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Spit & Trample
Featuring Star Nine

you're so pathetic at your Mistress's bare feet, but I have a delicious gift for you and start drooling a big strand of spit on you. I made a big puddle for you to lie in like a little bitch.

Open your fucking mouth and start spit eating as my bare foot presses my drool against your pathetic face, giving upskirt flashes.

Do you want my spitty feet jumping on you as I humiliate? Get a good look before I give one last spit in your mouth for you to swallow. Marinate in my spit before showering for 48 hours like a good boy.

Includes spit fetish, humiliation, trampling, female domination, foot fetish

OTHER KEYWORDS - Star Nine spitting fetish drooling fetish pov trampling BDSM instruction pov femdom pov Goddess worship stomping foot domination foot humiliation pov foot worship foot slave training verbal humiliation blondes tall woman tall women kink outdoors outside

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8 minutes



Pissing Contest
Featuring Star Nine

A series of vignettes!

you're so tiny, pathetic and easy to defeat, cowering beneath me while worshiping my strength and beauty. Does it turn you on knowing I'm so powerful. Spitting on and stroking my big shaft of my strapon, I'm going to break you open.

Moaning in orgasm, I'm not prepared when you point a remote control at me causing me to start pissing my uniform. Squatting in a pee puddle, you zap again, causing more urination to stream down my big cock and long legs. Slumping over with my firm ass in the air, my mind is scrambled.

Later, I'm gloating and grab my vibrating wand to prove my sexual dominance. you can't escape your rope bondage and I'm cumming hard while vibing my sensitive pussy. Not that stupid remote! Convulsing and drooling, my eyes flutter.

Fast forward and I'm pillow humping and humiliating your manhood. Do you like my spit as I'm gagging on my gloved hands. I own you and give another humiliating piss. And then you bring out that stupid tazer leaving me with my tight booty in the air!

Revived, I'm crotch grinding the bed which is more satisfying than your little penis. Coming down to your level, I'm ready to penetrate you and symbolize your defeat. you want to give my superior cock a handjob? It's so much bigger than your little cock. Spitting on you, I condemn your wiliness before falling down to the ground.

I cringe as you're pouring water on me and then use the taser setting on my wet body which convulses until I'm foaming at the mouth.

Includes pee, humiliation, spit fetish, female domination, supervillain

OTHER KEYWORDS - Star Nine pee fetish pants wetting toilet humiliation struggling drooling fetish spitting fetish pov femdom pov female supremacy Mistress Goddess worship supervillains super villains costumes cosplay catsuits cat suits fetish clothing gloves glove fetish solo female masturbation solo masturbation vibrators electric massagers female orgasms small penis humiliation sph verbal humiliation embarrassment strong woman strong women powerful woman powerful women pov strap-ons arrogant woman arrogant women dry humping pillow humping blondes tall woman tall women kink

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24 minutes



Mouth Fetish Before & After
Featuring Star Nine

Worship My hot, wet, mouth. Never before released footage from 2019 followed by a brand new clip from 2021. Kneel as I tease you with my tongue, spit, sexy lips and sharp white teeth. My worn aligner trays are available for the discerning slave.

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Includes mouth fetish, teeth fetish, femdom pov, lip fetish, lipstick fetish, spit fetish

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6 minutes



Tenderized & Baked
Featuring Arielle Lane & Star Nine

Arielle Lane captures Star & makes her her play thing. For over an hour, Star is bound, flogged & forced to cum. Arielle cuts her clothes off, stakes her out spread-eagle, attaches cruel clamps to her nipples & then leaves her to roast under heat lamps.

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Foot Fetish, Toe Sucking, Foot Domination, Pantyhose/Stockings, Spit Fetish, Toe Fetish

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62 minutes



Maya's Spitty Toe Sucking
Featuring Maya Kendrick

Maya Kendrick shows off her feet in a fishnet body stocking. She teases you, spitting on her soles and popping her toes out through the fishnets to suck on them. She pops her long toes in her mouth and rolls her eyes back.

Next she teases you in polka dot pantyhose and pink stilettos. She pulls her pantyhose down spreading her ass cheeks before removing and worshiping her own high heels. You find yourself in a jealous stroking frenzy as she lies back to worship her own nylon feet, exposing her wet pussy as she talks dirty to you around her own toes.

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Foot Fetish, Toe Sucking, Foot Domination, Pantyhose/Stockings, Spit Fetish, Toe Fetish

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13 minutes



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