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The Encasement Suit
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star is excited to receive her new remote control encasement suit in the mail. She quickly slips it on and tests it out. She relaxes as the suit gentle pulsates in massage mode & then tries out the vibrate mode. She moans in pleasure as the suit targets the most sensitive parts of her body. Suddenly the vibration gets more intense, too intense. She tries to turn it down, but the suit just tightens up, continuing the vibrate her sensitive pussy.

Star desperately tries to remove the suit, but the zipper has disappeared. Suddenly the suit wraps around her wrists and then her ankles, restraining her. She cries out, but the suit quickly gags her & then the mask tightens. Star struggles to breathe as the suit takes over.

Possessed by the encasement suit, Star enters her roommate's bedroom. She searches through the draws and finds worn pantyhose and a strap-on dildo. She waits for her roommate, Ashley Lane, to get home & surprises her. She struggles with Ashley on the bed. Once she's gained control, Star has her way with her.

As she removes Ashley's white panties the possessed Star is delighted to discover a hole already cut in her pantyhose. She worships Ashley's nylon legs and feet, her tongue pressed up against her mask. Flipping Ashley over onto her stomach, she binds her wrists with worn nylon before sliding her cock deep inside of her.

As Ashley begins to resist, Star shoves more worn nylon in her mouth and continues to thrust away. She flips Ashley over onto her back and licks her breasts through her nylon mask. She handgags Ashley as her thrusting picks up speed.

While Star is cumming, Ashley manages to free her hands. She tries to make her escape, but Star wrestles her back down onto the bed and pulls pantyhose over her head to subdue her. The phone rings and the encasement possessed Star gleeful invites Ashley's friend over anticipating a new encasement victim.

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Includes struggling, nylon encasement, sleepy fetish, limp fetish, lesbian domination

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28 minutes



Before The Magician
Featuring Star Nine

In this prequel to The Magician series, budding heroine Star Nine sits down for a fan interview. During the interview she explains why she keeps all of her spells on her phone, flashing back to a young Star carrying around heavy loads of magick text books as she investigates evil. She repeatedly finds herself blacking out and coming to tied up & naked. As the interview is coming to an end, Star becomes very drowsy. She whips out her handy phone and is just able to cast a spell as she is passing out.

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Includes woman following orders, sleepy, superheroine, pigtails, limp fetish

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13 minutes



Firm Competition
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy Marie & Star Nine work for the same law firm. Star is up for a promotion & Chrissy has been tasked with reviewing the new contract with her. As Star sits on her sofa, Chrissy enacts a plan to snag the promotion for herself.

With Star's eyes focused on the contract, Chrissy soaks a rag with chloroform and clamps it down over Star's nose and mouth. Star struggles and eventually goes out. Chrissy unbutton's Star's blouse and positions one of her hands inside her white bra. She places a liquor bottle in her other hand and proceeds to take photos of her colleague's compromising position.

After knocking her out again to finish with her little photo project, Chrissy walks a woozy Star to a chair and sits her down, tying her wrists behind her back. Chrissy uses the chloroform to keep Star suggestible as she interrogates her, trying to uncover some useful dirt on her.

Unable to get much out of Star, Chrissy steps away to make a phone call. Star slowly wakes up and unties her hands. She finds Chrissy's chloroform bottle and soaks the rag before slumping back over in position. When Chrissy approaches, Star easily gets the upper hand, knocking her out. She finds the pictures on Chrissy's phone and decides to copy her strategy, taking photos of Chrissy unconscious in her bra for insurance.

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Includes sleepy fetish, limp fetish, bra fetish, interrogation, blackmail

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21 minutes



Encased Spy Turned Sex Slave
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Masked spy Ashley Lane creeps into Star's bedroom with her bag of tricks. She sees the thumb drive she's looking for, but as she approaches the sleeping Star, her phone rings. Star jolts awake and she wrestles the nylon clad intruder on the bed.

Star quickly gains the upper hand. With the intruder limp & subdued, Star decides to teach her a sexy lesson. She rolls up Ashley's shirt, licking her nylon covered breasts before reaching for her strap-on cock. She slides into Ashley's pussy and fucks her through a hole in her pantyhose, wrapping her nylon legs around her and worshiping her pantyhose feet.

Star goes through Ashley's things. She pulls a sexy nylon mask over her head and slips on short black gloves. She gags Ashley & ties her hands behind her back before flipping her over to fuck her some more. Ashley weakly moans as Star details her plan to keep Ashley as her personal sex slave.

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Includes nylon encasement, sleepy fetish, lesbian domination, strap-on, pantyhose domination

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25 minutes



Mesmerizing Feet
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Mesmerizing music begins to play as Star & Ashley return from their run. They're still full of energy and ready to hit the weights, but the music slowly calms their energy. Soon they are sitting on the floor, slowly removing their gym shoes.

The music stops and they snap out of it, trying to hide their bare feet. That music reminds them of yoga classes, stinky bare feet on rubber mats.

It begins again and Ashley and Star fall under. They continue removing their shoes and begin to stretch their bare feet while mindlessly repeating mantras. Their soft soles and murmuring voices begin to effect you as you too fall under the music's mesmerizing spell.

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Includes woman following orders, foot fetish, mesmerize, foot domination, yoga pants

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12 minutes



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