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Sleep Study
Featuring Ashley Lane & Chrissy Marie

Ashley Lane & Chrissy Marie join a sleep study to make some extra cash. They sit in the lobby filling out their paperwork, but unbeknownst to to them the study is already starting. The girls begin to feel drowsy & are soon unable to keep their eyes open as Ashley passes out into Chrissy's lap. Each time the girls wake up, things get stranger. First their phones & shoes are missing, next their clothing. Disoriented & unsure of how much time has passed, the girls soon find themselves bound & naked as the study continues indefinitely.

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Includes limp fetish, sleep fetish, damsel in distress, short shorts, bondage

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15 minutes



Chrissy Spanked by Mommy
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Home from school, Chrissy Marie just wants to borrow the family car. Tired of listening to her grown up daughter whine when she doesn't get her way, Star pulls Chrissy over her knee for a good old fashioned spanking. Chrissy kicks and whines, humiliated as her mom pulls down first her shorts & then her panties, spanking her until her ass glows red.

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OTK Spanking, Spanking F/F, Older Woman/Younger Women, Spanking, Short Shorts, Humiliation

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10 minutes



Keds & Pantyhose Foot Smelling
Featuring Candle Boxxx

You can't believe Candle said yes to being your partner on the class project, that she's here, sitting on your dorm couch. Your eyes are glued to her legs, the smooth nude nylon running up to her ridiculously short shorts. The gusset peaking out at her crotch. She calls you out on your boner, your mouth opens, seemingly of it's own accord and begins to babble, telling her all about your fetish, how you love legs, nylons, keds, foot smelling. You threaten not to do any work on the project unless she indulges you.

Candle tries not to laugh at you. She'll indulge your fetish, but it's going to cost you - you do all her homework and get her in an A in the class - or she'll tell everyone about your little fetish. You hastily agree, she's already posing for you, you're already rock hard, you can't believe how well this is going.

She removes her dirty, worn, ked and lets you sniff the inside. She poses one shoe on, one shoe off, allowing you to sniff her warm nylon toes. She teases you, dangling the other shoe. She wiggles out of her tight tiny shorts & poses for you in her silky sheer nylons. She doesn't want you to cum until she tells you, but when she presses her worn shoe up to your nose again, you can't help but squirt. You cum in her sneaker! Disgusted, Candle leaves the room, she's going to tell EVERYONE.

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Dangling, Pantyhose Domination, Foot Smelling, Legs, Masturbation Instruction

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10 minutes



Dangerous Legs
Featuring Star Nine

I tease you mercilessly with my long, lean, legs. Pacing and posing in stiletto booties & short shorts, I taunt you. How does it feel to be so obsessed with something you can never have? Can never touch? My perfect legs turn you into a drooling mess.

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Legs, Goddess Worship, Short Shorts, Boots, Boot Fetish, Cock Tease

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30 minutes



Stalking Little Feet
Featuring Roxie Rae & Star Nine

Star couldn't help but notice her petite neighbor, Roxie Rae, jogging around the neighborhood in her short shorts and tiny little athletic sneakers. In awe of Roxie's little feet, Star will do anything in her power for the chance to worship them.

Worried that Roxie would think she's a weirdo if she just *asked*, Star breaks into her house & chloroforms her while she is watching television.

Once Roxie is unconscious, Star worships her white and pink athletic socks before removing them with her teeth and feasting on Roxie's bare toes & soles.

Roxie begins to stir and Star quickly hides behind her with the wet rag. She knocks Roxie out again & returns to her feast. Wanting, needing, more time with Roxie's soft, petite, soles, Star decides to go hide upstairs and wait for Roxie to go to bed. Hoping that she'll be able to worship longer with Roxie "asleep".

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2x chloroform KOs, Foot Worship, Sock Worship, Limp Fetish, Limp Play, Foot Fetish

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13 minutes



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