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Sandal Dangling
Featuring Star Nine

Star changes into a pair of heeled thong sandals that a fan bought & proceeds to ignore him on her phone as she wiggles her toes and dangles the sandals from her pedicured toes.

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Includes sandals, dangling, ignore fetish, shoe play

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15 minutes



Foot Humiliation
Featuring Star Nine

Such a little foot boy loser. You can only sit and watch with your hard foot loving cock as I humiliate you. Your eyes are glued to my elegant, dangling, heels as they dip from my soft nylon toes. You salivate, begging to be allowed to worship my leather heels. I remove them and torment you, licking the expensive Italian leather, getting my heels all spitty and then sucking the very heels that you ache to have shoved down your throat.

You're in agony, jealous and aroused. I move on to my delicious pantyhose toes, sucking each one through the nylon before carefully cutting holes for my cherry colored toes to peep through. I suck my sexy toes, explaining how I'd never let your filthy foot boy mouth anywhere near them. I stroke the heels of my stiletto pumps with my soft wet soles, an impression of the nylon foot job you will never get. Removing my sexy black pantyhose, I put on a pair of sexy sandals and spit all over my toes. I wiggle my glistening phallanges , taunting you further while dangling my sexy sandals. Finally I pull my worn nylons over my head, cutting a hole for my mouth & sucking my sexy toes through the nylon mask. You're completely broken and humiliated, gazing at what you can never have.

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Foot Humiliation, Foot Domination, Pantyhose/Stockings, POV Foot Worship, Female Domination, Foot Worship

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13 minutes



Truly Owned
Featuring Star Nine

You beg to be truly owned, to experience real, 24/7 submission, to be my permanent slave.

Of course you think you want that. You don't understand what that would really mean.

If I truly owned you, it wouldn't be all worship & tributes - I would own all that you currently possess, you would have nothing left to give. You would be my property, to do with as I please . . . I could do anything to you. Rent your holes, beat you to within an inch of your life. Turn you into a toilet. Castrate you. Kill you.

You still beg.

I remove my silver sandals & taunt you with my wrinkled soles. Say goodbye to my perfect feet. Once you are truly owned, there will be no more self serving "worship" sessions . . .

Men make the worst slaves. Always begging for attention. What is it that you think you have left to give? I already have all your money. You don't really want to be owned. You wouldn't be bothering me, wasting my time, if you were truly, selflessly serving me.

I offer to release you, back into the wild. Penniless.

You beg for a chance to better.

There's only one way. Only one way to truly serve me, without always putting your desires first - begging for attention, wanting to worship in ways you enjoy. We have to remove the source of your base desire.

Beg me to take your balls. Only as a true eunuch will your desire cease to be a distraction, your service be true and unselfish.

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Extreme Domination, Gelding, Femdom POV, Female Domination, Female Supremacy, Castration

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19 minutes