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Sinn's Pantyhose Fetish
Featuring Sinn Sage & Star Nine

I keep Sinn after class. She's developed a habit of dropping her pencil every time I slip my heels off. I ask her to sit down & notice how painfully nervous she is around me. I get her to confess her obsession with my nylon feet, but it doesn't stop there. I watch on in horror as she pulls a pair of my worn pantyhose out of her pack and shows me the creamy wet gusset.

Luckily I know just how to squash her growing obsession with me. I place a collar around her neck and invite her to sniff and worship my nylon feet. She eagerly gets to work. Next I have her alternate between sniffing my worn pantyhose and her worn converse. She's drunk on the smell, but that's not enough. I know that she's going to have to have an orgasm for this treatment to take.

I rub my nylon feet on her pussy before tribbing in our pantyhose. I slip my fingers under her waistband and finger her wet pussy before pulling away and having her finger herself next to me, side by side with our pantyhose rolled down.

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Pantyhose Domination, Lesbian Domination, Foot Fetish, Pantyhose/Stockings, Tribadism, Finger Fucking

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Featuring Jewell Marceau & Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Dixie Comet has big dreams of sipping Cuba Libres on the beach with her girlfriend. They've devised the perfect heist . . .

Dixie finishes gagging her girlfriend (Star Nine) and Star's boss (Jewell Marceau) before making off with Jewell's jewelry collection. She leaves Star and Jewell to struggle against the ropes just as planned.

Dixie examines the loot as Star comes up behind her - a celebration is in order. Star flings her down on the bed and pulls her panties off. She holds Dixie down as she licks her pussy until she comes. All Dixie wants is pussy on her face but Star has other plans. She ties Dixie's hands tight behind her back as Jewell walks in. Turns out Dixie was being played from the start.

Dixie is enraged by the betrayal, she yells and curses as Jewell takes over tying her up. Now she gets that pussy on her face to shut her up. Star and Jewell both ride Dixie's angry tongue to orgasm before gagging her and fucking on top of her tied up body.

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Lesbian Domination, Bondage, Lesbian, Girdles, Girl-Girl, Vintage Stockings

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38 minutes



Odette & Jay Pantyhose Play
Featuring Odette Delacroix & Jay Taylor

Odette makes Jay Taylor's pantyhose wet, teasing her, running her hands up her sheer nylon legs, brushing her pussy, producing a vibrator. She folds her legs around Jay, pressing her own wet, nylon, pussy up against Jay's leg and slowly increasing the vibrations until Jay can't help but cry out, cumming hard and fast. Afterwards, Odette lays alongside Jay, kissing her as they rub their contrasting nylon legs and feet together.

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Lesbian Domination, Orgasm Control, Girl-Girl, Orgasms, Lesbian

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Dixie Dominates You
Featuring Dixie Comet

Dixie is waiting for you when you get home. She's in bed with the covers pulled up to her chin, hiding something, waiting to surprise you. Your eyes run over her form under the blanket in anticipation. Could it be what you're hoping for?

She pokes a black nylon clad foot out towards you. You're instantly hard. Dixie has decided to indulge that pantyhose fetish you were whispering about, but if she's going to do this for you, you're going to have to do what she wants. Something about the nylon coating her legs makes Dixie feel very dominant. This must be what you want - to be told what to do. You're going to cum to her pantyhose exactly as she tells you.

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Pantyhose/Stockings, JOI, Jerk Off Instruction, Masturbation Encouragement, Pantyhose Domination, Masturbation Instruction

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Pantyhose Cuckold 3
Featuring Star Nine

You walk in on your wife, Star, getting dressed for an important business dinner that you haven't been invited to. You enter the room just as she is opening a fresh pack of pantyhose. You miss how she used to indulge your pantyhose fetish and are instantly aroused.

Star laughs, not unkindly, she's lost all interest in you sexually & has redirected all that previously wasted energy to her career. You should try it. She shows a little mercy and allows you to stroke your cock while she continues to get ready for her important dinner. You watch as she continues her routine. Ignoring you. When she's ready to go, she approaches you, your heart jumps, you think for a moment that she might . . .

Star gently mocks you for still stroking, she tells you to either finish right away or put it back in your pants. Then she heads out to dinner, leaving you weak and alone.

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Pantyhose Domination, Cuckolding, Humiliation Reverse Stripping Female Supremacy

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