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Deeper With Every Sniff
Featuring Star Nine

you crave my pantyhose feet as I'm shoe dangling these shiny black pumps. Inhale my stocking feet smell. The reinforced toe pantyhose hold on to the foot scent and feed your foot addiction. One foot sniffing and you are hooked on my pheromones.

My wiggling toes and nylon soles cock tease as you get deeper under my foot control. It makes you feel closer to your pantyhose Mistress when you smell my used pantyhose that you bought.

Every foot inhalation gets you deeper into your nylon worship and I have slave tasks that will help you obtain true pantyhose submission.

Go deeper and listen to my mantras. Be a part of ME, let go and give in. There's no resistance or struggle. This pantyhose addiction is your choice.

Includes Goddess worship, humiliation, foot smelling, mental domination, pantyhose domination

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11 minutes



Ass Sniffing HOA
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Star Nine is getting ready for her shower when the Home Owners Association President invites herself in and asks to do butthole smelling. Seeing that Star's shocked, Candle Boxxx explains that it's part an owner initiation and she will be kicked out of the neighborhood if she doesn't do it.

It's embarrassing, but Star strips her silky robe and bends over a few feet away from the meddlesome busy body. Candle insists that her tight asshole needs to be on her nose. When Star's pink butthole is on her face, Candle inhales deeply and loves the asshole smelling. It's a musty butthole and Candle laughs in pleasure as she commands Star to start coughing. The butt spreading and butt humiliation is too much and Star demands that her interloper leave.

Later, Star is going to the bathroom and shocked when Candle comes bouncing in. She has a key and can walk in anytime, even when Star is on the toilet!

It's perfect that she has a sweaty ass from exercising. Candle moans as Star's back arching against the wall with her firm ass in her face. Ass motorboating mortifies Star, but butt spreading, ass roleplaying games, and ass squeezing with Candle's red fingernails are too much.

Star allows 3 more deep breaths and Candle leaves...for now.

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Includes ass smelling, humiliation, female domination, ass sniffing, embarrassment

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15 minutes



Lesbian Stalker 2
Featuring Dalia Maroe & Star Nine

Dalia Maroe struggles in her chair bondage and doesn't recognize me (Star Nine). She's confused about being rope bound, so I tighten her chest bondage to remind her who's the dominant woman.

I have been following her, but she never noticed me. She's a tall woman with pretty hair and long legs. Lapsitting, she admits to having lesbian tendencies, but never saw me which hurts my feelings.

Grabbing another chair, I put my classic black pumps in her lap and rub my nylon legs. Unstrapping her ankle strap high heels, I reveal her pantyhose feet for a foot comparison!

Peeking upskirt, I happy she's not wearing panties and I put my stocking feet on her nylon thighs. My wiggling toes go to her nose for smelling feet. She loves my shiny sheer pantyhose and stinky feet!

With my smelly feet on big tits, she seems to like being my bondage slave. Lap grinding, I prove my flexibility by bringing my pantyhose soles to her nose. Thigh grinding seduces her more but she is hesitant about playing with me.

Putting on my stilettos, I leave her to steal shoes!

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Includes foot worship, lesbian domination, bondage, foot smelling, pantyhose domination

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10 minutes



Desperate Foot Smelling
Featuring Dalia Maroe & Star Nine

Dalia Maroe is getting her annual review from me, Star Nine, but she's lousy and offers to do anything for the secretary job. She's heard that I have a lesbian foot fetish and I clarify that I like humiliating foot worship.

Crawling to her hands and knees, she starts begging as I'm high heel dangling in her face. Shoe smelling and foot massaging, she loses her eagerness, but tries to be a foot submissive.

Taking one shoe off, she has to do more high heel smelling and she can't believe I have such dirty shoes. Moving on to nylon foot smelling, I want to see her crying from my foot stench. As she's groveling, I expect her to talk to my pointed toes instead of looking at her new Foot Mistress directly.

She's instructed to give deep breaths to my smelly shoes. Her face smells like pantyhose feet, but I'm not done with her. My other black pump needs shoe worship before moving on to pantyhoes toe worship.

3 more deep breaths of dirty stilettos before she's putting them on my large feet, as I explain her new pantyhose worship routine.

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Includes pantyhose domination, foot worship, office domination, foot humiliation, foot domination

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OTHER KEYWORDS- pantyhose/stockings foot fetish foot slave training foot smelling shoe fetish high heels stilettos smell fetish female domination femdom verbal humiliation secretaries boss/employee work humiliation brunettes blondes tall woman tall women kink

13 minutes



Foul Socks
Featuring Star Nine

A particularly foul pair of socks for a particularly pathetic slave. These are repulsive, truly, My look of disgust is 100% authentic. These should really just go in the trash, but you beg Me to mail them off to you, even at double the price. What a disgusting loser. Bonus if your name is Brandon.

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Includes socks, smell fetish, femdom pov, verbal humiliation

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11 minutes



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