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3 Wishes
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star pretends to be a genie & grants Ashley Lane three wishes. First Ashley wishes for Star to perform a strip tease & Star sexily gets naked. Ashley decides to join her & removes her clothing as well. For her second wish, Ashley wishes for a tickle fight and the naked girls roll around the living room giggling. With her final wish, Ashley asks to make out & so they sensually kiss and caress each other.

Star says that since Ashley got her three wishes that it's time for her to go. She nods her head and magically disappears into thin air! Ashley is shocked, she thought they were just role playing! Her shock turns to laughter as invisible hands begin to tickle her all over.

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Tickling, Erotic Magic, Blondes, Kissing, Sensual Tickling, Strip Tease

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10 minutes



Cucked to Death
Featuring Star Nine

This is the deepest, darkest, cuckolding fantasy - the furthest it can go & should only be viewed as such - pure fantasy. If you have trouble separating fantasy from reality, this is not the clip for you.

You watch me dress as always, you can't count the number of times you've sat right there, watching me pull on something tight and sexy for another man.

Tonight is special, I've finally found the right cock, the right sperm donor. Soon my belly will be swelling with his genetically superior seed.

I seductively joke with you as I step into my sexy high heels, about how you would just die if I walked out on you in them. Your cock swells at the thought. You've eroticized your worthlessness over the years, learning to enjoy the little crumbs. The reverse strip tease as I prepare myself to go out with real men, but nothing has ever made you harder than this - my little throw away line about your death.

This is what gets you hard now. Fantasizing about your own death. I maneuver my legs in their opaque pantyhose through our routine predate leg tease - this is the most sexual contact you ever get from your superior wife - permission to stroke to my fully clothed, perfect form. I muse on this new development as you stroke. Perhaps it's not such a bad idea, killing yourself. It was always the plan for me to get pregnant by someone more appropriate, a real man with better genetic material to pass on. Always the plan for you to spend every penny you earn providing for me and my child. Perhaps we would be better off without you though, now that you point it out. What kind of a role model would such a worthless man be? In fact, I bet your insurance policy would provide more for us than the rest of the working hours of your pathetic life.

Go ahead, make this your last orgasm, cum to the idea of ending it all to provide for your cuckolding, pregnant, wife.

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Executrix, Cuckolding, Tights Fetish, Verbal Humiliation, Legs, Pantyhose Domination

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15 minutes



In The Belly of the Giantess
Featuring Star Nine

I have a huge surprise for you - a sexy little strip tease until your favorite part of me is exposed - my sexy, taught, little belly button. I know all about your fetish & today we're going to take it to the next level.

I shrink you down to bug size and pluck you up off the ground. I'm going to swallow you whole, but first I tease you with my giant mouth, nipples, toes, and of course, my sexy belly button which you're now tiny enough to fit inside.

I rub my belly with you buried inside my tight hole, so close, but not quite inside until I swallow you whole, rubbing and fingering my belly button with you floating in my belly.

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Giantess, Vore, Belly Button Fetish, Belly Fetish, Abs, Shrinking Fetish

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10 minutes



A Good Defense
Featuring Kobe Lee

Kobe Lee is the top performing defense attorney in the state - she's never lost a single case. You're with the DA's office, prosecuting her client. Your case is strong, but there's no way Kobe will let you beat her winning streak.

She meets with you at your hotel with a deal. A wager.

If you can refrain from touching yourself for 10 minutes, her client will accept a plea. If you're unable to control yourself, you must drop all charges.

Convinced that Kobe will attempt a strip tease, you accept the deal. She may have caught you staring at her in court once or twice, but there's no way she could possibly know your weakness for legs and feet in pantyhose. So long as she strips down you'll be safe from temptation . . .

Includes pantyhose domination, office domination

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14 minutes



Kendra's Sensuous Strip
Featuring Kendra James & Anastasia Pierce

Kendra James sensuously strips down to her suntan pantyhose in preparation for her spa treatment.

This is a scene from a future release.

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Strip Tease, Striptease, Redheads, Big Tits, Suntan Pantyhose

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3 minutes



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