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Strict Pantyhose 3
Featuring Star Nine

you kneel and beg, desperate for My feet but I make you wait until the end of the day when my nylon soles are hot and sweaty. I slowly remove My heels and order you to suck out all the sweat from my sheer nylons toes and soles. I make you worship them top to bottom before ordering you to the ground and rubbing them all over your face. you make the mistake of complaining & your punishment comes early. First I slice up your back with a willow switch & then I take a leather strap to your backside. your punishment is strict & hard.

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Includes pantyhose domination, office domination, foot slave training, spanking pov, femdom pov, foot domination, corporeal punishment

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Nylon Foot Slave Training 2
Featuring Star Nine

That's right, I warned you. I knew you couldn't do it, but I thought I'd give you a chance. Admit it. You came multiple times over our session last week. Pathetic male specimen, unable to control yourself. That's fine. I'll still take your money. I'll let you beg at my nylon feet - but there will be a cum tax from now on. $200 a session in addition to my usual fee for the privilege of wanking it to me afterwards.

Now beg me to reveal the nylon soles you are so weak for. Beg me. That's right. All you get to do this time is look at them. Maybe sniff them. That's it. Sniff between the toes. Imagine what you're missing. How my nylon toes would taste, how you ache to taste them. How amazing I would look with my nylon legs exposed.

Includes pantyhose domination, pantyhose under jeans, socks, foot slave training, foot domination

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Nylon Foot Slave Training 1
Featuring Star Nine

You're not terribly observant, are you? I can tell by the disappointed look on your face. You requested a nylon foot domination session, and I walked in wearing leggings.

I knew better than to tempt you on the first session - you asked to be dominated by my nylon feet & that is where you belong - at my feet. You wouldn't want to be tempted by my perfect sheer nylon legs. Wouldn't want to make the grave error of running your hands up them, distracted & aroused by my feet in your face. I will train you to be an obedient foot slave, to resist your base male temptation, but it will take time. We'll start by training you to pay attention to detail. To worship my feet exactly as I order you to. To control yourself, not get carried away with that horny foot slut mouth of yours.

I tease you, pulling the bottoms of my leggings up my calves, exposing more nylon. I dangle my flats in your face. Instruct you to lick my nylon soles from heel to toe, to sniff and lick the webbing between my toes, to suck my heels.

I deny you my toes to suck. You've had enough, you're too worked up already. I order you to go home, to obsess over my nylon toes without touching yourself.

Includes pantyhose domination, foot slave training, foot domination, foot fetish, Femdom POV, coffee pantyhose, ballet flats, pantyhose under leggings

11 minutes