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Sissy Porn
Featuring Star Nine

you've been practicing and jerking off alone, ready to show your big cock to a real woman. Show your Mistress how much you desire her. Are you having performance anxiety? Did you think that flaccid little cock would impress me? Is that the biggest you can get?

Have you been trying tease and denial games to make your little dick more impressive? Those edging games are not working and I can't help you with that tiny dick.

I can help you feminize yourself the way you secretly desire. When watching my videos, you wanted to be ME. I transform fragile male egos and transform them into their true selves. Any man with a tiny dicklette should be a SHE.

Are you ready to become an unfuckable sissy? you can be an effeminate CD sissy boy but we need to change your masturbation addiction. Sissies don't jerk off by stroking.

Little sissy girls don't watch porn. Sit on your hands and think about your sissy transformation while I block your computer from porn sites. you have to learn how to orgasm with only erotica.

your first sissy task is to go to the store as a housewife and get a romance novel, lipstick, and manicure supplies. your next slave task will be to grab a hitachi or dildo for your little sissy holes because the next level of sissy whore training will be blowjob training and asshole training for my amusement.

It's time to find your true girly self and admit you are powerless. I would rather see you be a woman than try to impress one with your tiny little dick.

Includes sissy training, small penis humiliation, female domination, humiliation, female supremacy

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20 minutes



Pay to Entertain
Featuring Star Nine

you want to entertain your Mistress by doing humiliating slave tasks? I tease you for desiring attention as my crossed legs uncross. you will need your phone for this slave task game by taking blackmail pictures and paying tributes. It's your chance to be a filthy slut for your Findom Goddess.

Caressing my nylon legs, I command you to strip but don't get a hard dick because I want to see you tuck that little cock like a mangina. Pull the balls apart and back, cock bending and putting your legs together like a lady. Take those incriminating pictures with your hidden little penis. you want Me to see how well you did hiding your little dick, so pay up like a good pay piggy. Send $100 and then you can email the pic only AFTER you have sent MY money.

Dangling high heels off my nylon foot, I explain how my good slaves always have my worn pantyhose on hand. I want you to carefully pull them over your legs. For bonus points, keep that soft cock tucked.

Dress up for Me with a pair of stilettos, a bra or a slip and show what a pretty girl you are. you have to pay for Me to see you in your silky nylons.

As I'm high heel dangling, it's your cue to get dirty with makeup. Show your Pantyhose Goddess your slutty lips with red lipstick as if you've been giving blowjobs for hours. you need to fill your whore lips with something like a cucumber or a dildo and pretend you're gagging on my nylon feet. Snap a pic and get bonus points for crying! Prove how hard you were sucking and send my money like a good tribute slave.

For the final round, think of the dirtiest and most disgusting thing you can do to impress Me. Push your limits to something you don't want anyone to know about and have never done before. Now send.

Send your custom video request to star at starbondmedia dot com

Includes Goddess Worship, financial domination, sissy training, slave tasks, humiliation

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OTHER KEYWORDS - Star Nine imposed crossdressing sissification sissy sluts feminization money fetish verbal humiliation tasks female domination pov femdom pov sensual domination submissive/slave training slut training pantyhose domination pantyhose fetish crossed legs fetish dirty talking

15 minutes



Alley Cat
Featuring Star Nine

Sylvester, start begging on your knees and explain why you thought you should try on my catsuits instead of doing your slave tasks? POV whipping and scolding, I humiliate you for thinking you could be me.

you are too stupid to imitate my perfection. It's CatWoman, not CatMan, because a male could never be as flexible or strong as a Divine Goddess like me.

Do you want to be a girly pussy cat instead of a bumbling henchman? Are you looking for something tight and pretty for your gender exploration? Put this tiny thong over your little clittie. It's repulsive as you put this string bikini top around your pathetic flabby chest.

I should throw you out in the street like that, but I don't think you would be a good burglar in that feminine outfit. Whore training will help with your pay piggy tributes.

Putting on my big black cock, I give blowjob instructions and shove my shaft deep down your throat. Suck and give the best oral servitude, but no gagging or teeth. you will be draining balls in your slutty mouth like a sissy whore.

you've been demoted to a street slut, crying as you get a throat fucking. Don't return until you have my money.

Send your custom video request to star at starbondmedia dot com

Includes sissy training, super villain, femdom pov, sissy sluts, submissive/slave training

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11 minutes



Edge Like A Girl
Featuring Star Nine

I look so good in my classic black pumps, suntan pantyhose and lacy dress. you aren't sure if you want to be a Femdom Mistress like me or jerk your cock. you can't do both. Women don't jack off or stroke because we have better tools to masturbate.

you want to be a good sissy cum slut and learn how to have real orgasms. Dangling shoes off my perfect feet, you can see my red toenails pointing through my suntan nylons as I instruct you to pull on shiny pantyhose. Put a condom on your hard clittie so you don't ruin your silky nylons.

Girls don't stroke and you will use a vibrator on your sissy clitty. you follow my rules of masturbate, pov foot worship my pointed toes, stop touching, cum at my command - or our session will be over. When we are done with our tease and denial games, you will clean up your mess with cum eating.

Turn the vibe on high and edge close before giving toe sucking. Even if we make you a sissy girl, you will never be a sexy Goddess and just a sissy whore.

you are getting foot slave training because you want to prove you can do your slave tasks, not because you have a foot fetish. Stop and take the vibrator away because you were about to orgasm.

your clittie erection is sensitive and you can vibrate on low while looking at my Divine perfection. you want creamy tits and long legs like me.

Put the vibrator on high, anticipating your foot and cock service, opening all of your holes for me. you will be trained and used as a girlie slut after your gelding.

Take a break and start foot sucking. Now go high and stay still so you don't have an accident that will displease Me.

Tell me how badly you want to be a cum guzzling whore, serving me as a heterosexual sissy whore. Kneel and beg for a superior female orgasm.

Grind and thrust the electric massager as I give an orgasm countdown. Breathe through it and have an extended orgasm under my direction.

That condom collected your jizz, and I expect you to slurp down every drop. Get used to the taste because you are going to be a cum slut.

Send your custom video request to star at starbondmedia dot com

Includes sissy training, femdom pov, edging games, joi, pantyhose domination

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OTHER KEYWORDS- sissy slave sissy sluts sissification CEI cum eating instruction Goddess worship female supremacy female domination pov femdom pov sensual domination verbal humiliation submissive/slave training slut training cum countdowns edging games edge play edging fetish tease & denial orgasm control masturbation games joi games jerk off instruction masturbation encouragement masturbation humiliation masturbation instruction cock tease dirty talking joe jerk off encouragement nylon worship leg fetish long legs blondes kink tall woman tall women

21 minutes



Cum Cube 3
Featuring Star Nine

Required equipment for viewing this clip: an ice cube of cum, a large ball gag

Suggested equipment for viewing this clip:slutty stockings, frilly panties, chastity cage & electrical device

All good little sissies wear slutty outfits, beg for their sissy holes to be stretched and filled, and guzzle cum. But you, My wayward little whore, are out of practice & require some special encouragement. you haven't had a big juicy load in your mouth for ages & it's time to get you back in the habit. My detailed instructions and addictive nylon feet are all you need to get back in shape.

With your little clitty locked up in your electric chastity device, covered with frilly panties & slutty stockings all that's left is to pop that cum cube in your whore mouth & seal it up with your biggest ball gag. Now just sniff, slurp, shock your way back to perfect sissy slut condition.

Send your custom video request to star at starbondmedia dot com

Includes mind fuck, sissy training, femdom pov, cei, electrical play, pantyhose domination

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12 minutes



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