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Preemptively Cuffed
Featuring Star Nine

Get on your knees, even if you don't think you did anything wrong, Prisoner. you're getting handcuffed and locked up. Put your hands behind your back, so I can attach them nice and tight.

men always get in trouble and you don't want to find out the punishment when that happens, so we preemptively put you in metal bondage. you will never be able to escape the tight metal bracelets digging into your skin.

The guards will look the other way if you imbibe in gay sex, but you will have to be very flexible to make it work when handcuffed.

There are some prison rules that will make you subservient to all Female guards. you will be tongue cleaning your cell and provide oral servitude of the guards.

Get ready for your life sentence!

Includes handcuff fetish, humiliation, prison play, female domination, female supremacy

KEYWORDS - Star Nine police play prison fetish submissive/slave training verbal humiliation pov femdom pov powerful woman powerful women authority figures cosplay costumes costume fetish roleplaying fantasies role playing fantasy kink blondes tall woman tall women

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6 minutes


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Preparing for Release
Featuring Star Nine

Congratulations on your final session before your release from prison. I was the first person you saw when admitted to jail when we installed that chastity device and the last attractive woman you saw before confinement. Did you have sexual fantasies about your psychologist?

The caging has been removed. We're going to see if you can maintain an erection and if your cock functions after being locked in chastity. Are you aroused and have a hard cock from my long legs as you try to see through the pantyhose gusset?

Those handcuffs and shackles are problematic because you can't take what you want. I'm groping my perky tits over my black turtleneck, and cock teasing before undoing one of your metal cuffs. Dangling high heels off, I reveal my nylon soles and pointed toes while giving jerk off encouragement. Masturbate and show me how much you want my pussy.

Congratulations, your dick works and you came quickly. How are you going to maintain cock control when in public? Practice dick control while I guide you through meditation to help control your desires.

you are free to go, but your cock won't be getting hard anytime soon.

Includes orgasm control, female supremacy, joi, mesmerize, female domination

KEYWORDS - Star Nine chastity caging prison play orgasm denial cock tease and denial tease & denial dirty talking dirty masturbation humiliation pov femdom pov sensual domination mental domination mind fuck men following orders man following orders jerk off instruction masturbation encouragement masturbation instruction pantyhose domination pantyhose/stockings leg fetish blondes tall woman kink CFNM

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21 minutes


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Warden Foot Smelling
Featuring Lola Fae & Star Nine

Warden Lola Fae calls prisoner Star Nine into her office. The submissive woman explains with shame how she did sexual favors to get the proper blouse, pencil skirt black pantyhose and classic pumps for their meeting. Star obliges when told to remove her classic black pumps for nylon worship to Lola's pantyhose feet. Shyly, Star reveals her reinforced toe pantyhose.

Lola places her black mules in Star's face as Star explain her roommate's sexual domination. Lola uses her red fingernails to remove her open toed mules so Star can start foot sniffing her nylon feet. The nylon toes press against her face and Lola taunts with sweaty feet.

Pleading to switch cells while smelling shoes and smelling feet, Lola calls her a dirty lady's shoe sniffer, moving on from shoe domination to her red toenails with toe kissing.

If Star will be a submissive foot slut on a weekly basis, she can have a solitary cell. Putting on her black stilettos, Star leaves demoralized.

Includes female domination, foot fetish, foot smelling, pantyhose domination, humiliation

KEYWORDS - prison play foot worship foot humiliation foot play foot slave training foot domination smell fetish smelly feet dirty feet pantyhose/stockings pantyhose fetish high heels shoe fetish shoe worship shoe smelling femdom sensual domination verbal humiliation embarrassment woman following orders powerful woman powerful women submissive sluts kink roleplaying tall woman tall women blondes submissive/slave training

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15 minutes


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Prison Chastity
Featuring Star Nine

your medical exam looks normal and I just have to put this chastity cage on you before releasing you back to the Warden. All prisoners are required to be caged in chastity for your safety as well as the female guards, although they will still be in control of your cock.

you men are so sensitive about your precious little balls. Dangling the keys, I assure you there is nothing to worry about. you'll find this chastity caging comfortable once you acclimate to decreased hard ons.

Despite being locked up in a maximum security prison, you're concerned about having access to your chastity cage keys? you'll learn to pee sitting down and be grateful that your depraved cellmates will be locked up too.

Feel that metal cage digging into your flesh as I cocktease you with my long legs. Welcome to your new helpless world as a criminal without access.

Includes chastity, humiliation, female supremacy, female domination, tease & denial

OTHER KEYWORDS - Star Nine keyholding caging fetish orgasm control orgasm denial cock tease and denial pov femdom pov sensual domination medical fetish medical clinic doctor fetish stethoscope prison play verbal humiliation leather fetish leather skirt shiny fetish clothing fetish clothes shiny clothing shiny clothes pantyhose/stockings pantyhose domination blondes tall woman kink

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8 minutes


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Candle's Arrest
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Candle Boxxx applies lipstick before going out, when I, Star Nine, confront her about her criminal roommate. Amused, then belligerent, she denies the accusation. As I turn her around to handcuff and take her down to the police station, she stumbles in her white highly arched pumps. Resisting arrest escalates this situation.

She struggles and denies involvement in a crime ring as I raise her arms high and place the hinged handcuffs around her wrists. The metal cuffs pinch her skin, but that happens when fighting a cop.

Pushed to her belly, I ask about her role in the criminal world, but she plays stupid. The more she struggles the tighter the metal handcuffs become.

Pulling her up and pushing her against the wall, I need to do a police search. Giving a police pat down, she's indignant at the body gropes. Hair pulling her away from the wall, I push her to her knees for the leg shackles.

Leaving her alone to check the house for contraband, she does bondage struggling, but only makes the metal handcuffs tighter.

Her red fingernails try unlocking the hinges, but there's no escape. The more her red nails fidget with the chained shackles, the tighter they get.

Scolding her for moving, I reward her with a handcuff hogtie. She won't answer my interrogating questions, so I unlock her handcuffed hog tie and an arm holding her away to the station.

Includes handcuff fetish, handcuff and shackle fetish, struggling, female domination, prison play

OTHER KEYWORDS - police fetish metal bondage groping interrogation femdom high heels redheads red hair big tits blondes damsel in distress DID humiliation embarrassment

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13 minutes


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