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Foot Pussy Denial
Featuring Star Nine

Teasing your short, fat, cock. you've given up on trying to use it haven't you? Impossible to penetrate with, unsatisfying to stroke. The only way you're able to get off with a Woman is by rubbing your misshapen nub on her sexy feet.

I know this, just by looking at you. I tell you your own life story, your sexual history, as I oil up my long feet. My sexy high arches glisten as I rub My first between them, approximating how your short stub would fit. you're dripping at the sight of my perfect, glistening soles, my delicate arches, my perfect toes, wrinkled soles. Desperate for My foot pussy. Desperate & denied.

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Includes sph, foot fetish, tease & denial, humiliation, femdom pov

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9 minutes



Silencing Ashley
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star is sick of her roommate, Ashley Lane, making so much noise in the mornings. Star requires a solid nine hours of sleep, but Ashley likes to get up early to jog and get ready for the office. A grumpy Star confronts Ashley as she takes off her running shoes. Ashley apologizes for making so much noise, but Star is already on her way to the bedroom to grab ropes and gag materials. She drags Ashley to her bed and ties her up tightly, shoving her sweaty running socks in her mouth. She heads back to bed, but Ashley manages to spit the sweaty socks out and call for help. A pissed off Star returns, hand gagging her before tying the foul socks back in place with a nylon stocking.

The next day, Ashley is getting ready for work when she remembers that she needs to be quiet. Hoping to avoid a repeat of yesterday, she grabs some rope and heads to Star's bedroom. If she ties Star up tightly enough she won't have to worry about making too much noise. Star struggles and is quickly able to free herself. She grabs the rope and heads to Ashley's room where she confronts her roommate. Star makes Ashley lie down on the bed with her wrists behind her back before binding her tightly. Ashley protests that she needs to get to work to make rent money. Star gags her with more black stockings and heads back to bed.

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Includes bondage, gagged women, struggling, damsel in distress, escaping

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38 minutes



Belly Punching Battle
Featuring Luna Lain & Star Nine

Luna Lain & Star Nine go at it in a deep belly punching battle that leaves them gasping, coughing, lolling their tongues and vomiting with each brutal punch.

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Includes belly punching, spitting, gagging, belly fetish, female fighting

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20 minutes



Belly Button Distraction
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane and Star Nine stare at the wall in detention. Bored, Star begins to play with her belly button. She unbuttons her shirt, and then her jeans in order to get access to her deep, sexy, belly button. Ashley hears the rustling of clothes and glances back over her shoulder. Star fingers her belly button and spits onto her stomach, contracting her muscles to guide the spit down to her sexy belly hole. Ashley creeps over for a closer look as Star fingers her wet belly button, moaning in ecstasy.

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Includes belly button fetish, belly fetish, spit, school uniform, adult school

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11 minutes



Bionic Battle
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy & Star arrange to go for a run after Star's stay at the OSI hospital. Star is a little tired & Chrissy offers to make her some tea. As Star sits on the couch, her bionic ear activates. It's an imprinted cue that puts her into a mesmerized state & forces her to use her bionics against Chrissy.

Star sneaks up behind her friend in the kitchen & bionically pounds her left foot. Chrissy hobbles around, pleading with Star to snap out of it. A bionic battle begins with Chrissy & Star trading kicks and punches.

Star catches Chrissy's left leg & bends her toes back until they malfunction. Chrissy's foot lands with a fizzle and she bionically runs out of the room. Star chases her and tackles her to the floor.

The bionic battle continues. Eventuslly Chrissy's leg gives out and she falls to the floor unable to get up. Star pushes her leg back towards her head as Chrissy's bionics slowly fail. Chrissy passes out from the pain & Star blankly continues to play with her nylon legs.

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Includes superheroines, robots, female fighting, magic control, limp fetish

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20 minutes



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