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Lesbian Stalker
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star has a super fan, a stalker. Ashley Lane has broken into her house (again) and Star has decided to punish her personally as calling the cops last time was obviously not enough of a deterrent. She has Ashley tied to a chair and is punishing her with nipple clamps, but to her disgust, Ashley is having the time of her life.

Star bends Ashley over the table and spanks her, but Ashley's moans are tinged with pleasure. She leaves the room to get something else to punish her with and Ashley escapes.

Now Ashley has her favorite bondage model tied up. She bends Star over the table just like she was and spanks her. Something catches her eye off camera and she places Star on the floor, securing her with duct tape.

Ashley walks back into the room wearing Star's strap on. She puts nipple clamps on Star's tits and tries to force her to suck. She finally gets Star to comply by saying that she'll let her go. Star reluctantly takes the black strap-on cock down her throat.

Ashley is distracted by a loud noise and Star yells for help, but instead of finding freedom Star ends up with her stalker tied up in her lap. She struggles to free herself as Ashley grinds with pleasure, reaching to kiss her idol through her gagged mouth.

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Includes lesbian domination, bondage, bdsm, nipple clamps, strap-on sucking

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18 minutes



Supergirl vs. Supergirl
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Supergirl has long dreamt of herself doing horrible things. She thought the dreams might be repressed memories & in attempting to investigate she has learned that she has a clone that she is psychically linked to. Using this psychic link she has tracked her clone down, she bursts into the room and is overjoyed to find her, eager to comfort & free her.

Dark Supergirl scoffs at this & mocks Supergirl for being such a goody-2-shoes. She reminds her of her abandoned mission, her reason for being sent to earth in the first place. Somehow Supergirl has been tainted by earthly morals, what about her loyalty to krypton?

Supergirl vows to use their psychic link to prevent her clone from doing harm.

Dark Supergirl laughs, telling her not to be so uptight "I know your secret, we're psychically linked. It's not my fighting that disturbs you, it's my other conquests. Poor virginal Supergirl. I can teach you a thing or two you know . . ."

Dark Supergirl pushes her up against the wall displaying her superior strength.

Supergirl tries to escape her grasp but her clone is able to hold her in place. She insists that something's not right, even if her clone is stronger, she shouldn't feel this weak.

Dark Supergirl reveals the krptonite, calmly picking it up in her hand. She tosses the kryptonite to Supergirl who can't help but catch it. She falls to her knees in agony, dropping it and clasping her hand as though it's burned. She scoots away from the kryptonite and backs up against the wall, whimpering.

Her clone approaches & makes her suck her strap on cock. She forces Supergirl to strip & then rips her pantyhose open, plunging her cock in. She forces Supergirl to cum before taking her in another position and making her clean her cock off.

She bends over the cowering Supergirl & assures her that she won't be able to defeat her, and she certainly won't be reforming her. She leaves Supergirl cowering in the room with the kryptonite.

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Includes superheroine, lesbian domination, strap-on, super villain

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19 minutes



Nylon Slave
Featuring Chrissy Daniels & Terra Mizu & Star Nine

Golden light fills the room. The encased slave (Chrissy Daniels) rubs her nylon legs together in anticipation.

I come in & use her - cutting holes for access to her pussy & mouth for my strap on. I pull her long red pigtails as I get my cock wet in her mouth. My house slave, Terra Mizu, watches from the corner touching herself as I fuck my nylon slut. She gasps as she cums. She's not supposed to be there.

Later, she comes in and plays with the slave herself, first pulling her panties aside so that the slave can lick her pussy. She has the doxy out and positioned between their pussies when I catch her.

The lights is fading as Terra struggles on the bed, now she is encased. I insert an inflatable gag into her naughty mouth and instruct my little nylon slut to keep an eye on her.

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Pantyhose Domination, Lesbian Domination, Nylon Encasement, Strap-On, Lesbian

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