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The Cruel Escort
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

On a trip out of town, Ashley Lane gathers her courage and calls an escort service for the first time. She's not sure what she's expecting, but the girl who arrives is very severe, dressed all in leather, and immediately takes control of the situation, groping Ashley & pulling up her schoolgirl skirt to spank her.

Ashley tries to tell her that this isn't what she had in mind, but the cruel escort won't listen. She warns Ashley that if she doesn't submit she will dominate and break her. She orders Ashley to her knees, then forces her there with a series of punches.

Ashley is stunned as the escort begins to strip her semi-conscious body.

Ashley comes to wearing nothing but a pair of pink pantyhose. The escort demands that she get on all fours & proceeds to sit on her, spanking her ass & calling her a pony. Ashley struggles to obey, circling the room with the escort on her back until she collapses.

Once she's collapsed, the escort threatens her with a whip, ordering her through a series of humiliating poses & ordering her to worship her boots before crouching behind her and choking her out. She plays with her clients' limp body, comparing the size of her hands and biceps. The weak girl couldn't possibly defend herself. Ashley comes to one final time & the escort puts her right back out in a sleeper hold before robbing her of her money.

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Includes lesbian domination, limp fetish, pony play, size comparison

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22 minutes



Sis's New Boobs
Featuring Paris Kennedy & Star Nine

Star is super curious about her sister's new boob job. Paris has been away at school for awhile and the girls are catching up in Star's room. Paris has been hiding her larger breasts from their parents by wearing baggy sweaters. Both sisters are topless, comparing breasts, when they notice their little brother (Tony) staring at them from the doorway!

They quickly cover up and start scolding their little brother for being such a perv. Paris begins to reminisce on what a little perv he was when she still lived at home. Star tells her it's gone further than that now & details all the dirty ways she's been teasing her little brother, even letting him stroke it to her!

Paris has got to see this, so they encourage their brother to pull out his hard cock and stroke it to his sister's breasts. Afterwards, they make him clean up by licking his cum off his hands & order him out of the room.

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Taboo, Big Tits, CEI, Cum Eating Instruction, Size Comparison, Masturbation Encouragement

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11 minutes



Scissoring Competition
Featuring Andrea Rosu & Star Nine

Star & Andrea stretch their legs after a particularly brutal dance class. Andrea notes how huge her thighs are getting & they compare leg muscles, measuring the difference. Then they test their strength, applying scissor holds to each other in various positions.

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Scissorholds, Size Comparison, Muscular Women, Leotards, Muscle Domination, Legs

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15 minutes



Taking Daisy's Soles
Featuring Daisy Ducati & Star Nine

Star has a huge foot fetish & a beautiful girlfriend - Daisy Ducati, but Daisy never lets her play with her feet! Daisy works with her feet all day, having them rubbed and worshiped in sessions & it's the last thing she wants to think about when she gets home. Star is disappointed as usual when she asks to play with Daisy's feet and her girlfriend just suggests they watch a movie. She pouts as she pours liquid onto a white rag.

Daisy notices what she is doing & asks about it, but Star just clamps the chloroform soaked rag over her girlfriend's face. Finally she can touch and taste Daisy's perfect soles. She removes Daisy's shoes and sniffs each black nylon foot. She begins to massage her girlfriend's feet.

When Daisy awakes, Star pretends that she was letting her massage them, she tells Daisy that she must have passed out from the endorphins! That's a thing - she must really need this massage, she should let Star keep going. Daisy has never fainted before, she's concerned, maybe she should take a nap, or they should go to the hospital. Star reassures her as she clamps the rag back over her face. She hasn't gotten a chance to taste her girlfriend's toes yet.

Star gets to worshiping Daisy's limp feet. She's so entranced by them that she doesn't notice as Daisy begins to stir again. Daisy sees the chloroform rag and slowly reaches for it. She's putting an end to this nonsense. She springs up, surprising Star, and presses the rag to her face. Star struggles as she loses consciousness. Daisy giggles at her limp girlfriend, lifting her skirt and dropping her limp arm before leaving the room. They're going to have to have a serious talk in the morning.

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Limp Fetish, 3X Chloroform Knockouts, Foot Worship, Foot Smelling, Hand Over Mouth, Size Comparison

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12 minutes