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Sandal Dangling
Featuring Star Nine

Star changes into a pair of heeled thong sandals that a fan bought & proceeds to ignore him on her phone as she wiggles her toes and dangles the sandals from her pedicured toes.

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Includes sandals, dangling, ignore fetish, shoe play

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15 minutes



Secret Stocking Video
Featuring Star Nine

I've had numerous complaints from female employees about your behavior lately. Did you get a new phone? Is that it in your hand? I can see why they are so concerned, it certainly looks like you could be secretly filming me right now, shooting from the hip.

I also noticed that all of the women who have made complaints have something in common. Can you guess what it is? No? They all wear pantyhose or stockings. Not something that most people would notice, but it's something I pay attention to, since I do wear stockings myself every day.

So that makes me wonder, if you were a perv and secretly taking video, what exactly would you be after? Is it just that you like short skirts, legs in nylons and high heels? Maybe you're hoping to catch a glimpse up their skirt? I did notice that all of the women are also prone to shoe play.

I stare right into the camera at your hip as I dangle and tease my shoe. I notice you perk up when I mention my stocking feet.

Oh, THAT seems to have gotten a reaction out of you. So is that it? Stocking feet? Do you like my...stocking feet? Do my...stocking toes...turn you on?

You understand their concerns, right? If there was an employee going around, secretly taking video of their...stocking feet...and...stocking toes...when they weren't interested in being filmed, we'd have to investigate and fire the employee if he was found guilty.

I play to the camera, dropping my heels, wiggling and pointing my stocking toes, posing, teasing.

But it might be different if he were filming an employee that didn't mind having her...stocking feet...filmed. If he found a woman at his job who actually liked showing off her...stocking toes...for the camera and only took video of her, then he probably wouldn't have to worried about getting fired. Of course, where would he ever find a woman like that? It's be quite dangerous too, he could never get enough, his fantasies would take over his brain all day. She could snap her fingers and he'd be there in a flash just to touch or taste those beautiful, delicate stocking feet.

I look back up at your face and begin to pull myself together, I button up my blouse, pull down my skirt, slip my stocking feet back into my tall high heels. I make a note of our conversation and explain that I will need to see you in my office weekly to make more stocking videos - wait, no, to make sure that there are no other stocking videos on your phone.

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Office Domination, Foot Fetish, Vintage Stockings, Foot Domination, Shoeplay

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9 minutes



Pantyhose Shoeplay
Featuring Star Nine

Star fidgets her sheer hosed feet in and out of her black peep toe heels while she works.

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Includes Pantyhose Fetish, Dangling, Foot Play, Shoe Play, Nude Pantyhose, Foot Fetish

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