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Featuring Star Nine & Codey Steele

Men are so easy to destroy. Especially when they're cocky and arrogant like Codey. Silly CEO didn't even think to have an attorney present for his company's acquisition. As we go over the paperwork I spot an enticing loophole, but he's so distracted he just glosses over it. He think's he's in a position of power here so I let him get what he wants, his hands up my skirt, over my pantyhose. I go over the plan in my head while I have him by his tie on his knees worshiping my pussy. I just need for him to sign, he blindly obeys, scribbling his signature and I cum.

The next day I have it all set, we're broadcasting to the new board, they vote to accept the operating documents and I turn off the screen, secretly still broadcasting. I let Codey bend me over the desk to celebrate. He fucks me hard for the whole board to see. Silly boy doesn't even notice when I turn the camera to follow us as I climb on top of and ride his cock to orgasm. He's about to cum when I share my little secret. Orgasm ruined, he rushes over to slam the laptop shut and throws a tantrum, just like the man child he is. I just made so. much. money.

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Includes female domination, softcore, pussy eating, office domination, ruined orgasms

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23 minutes



Vampire Transformation
Featuring Casey Calvert & Codey Steele

After a traumatic evening, Casey Calvert lies motionless on the floor. Suddenly she arches up, gasping for air. Her face and clothing transform from girl next door to sexy vamp. Newly awakened, it's time to feed.

She pushes her prey down into the chair, ordering him to take his shirt off. He eagerly obeys. She strips out of her sexy black dress and mounts him. Leaning in to kiss him with her wet black lips. She slides her alabaster body down his and sucks his cock before coming back up and slipping him inside of her.

As his pleasure grows she begins to transform. Her nails grow into long, curved, black stilettos. As she rides him she slashes at his skin with her long claws. He winces but doesn't stop her as she marks up his skin. His orgasm begins to build and she snaps her head back, extending her teeth before going in for the kill.

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Includes vampire, transformation, scratching, biting, softcore

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13 minutes



Super Taboo
Featuring Star Nine & Lance Hart

Super Mom & Super Son go up against Dr. Pervo, tracking him to his lab & aiming to put an end to his nefarious plans. The family super duo have him cornered as mother and son trade off taking blows at the evil scientist. It's all going according to plan until Dr. Pervo reveals the device he's been hiding behind his back. He takes aim at Super Mom first, and then points his ray at Super Son. The duo look at each other in confusion, the ray didn't do anything! Or did it?

Mother & Son find themselves growing very aroused, an uncontrollable urge pushes them into each others' arms. They curse Dr. Pervo as they lock lips, quickly stripping down and pressing their bodies together. Dr. Pervo looks on as Super Mom & Super Son, at the mercy of his sexray, incestuously enjoy each others' bodies in every position imaginable. By the time Super Son has popped and the effects of the sexray begin to wear off, Dr. Pervo is long gone.

Shell shocked and shamed from their incestuous rutting the family super duo cover their bodies & swear revenge.

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Superheroines, Magic Control, Erotic Magic, Taboo, SoftCore, Cosplay

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16 minutes



The Burglaress
Featuring Star Nine & Lance Hart

Beautiful & cold, the thief breaks into Lance's house to rob him. Once inside she takes off her face mask and sunglasses and pulls a nylon stocking over her head. She begins to look around but Lance arrives home unexpectedly. She subdues him & tapes his ankles and wrists together, getting him to spit out the combination of the safe before taping his mouth shut. Her bag filled with his money, she returns to the living room where he struggles on the floor. Aroused by his terror, she decides to take more than she came for . . .

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Executrix, Bondage Male, Softcore, Nylon Clothing, Female Domination, Nylon Encasement

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13 minutes



Seduced with Lashes
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane brings a reluctant girlfriend home from the bar. Star resists at first, but Ashley seduces her with lashes from her whip, patiently edging her closer and closer to saying yes.

Ashley wraps her arms around her conquest, kissing her gently before they devour each others pussies (softcore).

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Softcore, Girl-Girl, Whipping, Lesbian Domination, Gag Talk, Lesbian

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