Rubbing my nylon encased hands, you are programmed by the sound of nylon on nylon. It triggers you and everything becomes fuzzy and distorted as you foot worship my nylon feet. your mind is helpless to my purple toenails peeping through the sheer suntan nylon.

you crave delicate nylon as you body worship your Nylon Mistress while imagining pulling a thin nylon sheath over yourself from your toes, over your cock and torso. Disappear inside, cloaked, covered and safe from reality in a silky nylon web.

Focus on my pantyhose feet and nylon soles. Toe wiggling and pantyhose soles entrance you deeper in my words. I know your dark secrets and obsessions and you can stay in this state with mental training.

What would you give up to your Pantyhose Goddess? Beg me to take every dollar in your bank account, like a good pay piggy.

When you submit, you will feel your smooth nylon cock and stroke it the way I'm clit rubbing my pantyhose crotch. Edging closer to orgasm, I tease and deny your release. Hold in that desire because you will cum only when you have given everything to your Nylon Goddess.

Remove that nylon hood from your face. Peel off your costume and slide it down your body, off your dick and feet. It was a transformation fantasy when you wore it, but you will not cum again until you accept and commit.

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Includes nylon encasement, financial domination, femdom pov, joi, pantyhose domination

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18 minutes



Satin Conditioning
Featuring Star Nine

Look at how deeply transformed you have become from a paternalistic figure thinking you were my stepdaddy, and reduced to a mindless stroking slave.

your place is kneeling on the floor in a constant state of worship to your Pantyhose Mistress. My classic black pumps hover over you as I humiliate you.

Stroking my black stilettos heels like a cock, reiterates your pathetic existence. Do you remember your days before the nylon worship, satin tease, and high heels with toe cleavage?

you let go of the notions that you were supposed to be a big strong man in control. you were never in control except for how you masturbate and that's only because I'm granting masturbation permission.

With tease and denial games, I edge your stroking as you match my rhythm and speed like a mindless puppet.

Are you afraid of your helplessness and your poor fragile male ego? Admit your powerlessness as you obey my every suggestion, regressing backward. StepMommy is here now and I control you the way you wanted to control me.

Jerk off and accept the new power dynamic. With each orgasm, you fall deeper into my control. I put you in this mind controlled state and am the only one who can release you from it.

Like a mantra, it's safe for you to jack off to your Goddess Addiction. Admit you can't survive without your step-mommy.

your drained balls are going to blow another tiny drop of fucking cum before you start having dry orgasms. That last bit of manhood will seep out and you will finish your submissive training to your new step-mother.

Say thank you and be my good boy with mindless servitude. I didn't say you could stop jacking off. Cum again and see how nothing comes out. your hand aches, it chafes and you want to keep going under my masturbation spell.

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Includes mesmerize, goddess worship, joi, femdom pov, silk & satin

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20 minutes



Dominant Phalanges
Featuring Star Nine

Look who's already kneeling in submission to pantyhose foot rubbing. My pointing toes and gentle domination make you more addicted to your Foot Mistress.

Entranced by my wiggling toes and seductive voice, you lose control and submit to my divine powers. your eyes follow my long fingernails as they graze my nylon legs. The pale purple toenails peeking through the sheer nylon.

I have more power over you by toe wiggling than you have over anything in your entire life. Let go and breathe, obeying the toe flexing and toe pointing.

you are open to suggestions because of my pedicured toes. you will stroke and toe worship for my pantyhose toes. your hard dick is aching and didn't even realize because you were so captivated by my nylon feet.

Imagine toe sucking as you're masturbating your sad male appendage. Go deeper into selfless service as I'm toe curling.

Feel the orgasm building as we start the edge play. you are on the cusp of cumming, so tell me what you are going to sacrifice to ME. The foot tease and denial trains you to be owned by my Goddess feet.

you need to pay and obey so every cent you save will go to my feet. you are my foot pay piggie and every orgasm will be linked to your finances. The more you send, the more you can cum.

Pay my wiggling toes and impress Me because it will feel good. you should be grateful for being owned.

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Includes pantyhose domination, toe fetish, financial domination, mesmerize, goddess worship

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24 minutes



Drugged & Gassed Heroine
Featuring Star Nine

Superheroine Quick-Fix (Star Nine) is investigating the disappearance of her trainee, Chrissy Marie. Retracing her steps, she sits in your living room and takes the drugged drink you offer. Unaware that you're the Baddie, she's desperate for details and wonders if you would do a hypnotherapy session to remember details. Her black gloved hands graze her suntan pantyhose as she tries to think.

Her heavy eyes and yawning tip her off that she's been dosed, but it's too late to prevent being KO'ed. The whites of her eyes show and she passes out. Quick healing is her superpower and she recovers from knockouts in seconds. Embarrassed and humiliated, she's determined to take down a Supervillain.

Smelling gas but not sleepy, she shrugs it off but can't explain why she's horny. Body groping and eye rolling, she snaps in and out awareness as the magic gas controls her mind and body. Stripping her top and tit grabbing makes her moan in pleasure until she snaps out of it.

Peeling off her black ankle boots, her eye whites show as she loses focus and strips her booty shorts leaving her in only suntan nylons which are shimmied down her long legs. Masturbating her wet pussy, she tries to practice pussy control, but she doesn't want to stop the pussy play!

Screw the orgasm control! Cumming brings her back to reality but she smells sleeping gas! She struggles to fight it but she's eye fluttering and knocked out.

Once she's in a limp pile on the floor, you start boob grabbing because she can't stop you!

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Includes limp fetish, sleep fetish, knockouts, superheroine, mesmerize

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OTHER KEYWORDS - sleepy fetish superheroines erotic magic control woman following orders mind fuck mental domination female training moaning fetish struggling gloves glove fetish pantyhose/stockings pantyhose fetish eye crossing fetish crossed eyes fetish blondes kink tall woman tall women

11 minutes



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