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Dominated By The Submissive Woman 3
Featuring Ashley Lane

Forgetting something? Something shiny and smooth? Since you can't follow simple institutions, Ashley Lane is going to have to come up with some other way for you to amuse her. First you'll be a footstool to rest her soft shiny nylon feet on. Doesn't it feel good to be useful? Doesn't it feel good to serve a purpose? Now beg, beg to be allowed to do absolutely anything she commands. Even if it means drinking your own piss. You want to please her don't you?

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Includes pantyhose domination, toilet fetish, slave training, femdom pov

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10 minutes



Slut Training Super Chrissy
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Super Chrissy thinks she's on an important mission, but really she's just walking right into my trap. She tries to fight me off, but I have a special jewel up my sleeve - a perfect, polished, kryptonite choker destined for her neck.

Weakened by the powerful stone she's unable to save herself from the powerful wedgies & orgasms I use to break her down. Soon she is transformed into an obedient slave begging to be collared.

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Includes wedgies, superheroine, forced orgasms, slave training

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31 minutes



Forced Bi Boots
Featuring Star Nine

These boots you bought make you weak, they remind you of how weak you felt when you were paying for them. you really can't resist doing anything I say can you? Anything I want for My amusement. you're lucky really, lucky that basic things that get other men's dicks hard really do nothing for you. Lucky that you're happy to be My sexless, obedient, self-denying, nylon stroking, slave. you'd never even fantasize about fucking a Goddess, all those vanilla things are totally off the table. you'd rather be a good boy. Anything for Goddess's amusement. So lucky, all the new things you get to experience for Me.

If I were to allow you to fuck in my presence, for my amusement, can you imagine what that would entail? Of course tease & denial is endlessly amusing to Me . . . can you guess what else I have in mind for you? Sure I could put on my strap-on and have you slobber all over it, but today you're going to suck real live fleshy cock for Goddess. All that conditioning, all that cum swallowing, you didn't think it was just going to stop there did you? No you're going to be a real life cock sucker for Goddess.

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Includes forced bi, strap-on, femdom pov, slave training

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15 minutes



Featuring Star Nine

Pavlovian Isn't it interesting how you find yourself almost instinctually in that position on your knees when you beg?
What's even more interesting is that you beg at all.
you've been trained to associate this quiet unobtrusive submission with getting what you want.
you've learned that if you just behave like a good boy maybe you won't be shooed away.

What you might not be so conscious of is how conditioned your responses have become.
Pavlovian really, you've been trained on a subconscious level.
Notice your breathing, it's a conditioned response, your heartbeat quickens, turns your brain right off. Blank & ready to be trained.
man was of course the first animal to learn how to behave in order to curry favor.
All of the cues are buried deep in your genetic code, easily activated by Me.

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Includes pantyhose domination, mesmerize, goddess worship, slave training

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20 minutes



Controlled By Nylon Soles
Featuring Star Nine

I think we can both agree there are many things My wiggling toes control. your motivation, your happiness, the bulge in your pants.

Hard in your slacks once again, eager to please Me, eager to give in, to submit, eager to be on your knees.

you ache to feel My soft soles pressed up against your eager little face. Soft silky nylon controlling your breath in ways you can't deny.

So aroused & so breathless.

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Includes pantyhose domination, foot domination, foot smother, office domination, foot slave training

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15 minutes



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