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JOI Interview
Featuring Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane answers fan interview questions and looks so sexy in her button down blouse and crossed legs. She loves bukkake, getting messy with pantyhose squirting and being a helpless bondage damsel. The dark death videos are fun because of the taboo rape scenes.

She wants to have a little fun after the Q&A, and grabs her vibrating wand while watching her favorite monster video. Describing the action, she loves that you are hard while watching them groping and hair pulling the actress.

Ashley moans as she's clit vibing and she wants you to masturbate while watching. Edging herself closer to orgasm, she encourages you to stroke your cock while listening to the crying girl.

Ashley gets horny watching the scared girl get bukkaked in alien cum, writhing in orgasm. Her eyes roll back and she pushes the vibe harder against her pantyhose gusset so it absorbs more pussy juices.

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Includes joi, masturbation encouragement, interviews, solo female, masturbation

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The name Will is used briefly.

16 minutes



Nylon Toe Session
Featuring Star Nine

you are addicted to my nylon toes and I foot tease by dangling ballet flats that are hiding my pantyhose feet.

As the shoe dangles off, revealing my nylon soles, I encourage you to start foot smelling. Inhale as the shoe dangles from my big toe. We're going to prove your nylon foot addiction.

With just one shoe on, you don't get both nylon feet yet. The pink toenail polish peeks through the tan stockings and you're drooling.

I go over the Rules when both shoes are off and I give a pointed toe cocktease with toe wiggling. Just because these pantyhose toes are in your face, doesn't mean you can taste.

you're so mesmerized over my wiggling toes, that it doesn't matter that you will never see my nylon legs. Pantyhose under pants is all you get! you don't need to see my face or hear my voice. Whispering cock tease edges you closer as you are toe mesmerized.

There is nothing I love more than denying your hard on. Feel the sensation and let it go, coming back to this moment because there is no dick stroking. There are no distractions from your servitude and your session ends with toe kissing.

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Includes Goddess Worship, toe fetish, foot worship, submissive/slave training, pantyhose domination

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14 minutes



Nylon Encasement Virtual Sex
Featuring Star Nine

Star Nine's nylon hands caress her pantyhose encasement and she loves how tightly it hugs her lean body. A stocking hood covers her hair, but leaves her face exposed.

A pantyhose cleavegag cuts through her open mouth, distorting words as she begs to feel your cock inside her tight pussy.

Moaning in excitement, she rides your hard dick while tit grabbing and sometimes putting her pantyhose hand in her mouth when the sensation play overwhelms her.

With her compressed tits in your face, she's riding hard. Leaning back and putting her encased arms behind her back, she's in a vulnerable position as she begs you to cum inside her. Excited about a cream pie, she's boob grabbing to push her over the edge. If you hold her down, the creampie will go deeper.

Her eyes widen with arousal as she feels your big load blast inside her.

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Includes virtual sex, nylon encasement, pantyhose/stockings, submissive sluts, gagged women

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10 minutes



Featuring Star Nine

you're on your knees, eager to degrade yourself for your Femdom Mistress. Crossing and uncrossing my pantyhose legs, I humiliate your craving to be dehumanized.

What filthy slave task will you do today? you like showing off how your whore holes get used for your Pantyhose Goddess. But I want to do a different type of submissive task. you're mesmerized as I'm dangling heels and will do anything I say. When the shoe dangle drops off my panthyhose feet, you're expecting to do anal training or a humiliation task for my amusement.

Do you know what is degrading and makes you less of a man? you working for money is the most exploitive thing you do. They've manipulated you into thinking you are required to labor for your basic needs.

I'm offering freedom to be the dirty slut that you are. you begged to debase yourself in front of my eternal beauty. If you follow this one sub task, I can prove how worthless you are.

As a beautiful woman, I have found a loophole and it makes people angry and jealous. Make your money and tribute it to Me, like a good pay piggy. All of your money is mine because I'm your only release.

Everything you do is for your Findom Goddess.

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Includes Goddess Worship, financial domination, femdom pov, submissive/slave training, humiliation

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11 minutes



Bondage Therapy
Featuring Cadence Lux & Star Nine

I, Star Nine, want to play a bondage game with my psychologist friend Cadence Lux so she can see if I'm having psychological issues. She's up for it and I start pantyhose binding her nylon legs. She jokes that she feels like a damsel, and I'm glad she's in the spirit of roleplaying games. Admitting that this is her first time bondage experience, she acts like a struggling damsel and offers to give me anything I want.

Breaking character and laughing, she says she's glad I didn't add a pantyhose gag. I ask if she could escape, because now I want to do nylon gagging.

Cinching a black stocking tightly over her mouth, her eyes widen and she calls me crazy, which she retracts when I challenge her. A crazy person would leave her to struggle alone, so I leave her crying  in her binds. Her classic black pumps fall off and reveal her black reinforced toe stockings.

I return, stripping her black pencil skirt and white blouse. She thinks I'm a pervert, so I add chest bondage which is sexy on her big natural tits.

Mouthpacking shuts her up more because I'm tired of her scolding. She looks cute with the big cheeks from mouth stuffing.

Her pointed nylon feet can't get free from the pantyhose bondage and she moans in frustration, but eventually wiggles free and ready for revenge.

She sneaks up behind me and handgags me with nose pinching. As she starts on screen tying, I'm pretending to be unstable because it's more fun tying someone than being tied. Her tight rigging secures me with an arms behind back chest harness. I'm begging her to skip the tape gagging, but she thinks duct tape gags are perfect for someone like me.

She asks if I wanted to tie her up and pretended to have mental issues. Tit squeezing, she sees why I like bondage.

Left alone, I slip off my classic black high heels, exposing my nude reinforced toe pantyhose. Mmmphing for help, nobody is going to save me!

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Includes bondage, gagged women, rope bondage, damsel in distress, female domination

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30 minutes



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