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Pissing Villainess
Featuring Ashley Lane

Villainess Ashley Lane has you tied up in her lair. She taunts you, you call yourself a superhero when she is obliviously so much stronger, smarter, and sexier. She knows that deep down under all of your ethics and morals you really just want to fuck her. The villainess begins to grind on her pillow, aroused by her power. She grabs her vibrator and continues to taunt you, spitting and moaning as she gets herself off right in front of you. Her costume grows wet from her squirt.

As she was moaning and grinding you managed to get your hands free and now you surprise her with an electrical shock. She releases a torrent of piss before falling face down on the bed. More urine leaks out from her costume as she lies there.

Ashley recovers and angrily berates you. As she's furiously detailing how she plans to destroy you, you interrupt her with an uppercut and she flies back onto the bed, her face landing in a puddle of piss.

She sits up, face and hair covered in her own piss and begins to crawl away. You reach out and shock her ass and then slide the devise under her convulsing body. As she shakes from the electrical charge she pisses herself again and is left a wet & drooling mess.

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Includes pee fetish, pissing, super villain, squirting, solo masturbation

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16 minutes



Quarantine Toilet Slave
Featuring Star Nine

I warned you what would happen if you used the last roll of toilet paper. I hope you enjoyed wiping that last sheet of paper between your cheeks as much as you're going to learn to love tonguing the little droplets of piss off my vulva. By the time this quarantine is lifted you're going to have developed a disgusting new fetish.

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Includes toilet slave, pee fetish, femdom pov, slave training

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5 minutes



Holding Contest
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star Nine and Ashley Lane stubbornly compete to see who can hold their pee the longest. You've determined the rules of this game & you look on as they shift and squirm. Ashley has just gotten home from work at Hooter's and Star taunts her about all the diet soda she drank on shift. Ashley shifts from foot to foot in desperation as Star unbuttons her tight shorts to relieve the pressure on her bladder. Competitive to the end, Ashley finally gives in and flashes you her pussy & ass before being allowed to use the single bathroom. Star calls out impatiently as Ashley pisses in the toilet and then rushes in to release her own stream.

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Includes female desperation, pee fetish, holding contest, flashing, hooters uniform

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11 minutes