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Sleep Apnea
Featuring Addie Juniper & Psymon Jerusalem

Addie visits Dr. Jerusalem at the sleep clinic to try to treat her sleep apnea driven insomnia. Dr. Jerusalem invites her to try to take a nap in his office - a much more economical mini-sleep study, he will observe her REM eye movements if she's successful in falling asleep.

Addie tries to make herself comfortable on the short couch & closes her eyes. Psymon sneaks in with a soaked white cloth to help her pass out. Addie panics & struggles before sucumbing to the chloroform.

Dr. Jerusalem takes his time, knowing that noone will disturb him and his limp plaything. He rolls Addie's head back and forth, making sure she's completely out. He checks her eyes, lifts her arms and drops them before exposing her breasts and playing with her limp legs.

Addie begins to stir. She protests weakly, eyes wide as Psymon knocks her out again. He plays more with her limp legs and feet before dragging her to the ground. He cradles her limply in his arms, enjoying himself until she stirs again. She must really have trouble sleeping. He manipulates her face and eyes before laying her out on the ground. It's time to get to the point if she's going to keep waking up so easily.

He's managed to get her panties off before he has to knock her out AGAIN! Now for some real fun. He spreads her limp legs and enters her. Her limp legs flopping around as he thrusts. Finished, he returns her to the couch and allows her to wake-up.

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4X Chloroform KOs, Limp Play, Medical Clinic, Eye Checks Simu-Sex Rape Sleep Fetish

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19 minutes



Messy Roommate
Featuring Addie Juniper & Psymon Jerusalem

Addie & Psymon sit down to watch a movie together, but the basketball game has preempted the beginning of the film so Psymon goes off to take a shower, warning Addie not to touch his pudding. Addie has her own pudding, so this shouldn't be a problem.

Addie takes a bite of her pudding & experiences an overwhelming urge to play with her food. She doesn't want to waste her pudding through, when Psymon left a perfectly good bowl of it right there.

Addie rubs the caramel colored pudding into her face and hair before beginning to coat her breasts through her shirt and over her panties. She removes the messy clothing and coats her body before rubbing her silky wet pussy with the mess, bringing herself to an intense orgasm.

She puts her messy clothes back on and tries to pretend that nothing happened when Psymon returns, but she can't contain her laughter.

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Includes WAM, wet and messy, food porn, masturbation, masturbation

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8 minutes



Side Effect B
Featuring Star Nine & Psymon Jerusalem

Star has been absolutely exhausted lately. She visits the Doctor to see if there is anyway he can help.

He asks her if she has changed her exercise habits or diet lately and suggests getting a bit more sleep, taking vitamins, getting a bit more protein.

He offers her a B-12 shot to give her a little extra boost. Before administering the shot, Dr. Jerusalem warns Star about the adverse reaction some patients can experience from injections in general.

The Doctor administers the shot into her arm, promising that it will be the least painful injection she has ever had. Star passes out quickly, Psymon comments that she must not have had anything to eat today.

The Doctor has been waiting years for Star to come in and need an injection of any type really. He checks her eyes, her arms, she is dead weight. He plays with her face, pushing her lips together. He runs his hands over her legs, removes her shoes, shaking her feet as they dangle off her toes. He lifts her skirt, questioning why she would wear one so short to the Doctors Office unless she was expecting something to happen. He massages her breasts, pulling them out of her skimpy top. He plays with her limp body, pushing her over, propping her back up, flailing her arms around.

The Doctor removes her pants and spreads her pussy open, he was always slighty insulted that she chose to see a female gyno. Done with his game, he decides to leave her unconscious in the office for the nurse to deal with.

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Limp Fetish, Molestation, Medical Fetish, Arm Drops Eyecheck Knockouts By Injection

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